A Complete Inflatable Hot Tub Guide

Inflatable Hot Tub Guide

A Complete Inflatable Hot Tub Guide: Nothing beats the feeling of soaking in a relaxing hot tub for hours. The experience of sitting in a hot tub as you feel your muscles unwind is really unbeatable. And you do not need to have an expensive hot tub installed in your home to get that same experience; you could also try and purchase an inflatable hot tub. These sorts of hot tubs are much easier to set up, portable and way more affordable as well. So if you want to get a cozy two-person hot tub or a full-on six seating spa experience, then getting an inflatable hot tub could be a good choice for you.

Inflatable hot tubs have a pretty simple design. They are made out of a flexible material, such as vinyl or PVC. They can usually be filled up with water straight from a hose in only a few minutes. The hot tub already has got all that you need such as a heater, pump, and filtration unit as well. After reading this guide, I recommend checking out my best inflatable hot tub picks. Hopefully one will be able to fits your needs.

How do Inflatable Hot Tubs Work?

You can use an inflatable hot tub almost anywhere, provided that there is enough space and also access to an electrical or power supply. You will need an electrical supply to power on the heat and pump unit of the tub. And an electric source would also make it much more convenient to actually fill up the hot tub with air.

Inflatable hot tubs come with a water heater and pump, which do the job of heating the water to your desired temperature level. The majority of hot tubs that are inflatable also already come with the required heaters, pump, hoses, and water jets as well. Users of these hot tubs will just need to set up it, which is rather easy. This is because these hot tubs are designed for easy setup and portability in mind. Just keep in mind, in order keep your hot tub running smoothly you NEED clean water. This cleanser from Amazon has done a great job for me and it will last you years.

Setting up a portable spa unit involves inflating the hot tub with air. Inflatable hot tubs are just like inflatable pools except that they have got added components such as the pump and heater, which make the water bubble and heat up, respectively. You will need to fill in the hot tub with air to actually make it hold any sort of water at all. The number of people that you can fit in your inflatable hot tub will depend on its size. Inflatable hot tubs can come in all shapes and sizes, but all of them are also rather easy to set up as well.

How do You set up an Inflatable Hot Tub?

Since most inflatable hot tub units have a simple design, setting them set up is a breeze. They are rather easy to install in your home or even outdoors. It does not matter what sort of inflatable hot tub unit you have gotten, all of them can be set up in the same sort of manner. You can follow these steps to help you get your hot tub up and running. Just remember that these are just generic instructions for setting up an inflatable hot tub. You may want to consult the specific instructions that your own hot tub model may have. But otherwise, these steps will give you a general idea of what to do to set up a hot tub.

  1. Choose where to put it

First things first, you will need to decide where you want to put your inflatable hot tub. Remember there has got to be enough space in the location that you are going to put your hot tub in. This is because the hot tub will expand as you inflate it. You also need to choose a location that will not only support the size of the hot tub but also its weight as well. Try to remember that your hot tub will get heavier as you put more water into it and as people actually climb inside of it.

  1. Inflate the hot tub

Next, you will need to prepare to inflate the hot tub. To do this, you will need to spread out the hot tub out of the packaging and spread it out over the floor area of where you want to put it. Make sure that the spa is fully spread out so that it actually inflates properly. Find the inflation valve and then attach it to the liner of the tub.

Plug your air pump into a power source, you will also need to attach the inflation hose to the tub and pump as well. Switch the air pump on and wait for the hot tub to fully inflate. The inflation areas of the tub will usually have numbers to tell you in which order they will inflate.

  1. Put the filter into the hot tub

Most inflatable hot tubs have a water filter that you can attach to the casing. You will need to attach that water filter to the outlet valve of the spa unit. Look for this in the bottom portion of your hot tub. I use this filter for my Intex inflatable hot tub; however, you will need to purchased filters or replacement filters for your specific hot tub.

  1. Fill it up with water!

Now comes the part that you have probably been waiting for, actually filling up your empty hot tub. You can just use a simple garden hose to do this. It would normally only take 15 to 20 minutes to fill your inflatable hot tub with water, depending on its size. Most hot tubs will also have a line that will indicate how much you should fill it up. If it does not have a fill line, you can also consult its manual to see just how high the water level should be in the hot tub.

  1. Switch the heating unit on

You can now start to heat up your inflatable hot tub. Just look for the on or heating button that is on the pump/heater combination unit of the tub. That part of the inflatable hot tub also has got the temperature control, where you can adjust the heating to suit your preferences.

  1. Put chemicals in your hot tub

You will also need to pour in the usual pool chemicals to ensure that your hot tub is safe to use. Keeping it clean with chemicals also ensures that your inflatable hot tub will keep on working properly for a long time. You will need to add these pool chemicals or even saline solutions into your hot tub before you use it. And you have also got to add these chemicals regularly to ensure that your hot tub stays clean. I typically use this solution from Amazon. Also, there is a more natural solution which can be found here from Amazon.

You can usually head over to a pool store or consult your hot tub’s instruction manual to see just what kinds of chemicals that you need to add to your spa unit. You need to add the right kinds of cleaning chemicals; otherwise, the pump could get clogged due to mineral build-up from hard water.

These are all of the steps that you will need to take if you want to set up an inflatable hot tub. As you can clearly see, it is actually quite easy to set up one at home. You do not need to do a lot of heavy lifting or anything! This is one of the biggest advantages that inflatable hot tubs have got over regular hot tubs. And in the next section, you can see the pros and cons of an inflatable hot tub versus a regular one.

What is the Difference Between Inflatable Hot Tubs and Regular Hot Tubs?

What are the differences between a regular hot tub versus an inflatable one? If you are seriously thinking about choosing between either of them, then you need to know what sets an inflatable hot tub apart from a regular hot tub model. Inflatable hot tubs may be the same in principle, but they are radically different when it comes to several key factors. So here is what you need to know about the difference between these kinds of portable hot tubs versus the regular ones.

Portability: The big difference between an inflatable spa unit and a regular one is that the inflatable one is designed to be portable. If you need to move to a different home then it will be impossible to bring along your regular hot tub to your new place. You will not encounter the same problem if you owned an inflatable hot tub unit. This is because you can just deflate it and then pack it along with the rest of your stuff. So if you are someone that is always on the move or if you simply want to have a hot tub that you can move in different locations around your home, then an inflatable hot tub could be the best choice for you.

Size: Regular hot tubs are generally much bigger and require a lot more space than an inflatable hot tub. This makes sense since an inflatable hot tub is designed to be portable after all. Regular hot tubs may be able to seat more people, in general, because of their larger size, but they also take up a lot more space. Smaller inflatable hot tubs would be a better overall choice for people that have got a limited amount of space at their place. And that is not to say you cannot opt for a larger-sized inflatable hot tub, which can be more than capable of seating several people inside of it.

Features: The features of an inflatable and regular hot tub will vary wildly depending on the specific kind of unit that you have gotten. But most often, these two types of hot tubs have got the same sort of features. These are namely the heating and bubbling features that all hot tubs should have. Of course, if you paid more for a higher-end inflatable hot tub then it would also come along with other additional features as well, such as water jets and sprays.

Pricing: Inflatable hot tubs beat regular hot tubs in terms of pricing. If you take a look at the average price of a regular hot tub, then most of the time you will easily be paying several thousands of dollars for one. Not to mention the huge cost of shipping a regular hot tub that weights hundreds of pounds. Inflatable hot tubs are way more affordable, the average price of one only being a few hundred dollars. And the cost of having one delivered and installed in your home is also way lower as well.

Durability: If you are wondering if inflatable hot tubs can be easily punctured, then you should know that they are quite durable. They actually have to be quite strong because they are meant to be moved around a lot. So you will not find it easy to make a hole in the side of your inflatable hot tub at all. Most of the inflatable hot tub units that you can purchase are made out of a tough PVC material, which can definitely handle quite a lot.

Convenience: Portable hot tubs are convenient options for people who want a hot tub that has got a lower price and added portability. Sure, nothing can beat the luxury of a full-sized and installed a regular hot tub, but that thing will be more expensive and depending on your current situation less convenient as well. Portable hot tubs are just more convenient since they take up much less space, are easy to set up and of course, they are way more affordable for the regular person.

As you can see, inflatable hot tubs have quite a lot going for them, even when you compare these kinds of hot tubs to regular ones. Since there are a lot of advantages of inflatable hot tubs over the traditional kind, it may be the right kind of hot tub for you.

Where can You Place Your Inflatable Hot Tub Anyway?

Since an inflatable hot tub is a portable one, you can place it virtually anywhere that you want. Want to put it on the deck outdoors, or even inside your home? No problem, as long as there is enough space and also support, you should be able to place your inflatable hot tub there. But here are a bunch of suggestions for where you can place your inflatable hot tub.

Outdoors in your yard – If you have got a spacious yard, then that would be the perfect place to put your inflatable hot tub. Even if your yard is a bit small, it could still easily accommodate most standard-sized inflatable tubs. You can place your inflatable hot tub outdoors to enjoy some fresh air, while you still be able to get the relaxing feeling of being in a spa unit. Your yard would also be a good area to place your hot tub in because you would not have to worry about getting the ground wet either. Just make sure that you have a safe outdoor power cord like this one from Amazon.

Indoors in your home – You can also choose to place your inflatable hot tub somewhere in your home if you desire a bit more privacy. Even a small apartment space can handle an inflatable hot tub of a standard size. You could choose to place one in your bathing area if your bathroom is spacious. You could just even choose to put your inflatable hot tub in your living room since these hot tubs are conveniently sized to fit into almost any room. Just remember to keep your inflatable hot tub in a room where you do not mind getting the surroundings just a little bit wet.

Out on your deck – If your home has got a deck of any kind, then that would be another great area, to put your hot tub. Just imagine it, you would be able to relax by your pool on the deck if you have got your hot tub placed there. An inflatable hot tub would work great on a deck since it provides enough weight support and there is definitely more than enough room in that part of your home. You could even place your inflatable hot tub on your back porch if there is enough room in that area of your home.

The possibilities of where you can put your inflatable hot tub are endless. These kinds of spa units are meant to be portable so you can literally place it in any area wherever you want. The list of areas in this article, are just some of the suggestions that you can try out. There are probably way more specific places that you can think of when you want to set up an inflatable hot tub in your home. Got a view around your place? If you do, then that could be a perfect area to place your inflatable spa unit!

Now that you know where you can place your inflatable spa unit, you should also know how to maintain it. There are several different tips that you should know if you want to make your inflatable hot tub last for a long time. You will need to know how to clean your inflatable hot tub so that it can work better and also not break down as often. Cleaning your hot tub properly will also ensure that it is safer to use as well. So you should definitely not skip on reading the next section about how to clean your portable hot tub unit. Typically, I will use this product from Amazon to clean my hot tub which can be found at a great price.

What are Some Tips for Cleaning Your Inflatable Hot Tub?

If you want to get the most out of your hot tub, then you have got to work on keeping it clean. This is because a dirty hot tub will break down more easily, not to mention it would be nastier to actually lie in one as well. So what measures do you have to take if you want to ensure that your inflatable hot tub is as clean as ever? If you want to know that, then just read on to know a few tips on how to clean and maintain your inflatable hot tub.

As a quick note on these cleaning tips, these are again generalized tips that can be applied to all sorts of inflatable hot tubs. The specific method for cleaning your inflatable spa unit or even the kinds of products that you use for it will largely depend on the specific instructions that you can check out in your hot tub’s user manual.

  1. Drain and clean the hot tub regularly

Simply regularly draining your inflatable hot tub will ensure that it will be kept cleaner. This is because if you leave any water inside of your inflatable hot tub, then bacteria and other nasty things can grow in the water of the hot tub. Leaving water in your hot tub can also cause issues such as when it dries up it may leave some residue behind. Ideally, you should be draining your inflatable hot tub each and every time that you use it. But even draining it once a week will do. You should completely drain your inflatable hot tub and wait for it to fully dry up first before you attempt to clean it.

When you have finished draining your inflatable hot tub, you should also work on cleaning it. Some soap mixed with warm water will do quite nicely for this task. Try to avoid using harsh chemical cleaners as they may damage the material or the components of the inflatable hot tub. The thing that you should really remember is to not use any sort of abrasive cleaner if you want to use some kind of product to clean your inflatable tub with. You should also use a soft cloth to wipe down all of the inside and outside surfaces of the inflatable hot tub as well. This is what I use to scrub my inflatable hot tub which can be found on Amazon for a great price.

  1. Shower or bathe before using it

A simple rule to keeping your inflatable hot tub bacteria-free is to simply just clean your own body before you use it. Before you hop into the inflatable tub, showering can help you get rid of bacteria and other grime that could be clinging to your body. You would not want to be swimming in your own dirt, right? If you actually want your inflatable hot tub to be clean while you are using it, you have got to remember that your body also needs to be clean while you are inside of the tub itself.

  1. Cover the tub when not using it

When our hot tub is not in use, you should cover it. Most inflatable hot tubs will come pre-packaged with a cover, which you definitely should use. Covering the inflatable hot tub will prevent dirt and grime from falling inside of the tub itself. Covering the inflatable hot tub also ensures that the water inside does not get contaminated. Small animals such as insects may also accidentally fall in and drown in your hot tub if you do not cover it. My inflatable hot tub did not come with a cover and they are pretty hard to find. I took the cheap route and purchased this tarp from amazon and used it as my cover.

  1. Maintain the hot tub filter

An important component of your inflatable hot tub is its filter. This water filter needs to be cleaned and changed every several weeks or so. Over time, as you keep on using your inflatable hot tub, dirt will build up on the filter. If you do not clean the filter then it will not be able to do its job well enough to keep your inflatable tub clean. As I said before, every hot tub will need a different filter.

Cleaning your inflatable hot tub can solve a lot of issues with it, and it can also prevent it from breaking down easily as well. So if you are an owner of one of these portable hot tubs, then you definitely should pay close attention to how you clean it.

  1. Try using a water softener

A big problem that a lot of inflatable hot tub owners will face is that mineral build-up can happen in the heating and pumping unit of their hot tub. To prevent that from happening, you may want to invest in some kind of water softener that you can attach to your inflatable tub. Otherwise, you could also choose to fill up your hot tub with soft water instead. Water with a reduced mineral content will ensure that there will be no unsightly or problematic mineral build up from when the water dries up. This product from Amazon has worked great for me and it also lasts for a very long time.

Cleaning your inflatable hot tub is one thing, what happens if it breaks down? There are all sorts of common problems that may happen to your inflatable hot tub. And while cleaning it may prevent those issues, it would still be crucial to know just how to fix or solve common issues that you may face when using your inflatable hot tub.

A few Common Hot Tub Problems and Fixes for Them:

You may encounter several problems with your hot tub, if that happens there is no need to worry. Short of returning your inflatable hot tub or sending it to get repaired, there are several things that you can do by yourself to get it fixed. After all, these common inflatable hot tub issues are faced by a lot of people, so there are many solutions that are available to you if you do run into any problems with your own inflatable tub. So here are a few common issues that many inflatable hot tub owners will encounter, and some suggestions on how to deal with these problems.

Water flow is weak: If you notice that the flow rate of the hot tub has gotten weaker; the simple cause of this problem could be that the water level in the tub has gotten too low. A quick fix is just simply top up the water level inside of your inflatable hot tub.

There may also be a leak inside of the suction pipe of your inflatable hot tub. To locate the leak, you will need to switch off the motor and then inspect the pipe to see if there are any visible holes or cracks that water could be escaping from.

Motor will not start: Try and check to see if the hot tub is actually plugged in properly. Often times, the plug may not be inserted in the socket or it could be loose in the electrical socket. Also, remember to check that the electrical supply of your hot tub is actually active and that the switches are set to the On configuration as well. This may be a very obvious suggestion, but it could be the number one reason for why your hot tub’s motor is not even switching on in the first place. If you want to place your hot tub outdoors you will definitely need a safe extension cord. This is the one I use from Amazon at a great price.

If the power supply of your hot tub is all set and ready, but the motor is still not switching on, then it may be because there is an obstruction in the motor. Look inside of the pump of your hot tub to see if there could be anything blocking the water or the motor rotors.

Pump starts but switches off: This is a classic symptom of an overheated motor. If you notice that your hot tub’s motor seems to be switching off suddenly, then you need to make sure that there is enough water in the tub to ensure that the pump has got adequate cooling. You should check the water level to see if it is high enough. You may also want to inspect your power source to see if there is any interruption. A loose plug or a broken wire could be the cause of why the motor of your tub is always switching off.

Loud noise from pump: The main issue that could be causing this may be the water level being too low. Your hot tub’s pump is meant to be submerged, which will muffle the pump sound. Otherwise, a noisy pump could be caused by a loose or broken inner component. You may need to get the hot tub pump replaced or at least checked if it is acting up and producing a lot of noise.

If you keep your inflatable hot tub clean then it will be safer to use as well. Now on to the issue of safety with inflatable hot tubs, should you be worried? Well, typically speaking inflatable hot tubs are very safe. Each electrical component is carefully insulated to ensure that there is no contact with water. But aside from that, there are also other things that you need to be aware of when it comes to the safety of using portable hot tubs.

How Safe are Inflatable Hot Tubs Anyway?

No danger of electrocution: Inflatable hot tubs with their exposed wiring, sounds like a recipe for electrocution, right? Well, that scenario is simply unrealistic, based on the fact that the wires of the inflatable hot tub are all properly insulated. The electrical components inside of the hot tub are also insulated and covered by a layer of material as well. So there is no need to worry about the very unrealistic danger of electrocution in your hot tub unless you throw a live wire inside, you are very safe in your inflatable hot tub. These things have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they pose no danger to their users.

Temperature limit: You do not have to worry about burning yourself if you are using an inflatable hot tub. These kinds of products have got a temperature limit. If the water gets too hot, then the tub’s heating unit will automatically switch off. So it is basically impossible to set the temperature of the water above a certain threshold. Simply turning the temperature of the inflatable hot tub down can also easily prevent burns if you have got some sensitive skin. Otherwise, there is no danger of being accidentally boiled or burned from using your inflatable hot tub, primarily because all of these models have got a temperature limit.

Not easily punctured: You do not have to be worried about the safety of your surroundings because the inflatable hot tub is not that easily punctured. If you are concerned about the hot tub suddenly getting punctured and wetting and damaging everything around it, then this is not a very realistic thing to worry about. The material that these tubs are made out of is very tough. And it would take more than a single pointed object to make any kind of tear or hole in the inflatable tub.

Bacteria-concerns: Another safety concern with hot tubs, in general, is bacteria. All in all, inflatable hot tubs are neither more nor less prone to harboring bacteria just like regular hot tubs. As long as you regularly clean it out, you will be able to keep it bacteria-free. The cases in the news that you see people contracting some kind of infection from using a hot tub are probably because they were using public tubs that were not cleaned very often. Bathing yourself and cleaning your body will prevent any kind of bacteria from growing in the hot tub.

A portable hot tub is made to be as safe as possible. So you would not have to worry about a thing if you do own one and want to keep on using it regularly. You just need to be aware of some other safety tips if you want to use your inflatable hot tub without any issues. Just like any other regular hot tub out there, you will need to remember a few things if you want to use it safely.

To keep your hot tub safe to use, you need to clean it. Irregular or incomplete cleaning of your inflatable hot tub can cause it to become a breeding ground for bacteria. And just like a regular old hot tub, inflatable ones are also not suitable for children as well. You will also need to remember that inflatable hot tubs have got a capacity limit. So if it says that only 2 people can use it at the same time, you should pay attention to that. Overloading your inflatable hot tub could cause it to spill, tip over or malfunction. So you need to be careful about how to use your portable hot tub if you want to be safe and enjoy it at the same time.

How Long Does it Take for the Inflatable Hot Tub to Fully Heat up?

The time it will take to heat up the water in your inflatable hot tub will depend on numerous factors. These factors can include the ambient temperature of the air, the temperature of the water itself, and the power capacity of your hot tub’s heating unit as well. All of these factors can play a role in determining how long it will take to get the water heated up to a comfortable temperature.

A standard hot tub with a normal-sized heater will usually heat the water inside of the tub by 1 degree per hour. So depending on the size of the tub, it may take as much as 6 to 8 hours for the water to fully heat up.

If you want your inflatable hot tub to be ready with warm water faster, then it would be wise to purchase one that has got a powerful heating unit. A bigger heater can heat up water much faster than standard units, usually as much as 5 to 8 degrees per hour. So you can expect to get the water heated up twice as fast. A more powerful heating unit inside of your water heater can produce faster results, leading to as little as 2 to 4 hours to get warm.

Of course, where you place your hot tub and what time of the year could also affect the speed at which the water heats up. For example, if you place your hot tub outdoors, during the colder months, then it would naturally take a lot longer for the water to heat up.

How much Electricity Does an Inflatable Hot Hub use?

Sure buying an inflatable hot tub may be cheaper initially, but is it cheaper in the long run? How much electricity do these hot tubs use, and how much would it cost to keep one running?

The amount of electricity that a hot tub would use actually is dependent on a lot of factors. These include the size of the heater and pump unit, the size of the hot tub, and even the temperature around the tub too. For example, if it is colder out, then the hot tub needs to use more electricity to heat the water up.

It takes around 1 dollar a day to keep your hot tub running. So if you continuously run your hot tub every day for a whole month, then you may see a difference of upwards of 30 dollars in your heating bill. This amount is, of course, a very rough estimate. The size of your inflatable tub, etc. could all affect just how much your electricity bill would increase per month.


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