Are Inflatable Boats Good for Fishing?

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Are inflatable boats good for fishing? The answer is yes. In fact, you may be surprised to find out that they may actually be better than other drift boats.

Having an inflatable boat can be far more rewarding. There’s the satisfaction of knowing that you can easily carry your boat with you in the trunk of your car. Recently, there has been a trend of using inflatable boats for fishing. Manufacturers have even gone ahead and come up with inflatable boats that are specifically designed for fishing.

In this article, I will highlight some of the advantages of using an inflatable boat for fishing as well as additional useful information on the same. For a more general inflatable boat guide, check out this article.

Advantages of Using An Inflatable Boat for Fishing

  1. Carry your boat with you wherever you go

Inflatable boats are quite easy to carry around. As I have mentioned above, you can easily deflate it and carry it in the trunk of your car. This means that you will not have to worry about the safety of your boat.

What’s more, they are way cheaper than other boats. If you are a fishing enthusiast and do not have enough money to get a boat, you can simply purchase an inflatable boat designed for fishing. This way, you can go fishing as often as you wish without worrying about renting a boat.

  1. Unlimited access to fishing zones

The thing about inflatable boats is that they are extremely lightweight. This means that while using them to fish, you are able to navigate to the untouched areas of your favorite river or lake. You are also able to navigate through narrow passageways as you fish.

The inflatable boats are also very portable. You can easily carry them over logs and fences to avoid the crowded and overfished areas. Unlike other fishing rafts, inflatable boats can float even in shallow waters. This allows you to access all fishing areas in whatever water body you are fishing at.

  1. Do not worry about rowing experience

With other rafts, you will certainly have to work on those oars for you to keep floating. This is, fortunately, not the case when it comes to inflatable boats.

Inflatable boats, especially those specifically designed for fishing, are quite easy to maneuver. They are able to float eve in shallow waters all by themselves. Unless you are fishing in really difficult waters, you will not have to worry about rowing your inflatable boat. Then again, you can always attach a trolling motor for ease of use.

  1. You do not need a boat ramp

Using an inflatable boat to fish means that you are now free of launching hassles. Launching the inflatable boat for fishing is easy. You can launch it even in places that do not have boat ramps, unlike the case with other fishing rafts.

This means that having an inflatable boat as your fishing vessel does not limit you to specific areas only. You can fish just about anywhere you would want to, be it your favorite river or the small stream near your cottage in the woods.

  1. Sneaking up on fish is easier

Inflatable boats are extremely quiet, and you can use that to your advantage while fishing. The fact that the inflatable boat is extremely quiet allows you to sneak up on the fish. You will probably get a better catch with the inflatable boats as compared to other rafts.

Choosing what inflatable boat to go fishing with can be a difficult choice. There are so many types of inflatable boats out there. So what do you go for? You will need to first determine what kind of fishing you will be doing before determining what inflatable boat to use. With different kinds of fishing, you will require different kinds of fishing crafts.

For saltwater fishing, a large inflatable sportboat will be your best option. Inflatable sportboats use large motors. The size of the motor you use will depend on how many people are going to be on the boat. Of course, the more people and material you load onto the boat, the more power you will need to propel your inflatable boat.

Freshwater fishing allows you a variety when it comes to the type of inflatable boat to use. However, the number of people who will be on the inflatable boat is a factor to consider.

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Types of Inflatable Fishing Boats

There are around six types of inflatable fishing boats which are all designed for specific uses.

  1. Float tubes
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Float tubes are the most common of the inflatable fishing boats. They are lightweight and very portable. They are also inexpensive making them the go-to option for anyone working on a tight budget. They are great for fishing in remote lakes or smaller water bodies. However, they do not work well in river fishing, especially rivers that have strong currents. Another disadvantage of this type of inflatable boats is that only one angler can use it at a time.

  1. Pontoon Boats
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Pontoon boats consist of two large air bladders connected together by a metal frame. The angler sits between the two air bladders.

Just like the float boats, pontoon boats are very portable. They are easy to paddle and can be used on both rivers and lakes. However, very few of them are designed for more than one angler. They are also not the best for recreational fishing.

  1. Inflatable fishing kayaks
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These are the most versatile of all the inflatable fishing boats. They are easy to paddle on flat water and are ideally best suited for river fishing. If you are planning on going for an overnight fishing expedition, these would work best for you.

Inflatable fishing kayaks come in a variety of designs. However, most of them come with swivel chairs and rod holders. There is also the option to mount a trolling motor onto them.

  1. Inflatable fishing rafts
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Inflatable fishing rafts are the most stable of the inflatable fishing boats. You can, therefore, fish while standing in the boat and it would be completely safe. They are the best for recreational fishing and like the inflatable fishing kayaks, they are suitable for an overnight fishing trip. Most of them have a huge weight capacity and allows for two anglers or even more.

  1. Inflatable canoes
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These are relatively new in the market. They are designed just like the traditional canoe, only that these are more portable and easier to store. If you love fishing from a canoe, these may be the best option for you.

  1. Inflatable fishing SUPs
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These are simply stand-up paddleboards that have been converted for use in fishing. They are best used in lakes and on shallow waters such as ocean bays. They are reasonably lightweight and quite portable. With these boats, you have the option of mounting either a gas or trolling motor. They are relatively stable and can allow you to stand without the fear of capsizing the boat. They are, however, not suitable for rivers with rapids.

Features of a Good Inflatable Boat for Fishing

Although you can use any type of inflatable boat for fishing, manufacturers have come up with some that are specifically designed for fishing. These inflatable boats have certain added features that make it easier for you to fish. When choosing an inflatable boat for fishing, you will certainly have to be on the lookout for some of these features.

Raised seating position

Having the seating position raised on these inflatable boats makes it easier for you to fish while seated. You will not have to strain your back and you can have a look at the waters as you fish.

Ability to stand in the boat

At times, you may want to stand in the boat, perhaps to cast your nets. Inflatable boats that are designed for fishing will allow you to do just that without fear of the boat capsizing.

Addition of rod holders

While you can place your fishing rod anywhere on the boat, inflatable boats for fishing come with holders. You can store your rod on the holder whenever you are not using it.

Built-in storage pouches

Of course, whenever you go out fishing, you will carry with you various fishing gear. The inflatable boats designed for fishing come with a variety of pouches that allow you to put any of your fishing gear that is not in use.

Ability to mount a trolling motor or a gas motor

You may at times want to mount a motor to your boat. Normal inflatable boats may not allow you the luxury to do so. However, with inflatable boats for fishing, you can mount either a trolling or gas motor to it.

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