Best Inner Tube for River Floating

Best inner tube for river floating

When the weather is warm, floating inner river tubes are a great way to have fun outdoors – especially in summer. You can use them to relax lazily on a river, or you can cruise through a river at high speeds. The adrenaline is addictive, and you will have to try it to believe it. […]


15 Tips for River Floating

River floating, also known as river tubing is a great way to beat the heat off and relax during the summer and spring. If you especially live near a river, you can make a couple of these floating trips during the hot times of the year. They can be so much fun, that is if […]


Best Inflatable Islands for Partying or Relaxing

Best Inflatable Islands for Partying: Inflatables have become very popular, especially in the summer. We all like to relax in cool water and clear our heads for just a minute. Looking to party in the ocean, lake or river with your friends? Inflatable islands are designed precisely for that purpose. All you have to do […]


One Man Inflatable Fishing Float Reviews

One Man Inflatable Fishing Float

One Man Inflatable Fishing Float Reviews: Float tubes, also known as belly or kick boats are the go-to water vessels for solo fishing, especially if you are going out on still waters. They come in various shapes and sizes as per different manufacturer design specifications but a good float tube should overall have great craftsmanship, […]