Can a Freshwater Trolling Motor be Used in Saltwater?

Freshwater Trolling Motor be Used in Saltwater

Here’s the truth:

Yes, a freshwater trolling motor can be used in saltwater. However, you must clean and protect your trolling motor before and after. 

Choosing the Right Trolling Motor

Did you know getting into the best fishing spots with minimal noise will boost your chances of catching fish? This is one of the main reasons why trolling motors are used. They are a source of boat propulsion with lots of ease and minimal hand work. Depending on where you need to use your boat, you can purchase the appropriate motor to suit your needs. The main selection for the trolling motors depends on the mode of steering and the water type. Here is a in depth trolling motor guide that I have written.

From possessing fish finders to using high tech GPS advancements, trolling motors have seen improvement and adoption over time by all those who enjoy good sails. Trolling motors are precisely high-tech replacements of an oar.  It is an outboard powered engine meant for more natural boat propulsion.

Trolling motors help in positioning the boat in the best form and spot, and when used for fishing, this angle is best to cast. Based on the control, the motor is classified as foot-control, hand-control or wireless remote control. These motors are further classified to salty water or fresh water motors depending on the water body they are used.

The main difference between the fresh water and salt water motor is the material they are made of. For saltwater use, the motor compartments are made of material that repels corrosion brought by the corrosive properties of the salt water in the ocean. Water type thus plays a critical role in determining which type of motor to get.

What are the difference between saltwater and a fresh water motor?

There are some critical differences between these two motors that one needs to know before purchasing a trolling motor.

Freshwater has a dissolved salt content of less than 1%. The density of the salt is much higher in salt water, but fresh water is not entirely devoid of the salt. Salty water covers about 71% of the earth. From these statistics, it’s clear that in one way or another, the ratio of boaters on salty water vs. fresh water is quite high, so one might end up needing to use their freshwater motor in a brackish water body.

One main difference between the two motors is the sacrificial anode, which is a small metal tab on the bottom. This comes in handy when it comes to the performance and durability of the motor. In salty water, the anode is covered with material to prevent it from rusting easily. Brackish water is highly corrosive, and this covering is used to avoid the motor from rusting easily.

Can a Freshwater Trolling Motor be used in Saltwater?

The answer to this is a yes or no, or somewhat it depends. The main disadvantage of using motors in salty water is that salt corrodes metal and shorten the lifespan of the motor. Salty water trolling motors have some enhancements, meant to suit their use in the high salt density water mass. These include stainless steel hardware, sealed electrical connections and an advanced painting process for improved corrosion protection.  When using the freshwater motor in saltwater, ensure there is a service that is used to match the protective enhancement used in the salty water directly or indirectly.

How to protect a freshwater motor after use in salt water.

Some of the methods below are more permanent than others. The protective method of choice is highly dependent on why you would want to use the fresh water motor in saltwater and for how long.

If it is just for a quick one time sail, then just rinsing the salt off would be appropriate whereas if you want to make a shift to use your boat more in a salty water ocean, a more permanent solution would be preferred.

Run fresh water on the motor after use in salt water

This will help you flush out any remaining salt deposits in the motor

Attach sacrificial nodes to the motor

These are pieces of metal used to prevent corrosion. The anode will corrode such that the motor is spared from the corrosion. Monitor the anode and replace it regularly to protect the engine from rusting.

Never leave the boat submerged in salty water when the boat is moored

For more protection, thoroughly rinse the motor with fresh water after every use in salt water to prevent rusting.

Paint the metal surface

Painting is one way to prevent metal from rusting. You can apply temporary paint on the motor when you want to use it in salt water and can then quickly go back to the previous form of the motor by removing the paint.

Pain, however, is vulnerable to degradation thus one needs to be on the lookout to apply paint whenever it chips out.

Use anodization

Anodization uses electric current giving metal a protective coating which then prevents the metals from corroding. This create a corrosion and rust resistance layer on the metal. This process changes the structure at the top of the service and you can do this if you want to use the fresh motor on saltwater for longer timelines.

Use salt removal sprays

These sprays remove salts and suspend rusting more quickly. It is a refillable pump-spray bottle that is filled with chemicals to minimize the rusting.

There are different types of salt-off sprays that can be sued.

Final thoughts

The decision to use the freshwater motor on salt water is highly dependent on for how long and also if you are willing to go the extra mile of observing the protection to prevent corrosion. This follow up is a bit tasking and one quick solution would be buying the salt water motor instead. You can however just use your fresh water motor on salt water if this is just a one-time thing and quickly follow up with the protective measures.

Go ahead and try one of these protective method if you are looking to spice up your boating or fishing adventures cutting across different water bodies while still maintaining the durability of your motor.


How to Anchor Your Inflatable Boat

How to Anchor Your Inflatable Boat

While you are out on the water on your inflatable boat, you may need to anchor it for various reasons. For example, the weather may get rough and you may have to sit that one out. You may also experience engine or boat failure. In this case, an anchor will keep you from moving around until you get the issue sorted. Another reason that may require you to anchor your boat is if you are stopping for fishing or you have had enough for the day.

Anchoring your inflatable boat is important and doesn’t have to be an exhausting task. It is, however, important to understand how the entire system works. You need to ensure that you are using a good anchor system. Situations such as rough water conditions will require a strong and sturdy anchor system.

The first thing you need to understand is that there are several anchor systems for the inflatable boats. Which one you choose will depend on a number of factors. For example, what type of inflatable boat do you have? Where do you plan to use it? What water conditions will you encounter? These questions among others will help you choose the right anchor system. A good anchor system should have the anchor, anchor rope, steel chain, and shackles. This is my favorite inflatable boat anchor, which fits all of my needs.

Types of Anchors

While there are many types of anchors, let’s take a look at the most common ones out there.

  • Fisherman anchor

This is by far the most common anchor. Its versatility makes it great to work in various conditions, whether water vegetation or sands and rocks. You will need to take into consideration the size of the flukes if you decide to settle for this.

  • The plow-style anchor

This particular anchor works great with most boats. It plows into the bottom sediment and is great for sand and rocky bottoms.

  • The squid anchor

The quid is well crafted for use especially by small crafts (that includes inflatables). It is very lightweight and easy to use as you fill the bag with materials of your choice. When the bag is full, flukes spread out and increase grip on the waterbed.

  • The mushroom- style anchor

The holding power of this anchor is weak and it should therefore not be used for bigger boats. It is a great choice for silt and fine sand beads. When lowered into the water, the head sinks into the silt creating a suction effect that holds the boat in place.

  • The fluke- style anchor / Danforth

This anchor is in most ways similar to the plow-style anchor. It is, however, more lightweight. It is a great anchor for soft mud or sandy bottoms where the flukes can easily dig into the mud.

  • The grapnel anchor

This anchor is a traditional design and looks like a grappling hook.  It is a great anchor for rocky beds. The prongs get attached to underwater rocks easily. With this anchor, you only need one or two prongs to set to provide firm resistance.

  • The claw anchor

With this anchor, you get an inexpensive option thanks to its simple design. It can be set in most types of sea and water beds. It is quite reliable and moves slowly to align with changes in the current or tide. It also works well with shorter ropes.


While choosing the most suitable anchor system, take into consideration the weights of the anchors depending on the size of your inflatable boat. It goes without saying that anchor should be heavier than the boat so as to securely keep it in place. If you are in doubt about which anchor to choose, always go for the heavier one.

How to Anchor Your inflatable Boat

Choose the best anchor

As you have seen, there are different anchors best suited for various water conditions as well as the waterbed. As a precautionary measure, it is good to have at least two types of anchors on the inflatable boat with you. Be sure you are conversant with the anchors and know which one is best for what condition. Depending on the current condition, choose the best anchor.

Ensure you have attached the chain

When it comes to a small inflatable boat, the use of a chain is not required but is highly recommended. Using a proper chain can increase the effectiveness of the anchor.  A stainless or galvanized chain is the best to ensure you do not get rust on your boat. The chain should also be strong enough to withstand any abrasion.

The chain works to provide a weighted section that provides a low pull angle for the anchor. For this reason, make sure the chain is long enough to cope with the heavy strain and cushions the wind and water waves.

Choose your anchor area

The area you choose to drop your anchor must be carefully chosen. Be sure that you are away from boat traffic and that the area provides the most protection from wind and water waves. If you are not in an emergency situation (engine failure) you can also take some time to observe the bottom and depth of the water before setting the anchor.

Choose the length of anchor line that you need

The length of anchor line needed will depend on the bottom you are over and the depth of the water. Once you have determined the length, secure the anchor line at the point you want it to stop to the bow cleat. Your anchor rope should be strong and at least 10 times longer than the water depth below your boat.

Move the bow

When the anchor line is securely in place, you will need to move the bow so that it faces the current or the wind. Do so until you find a suitable spot after which you can put the engine in neutral.

Lower the anchor

When you have stopped the inflatable boat, it is now time to lower the anchor. Lower it slowly into the water. Do not throw the anchor as this could tangle the rope, chain, and anchor and end up being useless.  To set the anchor firmly, reverse your inflatable boat just slightly.

Choose some landmarks

You want to be sure that the boat is not slowly drifting. Look around for some landmarks and occasionally be on the lookout for them to ensure that you are still in the same spot.

A few extra tips:

  • Attach a float to one end of the anchoring rope. This way, you can easily retrieve it if it accidentally falls into the water.
  • You can also add a connected clip to the rope. It will help you not lose your anchor as it ensures the anchor is connected to the boat before you use it.
  • Always make sure you have several anchors of different types on your inflatable boat. Be sure to know which one is best suited for what conditions.
  • In the case of anchoring for bad weather, it is best to use two anchors. It may take a longer time to set up, but the good anchoring will be totally worth it.

How to Launch an Inflatable Boat

How to Launch an Inflatable Boat

How to Launch an Inflatable Boat: Whether you are using your boat for fishing, day trips to find right swimming spots or even treating your loved ones to dinner on a boat on a warm summer evening, in one way or another you will need to get the boat from dry land into the water.

Before an inflatable boat is launched into the water, it is just a pile of fabric and boards. When assembled, the boards and material are what the inflatable boat becomes. There are different methods to launch a boat into the water and this depends on many factors. It could be determined by the size of the boat, the depth of the waters or generally what option you are seeking to test out as you adventure on the waters.

Inflatable Boat Assembly:

Assembling the inflatable boat is quite easy and involves few steps, which come with a manual on the purchase and can be done at home. There are just a few pieces to put together hence the ease of assembly.

Roll out the boat on a flat inspected surface free of any sharp objects. This is to ensure the sharp objects don’t damage the boat’s fabric.

Locate the boat’s valves. The valves allow air in on one end. The other end is usually capped. The pipes are what provides air into the chambers when inflating the boat.

With the valves located, you can easily pump air into the chambers and soon the inflatable boat will starting taking shape.

Inflating the boat:

Once the parts have been identified and assembled, it is time to inflate the boat, ready for a sail.

Using a hand pump or a shop vac, inflate the boat. This is best done in an area free of dust so that you are not blowing dust into the tubes. Hold the edge of the vac or hand pump tightly on the valve to give enough seal so that air does not escape when pumping.

Inflate up to 70% full so that you getting the floorboards onto the board won’t be difficult. When the chambers are not very tight with air, it will be easier to tuck the floorboard under the edges of the tubes.

Place the paddles on each edge of the floorboards.

After the installation of all these parts, you can now fill your boat with air. You can use a hand help pressure gauge to check the pressure of the valves when pumping the air. Once fully pumped, replace your valve caps to ensure the chambers won’t lose air.

Now you are ready to put on the seats, install the motor and launch the boat into the water.

Mounting the motor involves just placing it well on the transom and tightening up its clamps.

What to Know Before Launching the Boat:

Everyone on board must have a coast guard approved personal flotation device.

Different boat sizes can be launched on different locations. Larger boats will require a boat ramp or well-constructed docks while the smaller boats can just be launched from the shores without needing a ramp and into the water. The choice used to launch the boat depends on the waters into which the boat is being launched into. Deep waters will definitely require a ramp.

Inflatable boats come in different sizes and forms. This gives versatility in the launching process. One of the most preferred advantages of the inflatable boats is that in some, you do not require a ramp or trailer to launch. You can just go ahead and launch your boat off the bank of a river or your favorite water spot.

Depending on the size of the board, some registrations are needed. Larger boats usually need to be registered with the motor vehicle department, and the boating rules and regulations apply

Ensure before launching the inflatable boat

It is permitted in the water mass where you want to launch. For most launches, you will need to obtain a permit through the boat ramp maintenance controllers or own a copy of fishing license if you are starting the boat for fishing purposes.

Using a trailer:

Boat trailers are another way to get the boat into the water. They are mostly used for heavy, rigid inflatable boats that would otherwise be hard to move on the sand using launching wheels. With a proper boat trailer, it is easier to launch and transport the boat back to the car or storage space. The frequent use is having a car tow the trailer to areas near the water body where you want to launch your boat. Make sure the vehicle tow capacity supports both the boat weight and the trailer capacity.

What you need to know about using trailers

Beware of rust

If used on fresh water, there is a minimal worry for rusting as compared to using the trailer on salty water. When using salty water, make sure the trailer is well galvanized or purchase one made of rust-free material. Wash off the trailer with fresh water if you were using it in salty water to protect it from rusting.

Make sure the trailer fits

Trailers have size limits and are designed to carry varying boat sizes. Make sure the boat transom sits well on the deck. The trailer should support the boat capacity. Check the trailer tire pressure frequently.

Using launch wheels:

This is yet another launch option. Way better when you do not need to purchase the slightly bulky trailers. The wheels are easy to set up and in some cases, the boats are purchased together with the launch wheels. If you don’t have any, and want some, here are the best launching wheels for inflatable boats on Amazon.

The wheels are usually attached to the transom of the boat and make it easier to move the boat into the water from dry land. Using the launching wheels, you can move a heavy boat with minimal help on flat grounds and even on moderate slopes. These wheels are made such that they can move the boat even with the weight added by the slightly heavy boat motor.

Make sure you buy wheels that will support the weight of the boat and the motor combined.

The launching wheels are such that they have flip-up design underwater. When you have launched the inflatable boat into the water, fold the wheels and get sailing. Depending on the type of the wheels, you can either flip them up to a fold or remove them entirely. The flipping wheels are a better option as you will not need to reinstall them when you come ashore. The downside of flipping is that the wheels can get in the way while underway and in such a case, the removable launching wheels are a better option

What to check before buying launching wheels:

  • Make sure the wheels are rated for the weight of your boat
  • Check the size of the wheels as this affects how the wheels are used
  • Small diameter wheels are hard to roll across soft surfaces like sand, large diameter wheels turn better on sand so make sure the wheels have a more significant diameter when using fine gravel

Things that will make your boat launching easy:

Boat launch etiquette is a key thing when it comes to launching boats on the boat ramps. There are few rules that boaters need to know when launching the boats so that the process is more straightforward and calm practiced during the launch.

Before getting to the ramp or area near water:

  • Hook up the fuel line to the motor
  • Raise the motor
  • Inspect the ramp. How steep is the slope and how deep is the water
  • Ensure you have practiced reverse driving as most boats launched a boat ramp and with a trailer towed on the vehicle will need this. Practice this beforehand to ensure the vehicle doesn’t end up in the water during the launch.
  • Load up all the equipment before getting to the ramp. This will save everyone’s time as the ramp is a publicly shared space.

While on the launch ramp:

  • Guide the boat well into the water
  • Park vehicle and trailer away from the ramp when you have the boat into the water
  • Have a crew member near the dock to guide you on how to move and position the trailer as you launch the boat into the water.
  • Remove tie downs that secure the boat to the trailer. You can get assistance from a crew member to do this.
  • Slowly back the boat into the water until it starts to float

How to launch a boat alone on the ramp

If you are a single launcher, these are the steps to take while on the ramp:

  • Back boat into the water till it starts to float
  • Release the winch line and use the bow to guide the boat off the trailer
  • Tie the boat to the dock, remove the vehicle from the ramp
  • Pack the car away from the ramp so that you do not block other people who will need to use the ramp after you

Launching the boat with two or more people

If during launch you are two or more people, things even get easier!

One sits in the boat while the other controls the vehicle and the trailer. The other person can just be a potter as you tow the boat into the water and back the trailer down the ramp.


It is easier to launch an inflatable boat compared to other boats because it has less capacity compared to the drift boats. Let me know in the comments if this has helped you during your inflatable boat launch!


What to do if Your Inflatable Boat gets Punctured on Water

What to do if Your Inflatable Boat gets Punctured on Water

What are Inflatable Boats?

Are you looking for a boat you can use for fishing, cruising while on vacation, paddling or even a rescue boat? The inflated boat is the perfect bet for any of the above at both a cost-effective and portability benefit.

Inflatable boats have become the preferred craft for many boaters over time. Starting off as a mere toy, these boats have come a long way and so has their diverse uses. They are excellent and cost-effective and hence their increased popularity.

These boats use inflated tubes for buoyancy and to help them stay afloat. The tubes are filled with pressurized gas making the boat difficult to sink. They come in different sizes and shapes, and one can pick a type depending on the use.

Why Inflatable Boats?

Versatile and diverse use

Unlike the other boats designed to fit a specific function, the inflated boats can be used for different purposes without any difficulty.

Highly portable

Portability sets these boats away from the other rigid boats. They can be deflated for both transportation and storage, and they also take up a small space.

Cost effective and easy to maintain

These boats are cheaper to buy and to maintain. Perfect for when you need a boat for minimal use.


The inflated boat sits flat on the water surface and maintains stability even on high speed. This is a crucial thing to consider when purchasing a boat as there is reduced chances of capsizing.

What to do if Your Inflatable Boat gets Punctured on Water

Assuming your boat has regular checks and maintenance

Inflated boats are known for their durability. Usually made from high-quality material and are hard wearing even in the harshest of weathers. Routine maintenance is essential if you want to keep the boat in excellent condition for a longer time. Even with excellent support and checks, accidents are still likely to happen and so the need to know how to deal with this, especially if you are in the water.

Punctures and leakages can be very scary especially if you are buried in the water and if they happen accidentally. Though they are scarce, it is advisable to know how to keep the boat afloat and still in movement so that you can finally get to the shores safely. Before you go into the water, it is advisable to do a check on your boat to ensure there are no leakages or any puncture that may cause air to escape from the tubes. Small leakages can be quickly repaired through while more significant problems will need a qualified boat mechanic.

If you are in the water and there is a sudden leak happening in one of the tubes, don’t panic as these boats have several other air chambers that will help keep the boat afloat. It is, however, good to check the extent of the damage and act accordingly.

Emergency repair

Always keep duct tape and a bottle of acetone on your boat at all times. These will come in handy in case you want to do an emergency repair. Leaks from an inflatable boat can be from anywhere, some places are accessible, and others are even hard to spot. If the puncture is in a convenient location, this method of repair comes in handy. The emergency repair while in the water is used for less severe leaks that have very small leakages.

To repair the leak, wipe down the leaking area with acetone and then apply the duct tape. Ensure the seal is tight after which you should pump in air to re-insulate the boat. After this repair, make sure you get back to the shore as you can to do more checks on the boat, monitor the extent of the leakage more and see if the boat is safe to get back into the water.

What if the leak is not accessible and I can’t even spot it?

The boat could be slowly deflating, and you are not able to spot the area where leakage is happening. In such a case, the first step to stop the leak is to find it. This can be very scary while in the water. You can still try to find out the leak spot while bringing the boat ashore, depending on the rate of deflation.

Identify the damage

There are a few ways to look for a leak in a boat. Depending on the area affected. Most interior surfaces of the boat are more accessible to spot leakages from as compared to the under the water line areas.

By now, it is clear that air must be escaping somewhere for the air chambers to become soft and the size of the boat to reduce. The best tool to find the leaking area is water mixed with detergent. Start by checking the valves.Most issues with punctures on the boat are usually caused by loosely fit pipes.

Finding leakages using detergent water:

Spray around the valves, if you see bubbles forming, check the valve fitting and make sure they are screwed in tight. After fixing the pipes and ensuring they fit well, and no air is escaping from them, check the other areas.

Repairing leakages on the boat

Scrub the detergent water over the boat surface.Watch out for tiny bubbles forming as you spread the detergent water on the boat.If you find one leak, never assume it’s the only one. The quickest way to repair the leak is using the emergency repair that in most cases is just a temporary fix. This uses the acetone and the duct tape.

For more severe punctures and long-lasting repairs, using patches are the advised solution. This is better done on the dry land.After patching, wait for approximately 30 minutes for the fix to cure before inflating the boat again.

Different types of glue work differently on different materials. Make sure the glue you use for your patch does not damage the boat’s material. Use the same patch the boat is made from for maximum effect.

Underwater line leakage:

Instances where the leakage is happening under the waterline, there is nothing much that can be done to patch or repair the leakage. In such a case, you will just need to keep pumping air into the boat to balance of the air leak and get to the shores as fast as you can. Identifying leaks under the main surface is best done in the dry land using the detergent method. In some cases, you would just need to pump air into the boat and listen keenly for leaking air. This is best done with a fully pumped boat and in a silent room.

What to carry on board when using the inflated boat.

You can rarely predict a puncture, and so it is best to be prepared when going out sailing with your inflated boat. Ensure you have these things on board as they will be vital in case the boat gets a puncture on water. The list below is not mandatory to have on board but they come in handy in case of a leak while in deep waters, and they are basically like emergency kits.

  • Personal flotation device
  • Every member on board the boat should have a personal flotation device which can be used in case the boat capsizes in water.
  • A whistle and Marine emergency radio to alert the people on shore or water patrol teams in case the puncture gets out of hand while in the water, and you need to be rescued.
  • A hand pump
  • After performing the emergency repair, you will need to inflate the boat to restore the lost air, and this will require the hand ump.
  • Duct tape, acetone, detergent water and a patch kit. These are the tools used to fix punctures and leakages.

What to know about fixing the inflated boat punctures

Inflated boats have different chambers so that if one chamber fails, the others still work to keep the boat afloat. So when one chamber gets deflated, do not panic as the boat can again stay stable with the help of the other chambers, This helps give you more time to fix the leaking chamber and also get to the shore to diagnose more of what could be the cause of the leak and subsequent repairs.

Repairs while in the water are mostly just emergency fixes that need to be replaced by permanent maintenance while on dry land. Extensive renovations are best done in the dry area, in a warm space with room humidity for lasting repair.

Some adhesives require more time to dry up affecting the time needed to inflate the boat again and get it back to the water. When doing the repairs, usually, apply several coats of adhesive to repair site and patch, leaving some time for it to dry before applying another patch.

Always be on the lookout while on the water for anything changing with your inflated boat. Could be the speed, the air chambers getting softer or the boat getting less stable. You can use these indications to know if something is happening to the boat and be able respond in early stages. I hope this article has answered the question of what to do if your inflatable boat gets punctured on water. If there is anything I have left out please let me know in the comments!


Best Wetsuits for Swimming and Water Sports

Best Inflatable Sports Surf Boards

Reviews of the Best Wetsuit For Swimming and Water Sports

Looking forward to summer or that family and friends vacation to the sun, sand and waters. Or maybe you live on the beach, enjoying the water and you need a new wetsuit. Whichever it is, if it’s hot, you will want to swim or enjoy a deep dive, surf or snorkel. There is an endless list of what one could do in regards to water sports. In either of these scenarios, you will need a wetsuit. A good one for that matter. You cannot afford to be surfing and letting that chilly ocean water seep into your suit continuously. That sort of defeats the whole purpose of getting a wetsuit… A wetsuit is considered to be swimming attire and It is made from foamed neoprene. Mostly, it is worn by surfers, divers, and windsurfers. Basically anyone involved with water sports. The suit provides thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy for these individuals while they are in the water. There is an array of wetsuits for various uses and water temperatures. When worn, they can be paired with neoprene boots, gloves or a hood. Wetsuits are specially designed for temperatures -2 to 25°C or 28 to 77°F. They are made from neoprene and or rubber materials. These provide thermal protection and can therefore be used in such cold temperatures. Sometimes, they pose a challenge where flexibility and comfort are needed. So here are some reviews of the top 7 Wetsuits. Maybe you will like or find one that suits you here, literally.

Summary Table for Best Wetsuit for Swimming:

Wetsuit Brand Manufacturer Thickness Best Feature Rating
Hyperflex Wetsuits Men’s Access 3/2mm Full Suit Hyperflex 3/2mm Anatomically cut pattern for perfect fit. 4.2
Phantom Aquatics Men’s Marine Shorty Wetsuit Phantom Aquatics 2/5mm High friction rear reduces slipping while sitting on wet surfaces. 4.6
O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Reactor Full Suit O’Neill 3/2mm Durable materials 4.3
Seavenger 3mm Neoprene Full Wetsuit Seavenger 3mm Super stretch panels increase flexibility 4.3
XTERRA Women’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Xterra 3/2mm Suit liner ensures comfortable snug fit 4.4
Triathlon Wetsuit  Women’s Synergy Endorphin    Synergy 5/3mm Hydro dynamic neoprene and silicone coated SyPrene 4.8
Roxy Womens Roxy Syncro Series  Gbs Wetsuit Roxy 3/2mm Thermal smoothie on back and front panels increase insulation. 4.7

Hyperflex Wetsuits Men’s Access 3/2mm Full Suit

The Hyperflex Wetsuits Men’s Access 3/2mm Full Suit is most suited for a beginner surfer. It would be a good choice for your first surfing wetsuit. It is equipped with all of essential features. These include knee pads that are storm forced, mesh skin panels to break the chills and some underarm gussets. This wetsuit is of outstanding value, especially for amateur surfers. With its anatomically cut pattern, this suit, is designed to fit you like a glove. With a variety of sizes and shapes available for both adults and children, you will be spoilt for choice. Its adjustable neck ensures a consistent and comfortable fit. Nothing as irritating as a choking effect by your wetsuit as you surf. It also minimizes any flushing by cold water. You are free to move as you want courtesy outer surface textile that is abrasion-resistant. It does not inhibit your movement. Plus it adds additional protection and comfort to your knee. This is aside from the protection the store force knee pads offer. With all these features, it is highly unlikely for you to feel stuck and trapped in your wetsuit. To crown it all, this suit has seamless underarms gussets. These give you more room to move your arms. There is so much room for movement with this wetsuit. This wetsuit is ideally recommended for surfing or stand-up paddling, spring kayaking or swimming. With its chill breaker mesh panels, you are bound to keep warm on any of these water sports. The FLEX cuff leg openings enable easy wearing and removing of the suit. It comes in 6 colors with a bomb-proof flat lock construction.


  • Additional protection.
  • Adequately tight.
  • Good price for the quality.
  • Provides adequate warmth


  • It rips easily if punctured.
  • Smaller than expected because of incorrect size standards.
  • Unwelded seams.

Phantom Aquatics Men’s Shorty Wetsuit

The Phantom Aquatics Marine Shorty for men is exceptionally warm and comfortable. Assuming the name, one would conclude this wetsuit is specifically for men. Well, you are wrong. This particular wetsuit is specifically cut for ladies. It is made of nylon II neoprene that has a 2.5mm thickness. This is stretchy enough to give room for fairly unrestricted movement. The seams are flat lock seams increase comfort. You do not need a zipper digging into your back as you try riding that wave. It is extremely uncomfortable. The rear end has a high friction seat. It reduces slipping when you are sitting on surfaces that are wet. There will be no slip and slide with this wetsuit. The suit offers extra protection against abrasion courtesy of the reinforced shoulders. The suit has a tab closure on the neck. It has a micro-teeth fastener made of Velcro. This ensures you are for a comfortable neck closure. It also reduces water flushing all thanks to the seal skin around the neck area. You get to keep warm while you are in the water. Yet, this wetsuit is inappropriate for extremely cold temperatures and water. With its double seamed stitches, you will not have to worry about accidental punctures that would lead to major tears. A torn wetsuit is no longer a wetsuit. Case closed. Living up to its name, the Phantom Aquatics Men’s Marine Shorty, is a shorty. It is knee length with elbow length.


  • Good material
  • Affordable
  • Fairly accurate sizes assumption
  • Provides enough warmth
  • Double stitched seams reduce tears


  • A bit snug
  • Tight around the neck to a choking effect.

O’Neill Wetsuits Mens 3/2mm Reactor Full Suit

Want to surf or scuba dive or simply go for a swim in the outdoor pool? Then suit up appropriately and in style with the O’Neill Wetsuits Men’s 3/2mm Reactor Full Suit. It is a full length and long sleeve wetsuit. With a 3/2 mm thickness built specifically for warmer waters, you are bound to keep warm. This wetsuit has a 100 % lining of neoprene, the wetsuit sticks to you like a second skin. It has a 93% accuracy of fitting as expected. Its panels are made from different materials. The outside right collar panel is made from 100% polyester while the other panels are made from 100% nylon. Finally, the knee panels are made from 52% spandex and 48% nylon. All these materials combined in various parts of the wetsuit facilitate easy mobility in the suit. Nice grip material on the chest area makes a nice surface to hold your board underneath you while surfing. With this suit, you can forget all about that scratchy feeling around your neck when you are wearing your wetsuit. The neck closure fully adjust thus provides non-irritating protection. There is no choking feeling with this adjustable single super seal neck. This wetsuit has a flatlock construction and zip closure at the back of the wetsuit. The Krypto Knee Pad reduces abrasion. This will prolong the life of the wetsuit. The manufacturer’s offer a return policy for any unsatisfied purchases. Only as long as it is unworn and unwashed with tags intact and original packaging included. Yet, this is a great suit for fall and spring.


  • More than adequate warmth
  • Easy to get in and out of
  • Great fit
  • Great material


  • Weak seams. Come undone after continuous use.
  • Weak zipper. Rips under too much pressure.
  • Sizing guide is inaccurate

Seavenger 3mm Neoprene Fullsuit

The Seavenger 3mm Neoprene Full Wetsuit with Super Stretch Panels is cozy and comfortable. That is the exact feeling you will have as you get into the water. Confident of your Seavenger wetsuit that enables you to move and is supposed to last, considering all its’ features. Coming in jet black, this Seavenger exclusive is 3mm and made of neoprene. The special cut works with the neoprene grain to prevent binding and provide form-fitting warmth and comfort. This offers you flexibility without sacrificing your warmth. This will be during lasting water activities such as diving, surfing and snorkeling. Practically any water sport is catered for with this suit. These Super-stretch panels eliminate the usual too tight feeling usually found at the knee or armpit. Aside from that, this wetsuit has flexible panels at the knees and shoulder, they are anti-abrasion. These prevent wear through of the wetsuit without limiting movement. Yes. Mobility is quite an important fete when it comes to wetsuits. The textured knee panels prevent the suit from getting a tear and wear while kneeling on the pier or deck or in the sand at depth. The multi-panel construction combined with the neoprene grain hug the natural contours of your body. This wetsuit will wear you in a fit, non-binding, attractive way that conserves your body heat. Just like a glove. With its unique neck, leg and wrist construction, the suit will still keep you warm in cool or cold water. No seams will be digging into your skin with this suit. The flat-lock seems are sown throughout the suit and the beefy YKK zipper. They are quite durable.  The extra-long leash with a double-tap hook and loop tie down ensures the zipper stays closed. That zipper sounds great, right? It is. Extra large, extra long and with a gusseted zip, it is sturdy and slides so smoothly. It is easy to reach because of the extra long leash. Even though it is beefy, it is reliable. This is because of the inner neoprene gusset. It prevents flushing and ensures no pinching or snags. You can be assured that it will not rip or open up when that wave hits you. You do not need water getting inside your suit. That is why it is a wetsuit after all. This wetsuit is available in a wide range of sizes. Yet, it is recommended to choose 1 size down, if you have a slim body frame. If you have a bulkier body frame then choose 1 size up. The suit is available for both men and women. It’s manufacturer’s offer a one year valid warranty. They believe in their product and so should you. It has nice rubber reinforcement in areas of stress. The ultimate combination of style and functionality, results in fit performance and maneuverability when wearing it.


  • Comfortable
  • Fits well
  • Cheap for great value
  • Provides adequate warmth


  • Snug around the armpits and crotch area
  • Inaccurate sizing on sizing charts
  • Difficult to put on and take off without the website instruction

XTERRA Women’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Full Suit 3/2mm

XTERRA are known to set the standard. Most of their products are manufactured by triathletes for triathletes. Hoping they consider all they would like in one while working on this wetsuit. The XTERRA Women’s Volt Wetsuit is comfortable, fast and durable. Its estimated expected fit is 74%. It clings to your body. The wetsuit’s X-FLEX FLEXIBLE suit liner allows for a comfortable snug fit. The suit liner stretches in all four directions and returns to its original structure. It thereby guarantees that the Xterra Volt will retain its shape and fit over time. This wetsuit is specifically cut for women and perfect for both racing and training. Its 3/2mm neoprene core construction gives maximum flexibility. Which means your mobility in the water improves. The neoprene is limestone-based. This means that it is eco-friendly. It provides great overall flexibility and buoyancy while you are in the water. The drag reducing coating enables you glide through the water. The coating is applied to all of Xterra’s wetsuits allowing for the smoothest possible swim. Only a thin layer of water hugs the suit surface to reduce friction. The wetsuit has anatomical arms that allow for natural range of motion in the swim stroke. You swum faster, smoother and with less effort than usual. The ergonomic arm panels help support mobility and flexibility. The panels are held together using double-blind stitching to ensure that it is long-lasting and waterproof. Offering a 30 day no risk return period, this wetsuit guarantees the correct size. One has the time to try on, test it out or go for a swim with their wetsuit. It is currently available in 9 sizes. It offers you a high performing triathlon wetsuit with a one year industry best warranty against manufacturing defects. With all these features combined, your performance is sure to be unmatched.


  • Provides adequate warmth
  • Great customer service
  • Flexibility in the arms
  • Super comfortable for long swims
  • It is waterproof
  • Soft material
  • Easy to put on and get off


  • Damages not covered under warranty
  • Too tight around the shoulders

Triathlon Wetsuit 5/3mm – Women’s Synergy  for Open Water Swimming

During graduation, most schools had a valedictorian. Maybe yours was the same old story told again. The nerd who was obviously going to win that. But there was the academic, social, extracurricular valedictorian in other schools. They won everything in anything. Popular, intelligent, witty and at the top of the social scene ladder. They were not nerds.

This wetsuit is the equivalent of that. It won the triathlete magazine editor’s award for 2016 and the lava magazine 2017 award for best value wetsuit. It is iron man approved and athlete endorsed. It is suitable for any water sport level and comes in an array of sizes. This ensures a suitable fit. With proven technology this wetsuit ensures superior performance. Its hydro dynamic neoprene is a Yamamoto brand. Number 39 and 40 with silicone coated SyPrene to be specific. It has a 5mm thick buoyancy panel at its core. It is also 3mm on the lower legs and back and 2mm at the arms and shoulders. It has nearly double the buoyancy than 3mm suits, which are not recommended for cold waters. You can float higher, move faster and save energy with this wetsuit. Its buoyancy is 5/3mm which is the maximum limit allowed in triathlon wetsuits. This suit has exceptional functionality with full range of motion with its unsurpassed 680% flexibility. Made with the highest grade anti-corrode, the internal wetsuit zipper from YKK reduces drag as you dive into the water. It is also non corrosive. The super soft low neck with smooth skin on both sides, prevents any chaffing. It is so soft, makes you feel like there is hardly anything around your neck. The inner lining is super soft making the suit very comfortable. The power max panel enables faster propulsion when you are in the water. The bio aligned panel offers maximum support as you swim. Its triple stitches are chemically bound at the seams. No ripping with this wetsuit.


  • Accurate estimation on sizing charts
  • Provides adequate warmth
  • Fits super tight
  • Material stretches
  • Easy to zip on and off
  • Decent buoyancy
  • Good value


  • Difficult to put on in the beginning

Roxy Women’s Roxy 3/2Mm Syncro Series Back Zip Gbs Wetsuit Erjw103024

Coming in ash/pistachio and an expected estimated fit of 75% the Back zip GBS wetsuit for women is a unique yet comfortable pick. No more common black wetsuits. It has F’NLite neoprene. This means it is manufactured with air cell-rich limestone. You keep warm while you are in the cold waters yet you still remain light. All thanks to the thermal smoothie found on the panels on the chest and back. They are repellent to wind and water so you stay warm. The warm flight far-infrared on the thermal lining transforms your body’s heat into infrared energy. This generates warmth. The seams are triple glued and blind stitched. This guards against water entry. There will be no water seeping into your wetsuit and defeating the purpose of buying one. The wetsuit has a back zip entry system and YKK #10 back zip. It ensures minimal water entry and maximum ease getting in and out of your wetsuit.


  • Great color options
  • Provides adequate warmth
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable


  • Smaller back Velcro

What to Look for When Buying a Wetsuit?

While shopping for a wetsuit, you will no longer pay attention to minor or meaningless features when deciding which one to buy. Features that matter for the amateur as well as the experienced diver or surfer are basically the same. They only vary in terms of intensity and duration of activities one is going to engage in. Yet, you will still need to find the best wetsuits. The ones matching your needs, for you to enjoy a prolonged period of water activities and pleasures.

  • Types of Wetsuits

Wetsuits are no exception. Different styles and designs are available for one to choose from. The three main ones are shorty, full suit and spring suit. With the shorty the neoprene only covers the body and upper parts of the arms and legs. The neoprene in the full suit covers the body, arms and legs to your wrists and ankles. Sometimes, it also covers the head when the wetsuit has an integrated hood. Lastly, with the spring suit, the neoprene covers the body and usually legs and upper arms. A vice versa combination is also possible with neoprene entirely covering the arms and only upper parts of the legs.

  • Size and fitting

Wetsuits are designed for specific body types in mind. Before buying one, you should consider a wetsuit that matches your body type. Nothing as irritating as the roll of rubber around your midsection. No need straining to stretch the rubber onto your body. It would simply be tight and cause you a shoulder and neck pressure. The suit has to fit right with an accuracy of more than 70% preferably. One has to consider the circumference. This determines whether the wetsuit will fit you properly around your thighs, your chest, your shoulders, your arms and your neck. Length is equally important. You do not want to buy a wetsuit with longer or shorter arms and legs. The most important aspect is the torso length. One-piece suits have a given length between the crotch and the neck. The zipper is found here and it runs along most of this entire stretch. It is not subject to an extreme stretch because zippers do not stretch, and the zipper runs almost the entire longitude of the torso. Although there are other kinds of rubber that are more flexible. Some are laminated with smooth skin surfaces, other wetsuits do not have seams at the shoulders. Instead, the seams are replaced with thinner, more flexible rubber. Since one-piece wetsuits are most famous for fitting problems, an alternative would be to separate the top from the bottom.

  • Thickness

Neoprene is the god of wetsuit. It is not a wetsuit if it is not made with neoprene. Your suit is me at to allow only a bit of water into your suit. This will be heated by your body warmth and form a layer of warmth. The thickness of the suit determines how long you will keep warm in chilly waters. The neoprene panels in wetsuits vary in thickness, ranging from 1 to 6mm. There is always a heavier presence of neoprene panels on the chest and back areas of the suit. Thinner panels are found on the arms and legs. It allows for better flexibility and https improved mobility.

  • Taped and Glued Seams

Stitching neoprene. Sounds like holes will be made. That is true. Yet, wetsuit manufacturers resort to other means of stitching. Ones that will allow for stretching and mobility without the risk of ripping and allowing water seep onto your suit more than necessary. Glue on its own is not durable. It is usually coupled with taping to ensure durability of the seam and wetsuit as a whole. The tape is usually made from a strong nylon cloth strip with waterproof backing. One could also seek Wetsuits with blind stitching. This is done by placing the neoprene pieces edge to edge, a blind stitch sewing machine uses a curved needle. It is designed to penetrate the material just deep enough to secure a good stitch. Yet, there is no breaking though the facing on the opposite side.

How to Put On a Wetsuit

This is simply an art of its own. You cannot risk to jump around and wiggle and pull hoping you will get the wetsuit on. It is a skill. Manufacturers are even offering tutorials on their websites to help buyers put on their suits easily and quickly. Any mistake, you risk causing a tear in the fabric. That is officially the end of a good wetsuit. Do not grab onto the wetsuit with your finger nails. Your nails might puncture the suit. It is advisable to pinch the fabric between your finger tips and gently work it onto your body. Even though the neoprene is durable, it is easily punctured. Wetsuits are snug, take your time.

While wearing a wetsuit, pull it first over your feet and ankles. Then work it up your legs in sections, pulling gently until you reach the hips. Move on to the arms. Insert your arms into the sleeves or arm holes then carefully pull up to your neck. Close the collar then pull up the zipper with your shoulders pushed back. You should ensure the collar flap is flat and the Velcro tab cannot rub your back. When removing the suit work backwards. Remove it slowly and carefully. Do not pull too hard. Try to put on your wetsuit in a clean, dry place. Away from sand, trees and rocks that can snag the fabric. For full wetsuits, wearing a rash guard under the suit will make putting it on and off easier.

How to Clean and Dry A Wetsuit

You got a really good pricing deal while buying your wetsuit. Or you bought it at such an exorbitant price. Either way, it was worth it and proves to be of great value anytime you go out into the cold water. If you want to go on enjoying your wetsuit, you have to take good care of it. Maintenance of wetsuits is equally important. Lest you have to buy another due to negligence. Keep your wetsuit looking clean and you will definitely feel fresh the next time you wear it. Here’s how to maintain your wetsuit.

  • Rinsing with Freshwater

This is the most basic yet crucial step one should always adhere to immediately after using your wetsuit. Rinse both the inside and outside of your wetsuit. Salt is the bane of wetsuits. It will damage your suit faster than the next wave coming along. Salt is known to cause the neoprene to lose its flexibility. Later, one can use wetsuit shampoo to ensure the suit is thoroughly cleaned up. It gets rid of any odors on your wetsuit as well as all the salt and sand in your wetsuit. Let it live longer.

  • Drying

The most suitable drying method should be drip drying. Hang your wetsuit on a hanger and let it drop. Hang it halfway, near the waist area. Hanging it by its neck area damages the elasticity there. Let the inside part dry first. Turn it inside out until both sides are dry. It should be hang indoors preferably. Direct sunlight exposure damages the fabric. The UV rays make the propene harder and this results in it losing flexibility.

Wetsuit Tips and Tricks

You can be misinformed and that always leads to making wrong decisions. Yet, you can never be too informed. We learn something new every waking day. So here are additional tips and tricks about wetsuits that will point you further in the right direction. Go get the right wetsuit, put it on and take it off in the correct manner and take good care of it. Here’s to having a wetsuit for more than a season.

  • Most size charts are inaccurate. They predict very few perfect fits. It is recommended that if you are small, you should opt for a smaller size than the size chart prediction. If you are a bigger, opt for a bigger size than the prediction on the chart.
  • Never wash your wetsuit together with other garments.
  • Never iron Wetsuits. High heat should simply and strictly be avoided.
  • Avoid any chemicals solvents, oils or gasoline. These tend to wear off the wetsuit’s material.
  • Repair your wetsuit if the tear is not big. Use Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant to fix the puncture. You can also use the sealant used to fix bicycles tire inner tube.
  • To keep your zipper working smoothly, use a zipper lubricant often. For example Zip Tech which can be found here on Amazon. Salt and chlorine can corrode the zipper’s teeth.
  • A pair of water shoes can be very helpful for casual swimming

Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews

Best Inflatable Sports Battery

Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews: Trolling motors are self contained. They are a mandatory purchase for those who love taking their boats out on the water. They could be gasoline powered or they could use batteries. In the latter’s case, battery powered trolling motors perform just as well as the former. Yet, this depends on the type of battery bought. Can your battery withstand water splashes? Does it use AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) technology? How long does it take to charge? How fast does it lose charge? Featuring a variety of trolling motor batteries, you can get to pick the most suitable one.

What are Trolling Motor Batteries?

Very few people pay any mind to trolling motor batteries. It is the virtual imitation of ordering your usual because that is what you are used to. Or your trolling motor for that matter. So you order the battery brand you bought your trolling motor with. If you were not lucky enough to buy it with your trolling motor, then you seek any opinions or recommendations from your fishing buddies. Even then, you are never sure whether the battery is the most suitable for your trolling motor. The list is quite long when it comes to finding a battery for your trolling motor. A variety of various options and battery configurations must be considered. These include amperage-hour ratings, wet cell or gel boat batteries or reserve capacity .Yet, you just want a review so you can pick the best for your trolling motor. Here is a review of 7 trolling motor batteries. You could find one suitable for your trolling motor. If you would also like to know more about trolling motors, here is an all inclusive guide.

Review of the Top 7 Trolling Motor Batteries

BatteryVoltageBrandPriceEditor Rating
12V 100AHVMAX$$$4.4/5
12V 35AHMAX$4.3/5
12V 35AHVMAX$4.2/5
12V 100AHNPP$$4.4/5
12V 100AHUniversal Power Group$$4.4/5
12V 55AHMightyMax$4.6/5
750 CCA(COLD CRANKING AMPS)Optima Batteries$$$4.2/5

VMAX MR127 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle Battery

This is one of the best marine deep cycle batteries in the market.  It is a 12-volt 100Ah Heavy duty marine deep cycle battery. The construction is very good and includes handles that increase its portability. The body is both acid and shock proof. This is all thank to the industrial grade plastic it is made from. It utilizes a suspension system running on electrolytes. This includes Of an AGM that is highly porous and completely contains the electrolyte after absorbing it in the VMAX tanks. As a result, the electrolyte is uniformly distributed. This makes it deliver constant power throughout its operations. No other contaminants or use of silica gels. It has heavyweight grids made with alloyed with lead and tin. These provide extra performance and longer service even after repeatedly over discharging. Its service is expected to last about 8 – 10 years. This is both in applications, float or cyclic.

It easily fits any battery box for group 27. This is mainly the MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center but also Cobra and Sevylor models. The fact that it can repeatedly be discharged and charged makes it a deep cycle battery. This however, has no effect on the maximum power of the battery. So no worrying over that. It has an extremely good result on deep cycle recharge due to the AGM technology used. Its deep cycle trolling battery capability is commendable. This is because it can deliver non-stop, constant power, when used on a motor boat. This battery can charge twice as fast as traditional batteries. Although, this highly depends on the charger, it generally takes less time than other batteries. When it is charged, it is dependable on as it gives constant power.


  • It has a solid and highly durable body.
  • It can be installed in any MinnKota unit as it is a Group 27 battery.
  • It uses AGM technology which is good for power distribution.
  • It has a tin alloy grid for longer service.
  • It gets charged in less time than other units


  • It is expensive because of the tin alloy plates and AGM technology.

Mighty Max 12V 35AH Light Trolling motor battery


If you like taking the weekend off to go fishing on your boat then this is the battery for you. Having power on the go is very essential for your favorite weekend activity. It could be fishing, spending time on your boat at the lake or even kayaking. Mighty Max ML35 is one of the best solar batteries there are in the market. It is both heavy duty and ultramodern. The battery is both lightweight and compact. This makes it ideal for outdoor use such as powering trolling motors. It weighs a forth of regular batteries and is only half the size.

The ML35 uses AGM technology. Meaning the electrolytes extend over the battery’s absorbent fiber glass. This prevents any liquid from leaking. Making it very safe for the user. It is also a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. This is also known as a valve-regulated battery. This means that it comes with a valve that lets gases escape in case of overheating. This reduces the need for ventilation and the damage to the battery. As you drink your favorite beer to cool off, your battery is equally doing the same. Not drinking, cooling off. They are also made corrosion free so there is less maintenance to worry about as you go about your outdoor activities. Enjoy time on your boat and have no worries about battery maintenance.

The battery can be placed in any orientation and it would work just fine. This is all thanks to the use of AMG technology. Its body is specifically made to be strong enough to withstand shocks and vibrations. This is highly expected of portable devices as they are used outdoors and will also will be exposed to variations in temperature. Mighty Max designed this battery with thicker plates that enable you to discharge it deeper without worrying about soon losing power. This is not a drawback to how fast it charges. It can still charge up to five times faster than non-AMG batteries. In addition to this, the AMG technology ensures it discharges much slower than regular batteries when not in use. When it comes to charging, you can use the solar charger prescribed. However, if the skies are not clear enough, it is compatible with other chargers. So do not worry about using it only when it’s bright and sunny.


  • It is durable as it has sturdy construction.
  • It requires minimal maintenance as it is corrosion free and valve regulated.
  • Its rate of discharge when not in use is very minimal.
  • It is charger friendly as well as solar power friendly.


  • It is not powerful as it is a 12volts 35Ah configuration
  • The power connectors need to be bought separately.

VMAX857 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery.

The VMAX857 is a HI functioning battery. It is ideal for trolling motors of battery Group U1. It is small in size and light. This makes it easily transportable. It is mainly designed for deep cycle purposes. It is a good choice for someone who requires a battery of this group for powering marine unit accessories. It’s has a 12volts battery with 35Ah rating with a 75 minutes reserve capacity. It is manufactured with AGM technology that makes it dependable on and maintenance free. It provokes no dangers of flammable fumes or dangerous gas leaking. This is because it is completely spill proof. It has very high utility as it is approved for mobile, maritime and air travel. Its plates are manufactured from special custom built military grade alloys. This gives special physical as well as chemical structures. It is resistant to severe vibration, heat and extreme weather conditions. It can even be used in cold climatic conditions.


This VMAXTANKS battery offers supreme power density and amazing deep cycle capability. It can either be charged by the smart charger of a micro processor controlled charger. It can run for approximately 4 to 5 hours. When used on trolling motors it can go to up to 50% to 60% depth of discharge. It can last you at least 8 to 10 years at most.


  • They are durable and can recover from deep discharges.
  • It uses no silica gel and other contaminants hence it offers higher performance.
  • None of the excessive gas accumulate in the battery as it has automatic release valves.
  • It has low self-discharge rate.
  • It is leak proof
  • It does not have issues of case bulging and plate warping


  • It is only applicable for deep cycle purpose and not for cranking purposes.
  • It only uses an AMG smart charger and incase a wet battery charger is used it will cause permanent damage.
  • It is only suitable for 18 to 35lb trolling motors and not greater weight

NPP 12V 100 Amp 100Ah


This is a 12volt battery with a 100Ah rating. It’s a front access deep cycle battery terminals with buttons. It has numerous applications. On either them is the uninterrupted power supply that makes it a good trolling motor batteries its case is made from a non-conductive ABS plastic. This is strong and resistant to shock, vibration, chemicals, weather and heat. Other additional features of the NPP12V trolling motor battery include an alarm system, emergency lighting system and also firefighting equipment. Aside from these applications, the extra features include, a standby power supply and telephone switching system, an uninterrupted power supply, an electric wheelchairs telecommunication system, computer standby power supply system, a solar system and  DC Power System.  All these are in the form of applications.


  • It is durable because it can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • It has extra applications
  • Great customer service
  • Good value for your money
  • Manufacturer provides a two year warranty

Universal UB121000 12v 100AH Deep Cycle

The universalUB121000 is a 12-volt 100AH rating battery. This guarantees an excellent storage capacity. It has a functional lifespan. This is for use with trolling motors and equipment that requires consistent energy at low current. It uses AGM technology. This ensures better performance, faster recharging and longer usage period.  It has a less than three percent self -discharge rate per month. Its 100AH makes sure it gives ample power and energy capacity for use with trolling motors. However, it needs to be used alongside a starter battery to be able to crank your engines and other electrical equipment. It weighs about 63 pounds and measures more than 12 inches from one end to the other. This makes it very bulky. The Universal UB121000 is sealed and requires no addition of water during the life of the battery. It can be mounted in any position and would still work as efficiently. It can be transported by air or ground without any special handling regulations. It has no hazardous fumes escaping from the case as the gases are processed with the battery itself. It can be used for both float and cycle use and is virtually maintenance free. This battery just answers all your questions and clears up all the doubts you could have. Its charge requirements are like Wet Cell as well as other types of Maintenance free batteries. It has no special battery charger requirements.


  • It uses AGM technology that delivers excellent consistent deep cycling functioning.
  • It does not require maintenance because of its sealed design and use of AMG technology
  • It is good for trolling motors because of its 100AH rating.
  • It is durable and can easily withstand the normal weather conditions
  • Its self-discharge rate is less than three percent per month.


  • It is very bulky

Mighty Max 12V 55Ah Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor Battery


If you plan to spend a lot of time on water and not at low speeds then this is the battery for you. It provides enough power for you to stay at full speeds for up to four hours. At medium speeds you can get about 6 hours of it. You will still be left with just a little over 50% of power. It is a 12volt battery with a 55Ah rating. Compared to the 35Ah battery, this model is more powerful. This may have you thinking that it means a bigger size, but this is not the case. It is just slightly bigger than the 35Ah battery. In addition to that, it can be mounted in any position. It can even be mounted on its side and would still function perfectly. It is spill proof, so any angle is okay for it to function. It is made using AGM technology. This simply means it has better performance, faster recharging and longer usage period.  Its spill-proof quality comes from the fact that it is a Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery. It uses an ultramodern, heavy duty, grid made from calcium- alloy. This provides great performance and exceptional service. This is in two pairs of applications, float and cyclic. In addition to all this, it can function perfectly at both high and low temperatures.


  • It is resistant to shock and vibration
  • It offers more time on the water and you can go faster without draining it.
  • It can last for long even in extreme temperatures.
  • It can be set up at any angle therefore it is not cumbersome in terms of space
  • It does not add too much to boat load capacity as it is not too heavy.


  • If ever fully drained, it can take up to 30 hours to recharge it fully
  • If you have a small boat, the battery weight may be a problem for you.

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop


The optima battery D34M BLUETOP is rated at 750 cold cranking amps. This gives the battery more than enough power for use as a starter battery for boats and even RV’s. It delivers optimal power even in very cool weather. It can even start a motor at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. You do not have to worry about warming your battery up in those cold temperatures. It is a very dependable on backup battery. It is easy to mount in any position on your boat. This is all thanks to its compact design and relative light weight. It is also designed to tolerate vibrations without damaging the battery itself. This is because of its exterior casing that is fifteen times more resistant to vibration than competing brands.

It delivers consistent performance which works excellently well with trolling motors and has a reserve capacity of 120 minutes. This battery can be charged up to three times as many times as similar batteries. This is because of its Spiral Cell Technology (spiral-bound lead cells coated in lead oxide).


  • It can be mounted in any angle as it is spill proof.
  • It can last for as many as a thousand recharging cycles.
  • It is suitable for powerboats with many electrical gadgets
  • It can start a motor at 0 degrees Fahrenheit easily
  • It will not overcharge if the right charger is used
  • It is resistant to vibration
  • It has a strong case that is strongly weather proofed.
  • It is a dual-purpose battery; for deep cycles and starting


  • It may overcharge without the right charger

Choosing a Trolling Motor Battery

Trolling batteries are not just any kind of battery, and there are some things that you will want to consider certain factors, including your budget, the hour rating and the battery type.

Type of battery

12-volt deep cycle batteries come in two types – AGM batteries and Lead Acid Wet cells. Deep cycle batteries are very good for trolling because they discharge lower amounts of current, spread out over longer periods and recharging more frequently.

Lead acid wet cell batteries are more common compared to AGM batteries, since they can handle more frequent drains and recharging that comes with using trolling motors, and in addition they are the most affordable option for most. Their life lasts for about three years and are standard in their structure. The only drawback about them is that they need more occasional maintenance, which involves topping off the water. They are also vulnerable to spillage and vibration issues.

The second option is the AGM batteries, which means Absorbed Glass Mat. These are sealed completely, and are more long lasting compared to wet cells. They last for averages of up to four years, but the drawback is that they cost significantly higher than wet cell batteries. In fact they can even cost twice as much, so they are not an option if you are on a tight budget. In spite of them being expensive, they have no maintenance costs, and are very good for performance and long life.

Power hour ratings

The amperage power ratings of your battery are similar to those of car gas tanks. If you consider all factors to be equal, batteries that have 115 amp hour ratings last for longer periods than 100 amp hour ratings. When you look at the technical aspects, 100 amp power batteries provide 100 amp hours of current in trolling motors. So technically, if your motor runs on a speed of 5 amps, for example, the battery should theoretically last for 20 hours. The higher the speed of your motor, the less time the battery lasts.

When searching for trolling motor batteries, look for those that have at least 100 amp hour rating, 175 minutes of Reserve Capacity (RC), and a Group 27 rating.

Final Remarks and Recommendations

You need a good trolling motor. It is not an issue to be assumed or dismissed as less important. A dependable trolling motor battery ensures smooth and maximum performance of your boat. Anytime you go out fishing or a ride on the lake, the battery plays a bigger part than assumed. Similar to majority of electric devices and motors, trolling motors too require specific batteries. Batteries that will boost the trolling motor’s performance. Batteries that will discharge electricity steadily over the prolonged period of that fishing trip. The optimal battery 8016-103 D34MBlueTop would be a great choice. With all its lasted features, the battery is bound to perform to your expectations. It can recharge up to 1000 times and it is still proof. It is also resistant to vibration. This battery would be a great choice for your trolling motor. And for the love of god… would you please wear your life vest while fishing.


Best Inflatable Islands for Partying or Relaxing

Best Inflatable Islands for Partying: Inflatables have become very popular, especially in the summer. We all like to relax in cool water and clear our heads for just a minute. Looking to party in the ocean, lake or river with your friends? Inflatable islands are designed precisely for that purpose.

All you have to do is find the perfect inflatable island to lounge in water and let the wind all in your hair, sip a chilled drink, soak up in the sun, read your book or just catch up with your friends. Inflatable islands offer features like waterproof MP3 music system, cup holders, and coolers.

Inflatable islands are especially ideal for pool parties and vacations to the lake or beaches. We review some of the best inflatable islands that have the capacity to accommodate a certain number of people, different shapes, sizes and designs.

  1. CoolerZ Tropical Breeze Inflatable Island

Key Features

  • 6-people capacity
  • Cooler bag
  • 6 cup holders
  • Pillow backrests that are wide
  • Sunshade that’s removable

This is an incredible partying inflatable island that holds up to six people. It also comes with a drink cooler meaning you can carry drinks on the islands and have fun with your friends. It will allow spending quality time on the beach or lake for those who are adventurous.

It is also able to fit a small carrying bag in your backseat with everything you will need while in the water. It takes about fifteen minutes to inflate using an average electric pump. If you have an electric leaf blower, it will take two minutes to inflate.

The sunshade allows you to still enjoy even under the sun. The drink holders are also serviceable. Mostly recommended to people above fifteen years. The weight of this inflatable island is 3.18 pounds.


  • Has a capacity for six people
  • Comes with features like sunshade, six cup holders, and a cooler bag
  • Has extra wide pillow backrests that offer you comfort
  • Best for use even the sun is out


  • Deflation is possible
  • Expensive
  1. CoolerZ Tropical Breeze II Inflatable Floating Island

Key Features

  • 6-people capacity
  • Removable sunshade
  • Two wide pillow backrests
  • 6-cup holders
  • Cooler bag
  • Heavy-duty handles and swim-up platform
  • 128” x 114” x 26” approximate inflated dimensions

This floating island is also perfect for partying and relaxing because it has a six people capacity. In most cases, a capacity of six people is enough to have fun and create new fun memories as well. It also has a removable sun shade which means that when the hot scorching sun comes out, you can easily plug the sunshade and keep the party going.

It also has six cup holders which means you don’t have to hold on to your drink the entire time. It also comes with a cooler bag which makes sure that you can keep your drinks chilled even when its hot outside.

The swim-up platform has heavy-duty hands. You can keep your feet cold and wet when sitting down because the float has a mesh center bottom. It’s easy to climb on the raft because the swim-up platform makes it easy to do so.


  • Can hold up to six people
  • Has 6 cup holders to hold the drinks
  • Mesh center bottom that keeps your feet cold and wet
  • Easy to climb the raft due to the swim-up platform
  • The swim-up platform has heavy-duty handles
  • Removable sunshade


  • Having to put up the shade whenever it gets too sunny
  1. Intex Inflatable Party Island Float

Key Features

  • Built-in coolers
  • 4 handles
  • Heavy duty and puncture resistant PVC material
  • 6 cup holders

This inflatable island allows you to easily hang out with your closest friends and have fun on the lake or beach. Perfect for those who want to catch the rays in summer. It is comfortable to seat on. It has 6 cup holders which means that it can fit an average of six people.

It also has 2 built-in coolers which allow you to carry your drinks on board and still keep them chilled. At least for people can be to support their weight because it has 4 grab handles and the lounging space is large enough to allow you to relax.

The material is heavy duty and its PVC which mean that it is puncture resistant. The material of this island durable and comfortable. It also comes with other features like a splash pack, an anchor bag, and storage chambers for whatever you need.


  • Plenty of lounge space
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Puncture resistant material
  • 4 grab handles to hold your weight
  • Storage chambers for anything you need


  • Doesn’t have a sunshade
  1. Coolerz Rapid Rider

Key Features

  • 4-people capacity
  • Backrest cushions
  • Open bottom
  • 2 air chambers
  • Heavy-duty handles

This inflatable is a giant X4 that is built with 4 tubes joined and facing each other to create the best chill session with family and friends on the lake or the beach in the summer. It is also built for a capacity of four people.

It has four cup holders that allow you to set your drink. You can keep your drinks chilled because it has two-built in coolers that will make sure you enjoy a cold drink and remain hydrated. You will also stay cool because it has mesh bottoms that let you put your feet down.

You will also remain comfortable because it has backrests that are heavy-duty. It has a load capacity of 260 kgs because it have thick gauge vinyl material. It has been designed for adults. It also has a grab rope that lets the island hang when in water.


  • Capacity of 360 kgs
  • The material is puncture-resistant
  • The cooler bags are removable
  • Convenient and comfortable backrests
  • Safe air chambers


  • Lacks a sun-shade
  1. Intex IslandLounge

Key Features

  • 5-people capacity
  • 6 cup holders
  • Built-in cooler
  • Mesh floor

This water raft has a capacity of 5 people which is enough to have your friends join you in the water to relax or party. It has 6 cup holders which means that there is an extra hold for your vodka bottle. You can also keep your drinks chilled because it has a built-in cooler for that purpose.

It has a mesh floor at the bottom that allows water to come in and cool your feet. It also has grab handles that can allow you to hop into the water and still hold on to the island. It has oversized backrests that offer comfort for four people. One rider can just lay and enjoy the sun on the deck.

You can also fill sand in the anchor bag to repair any patch kit if you are experiencing rough seas. It is the perfect relaxation inflatable island.


  • Comes with an anchor bag
  • 6 cup holders
  • 5 people capacity
  • Comfortable oversized backrests
  • Mesh floor that allows water in
  • Grab holders to allow to hold on when taking a water dip


  • Only four backrests
  • No sunshade
  1. Intex Marina Breeze Inflatable Island with Built-in Cooler and Lake Raft

Key Features

  • Built-in cooler
  • 4 cup holders
  • 2 backrests
  • 8 feet wide

This is a fancy looking inflatable island with plenty of room if you want to hold a party on the beach or lake. It is large with 8 feet width. It is perfect for chilling on the lake or the beach because it has a large capacity.

It comes with a built-in cooler that will allow you to keep the drinks cold even on a sunny day. It has four cup holders that allow you to keep your drinks table. It comes with two backrests that give you the comfort you need.


  • Convenient and comfortable backrests
  • Keep drinks cold in the built-in cooler
  • Four cup holders to keep the drinks stable
  • Large space


  • No handles
  • No sun-shade
  1. Intex Canopy Inflatable Island

Key Features

  • 2 built-in drink holders
  • 2 person capacity
  • Detachable canopy
  • 2 air chambers
  • Back rest

This is the best island for a couple because it is meant for two people with a canopy. It is perfect for lake or ocean alone time with someone close to you. Even though it’s a two people capacity, it is spacious enough for hanging your legs over the edge.

It has a canopy that lets you shelter from the sun when it’s really hot. You can also boost your tan when you don’t want to use the canopy. It has backrests that allow you to recline back and be comfortable. With the handy cup holder available you can comfortably unwind.

It has two air chambers that will let you relax with extra safety. It has rope loops on the side that also ensure a sense of security when the island is floating.


  • Perfect for luxury relaxation
  • Can keep a beverage nearby with the two built-in cup holders
  • Two air chambers that offer extra security
  • The best amount of shade from the hot sun with the help of the detachable fabric sunshade
  • Comfortable backrest


  • Needs a pump to be inflated
  • The pump costs extra

What to Look for When Buying an Inflatable Island

To enjoy all the benefits of a floating island there are some factors you need to consider if you want to bring life to the lake, ocean, river or pool party. The design, size, and model are some of the things that make the floating island accommodating either adults or kids. These are factors to consider:

  1. Size and Capacity

The floating islands are designed in different shapes and sizes. The capacity can range from 12 person capacity to even 2 people. Most are made for 3 to 8 people. It is also important to check the weight capacity of the island. The weight varies with the manufacturer’s choice.

  1. Special features

If you are looking to have fun while relaxing or partying, special features will help add the fun. Some of the island luxurious include cup holders. Make sure you consider the design of the holder to make sure its deep enough to make sure the drink doesn’t spill.

There is the cooler that helps you keep your drinks cool. Most floating islands also have a wading pool that lets you cool off in the middle. It could also be a mesh wading pool that offers extra safety which is a great feature if you happen to have kids on board. However, make sure the kids are in life jackets when they are playing in the water.

Also check if the island you are interested in is designed to be towed otherwise if it’s not, make sure its never towed. There are also other features like a backrest, headrest, and a canopy that offer extra comfort.

  1. Construct

Most of the islands are made from PVC. If you want to make sure the inflatable island is resistant to punctures, make sure the PVC has a higher gauge or it’s thicker. Most of them have 17 gauge or higher while the pool floats have 11 gauge. If you want a river raft make sure its 25 gauge or higher. If you plan to float on a sea the gauge should be 30 because PVC is not affected by salt water.

  1. Ease of Use

When you deflate and pack the inflatable island it becomes easy to carry. If inflated, it will take about two people to carry it because they are big when inflated. To inflate it, you need an electric pump which is critical that the island has an electric outlet to make sure you inflate it to float.

  1. Price

Pool floats are cheaper than floating islands but the islands are more fun because it has features that are usable and convenient which makes them worth every penny. They are specifically designed for leisure activities. They are perfect for people who like to hang out with family and friends and enjoy a cold drink on the lake or ocean.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Inflatable Island

For your inflatable island to last, it requires proper maintenance. Without proper care, the material can become weak or punctured and make the inflatable island unsafe for use.

Clean the Island Properly

Cleaning is the most important step if you want to maintain the inflatable island. From the day you buy the island you need to make sure that you clean it thoroughly. However, many cleaning products may damage or weaken the material of the island.

If you are using cleaning products that contain MEK, solvents, acetone, toluene, ammonia, bleach, and alkaline cleaners with more than 11.5 pH, or using scrub pads that are abrasive to clean the island, then you will reduce the lifespan of the island by making the material weak.

Avoid using aesthetics that might hurt the island by wearing or scratching the decal. A mild dish soap can be used to clean the boat or you can use the products dedicated to cleaning the inflatable islands.

After every use, especially after partying, make sure you thoroughly rinse the island. The aim is to avoid small debris or san to get in the boat because they will cause mold or abrasion if the fresh water soak in the material.

Avoid sharp objects

Obviously, an inflatable island is not to be kept in sharp objects, but its difficult to keep the island away from them especially well in the water. Fish hooks and knives are some of the common sharp objects you will carry onto an inflatable island.

Sharp things like jutting wood or barnacles are some of the sharp objects that you can find on the dock and they can potentially tear the island. The rocks in the beaches, as well as coral and shells, can drag the island over.

Properly store the boat

The best idea is to store the island partially inflated when you are not using it. When the island is completely deflated it is at most risk of damage. However, you can store the inflatable island completely deflated if you have limited storage space.

It is important to make sure that the island is clean and dry if you want to store it completely deflated. Once it’s clean and dry, roll it as per the manufacturer’s instructions and store it in the carrying bag it came with.

Avoid storing the island folded because folds might cause long-term damage the PVC material. Also, try to store it away from any other objects especially sharp objects. Even the ropes and oars can cause abrasion to the island if they keep rubbing against the island’s material.

Properly inflate the inflatable island

If you over-inflate the island you will end up causing more damage to it. The idea is to make sure that the island has enough pump. If you inflate it too much the tube can explode. If you find an island that will allow you to let the air out, you will be able to release some when the temperature changes within the day.

Use a clockwise pattern to inflate the island until it takes a preferable shape and after that, you can fully fill the chambers.

Final Verdict

Whether you are looking for a family inflatable island or one for kids, there are a number of inflatable islands you can choose from. The seven inflatable islands are among the best and you can easily trust them.

However, if you are looking to enjoy the inflatable island for long you need to make sure that you also clean it properly after use and always make sure that you maintain it well. Partying and relaxing is one of the best ways to pass time on the lake, river or ocean. Another great option is a inner tube for river floating. A bunch of buddies can go out, drink some beers and relax in the sun. Or watch your buddies on a towable tube while you relax on the island!


Best Inflatable Pools for Adults

Best Inflatable Sports Inflatable Pool

Inflatable Pools – A Buyer’s Guide

Best Inflatable Pools for Adults: No longer is the backyard pool just a kiddie toy pool where you put : your baby. Neither do you have to think of the expense of installing an in-ground pool, especially if you cannot afford it.

Since inflatable pools are above ground pool sets, they are the perfect option. They are set up during specific seasons and brought down when these seasons end, summer for example. These pools come in a variety of shapes, types and sizes. They all have different frames to support them. They come in different sizes and depths suitable for the children, adults or the family as a whole.

You have a plethora of pool sets to choose from, and if your house does not have the usual in ground pool then you can find an alternative in any of these inflatable pools. There is no excuse for your kids to be hot and bothered during the scorching summer heat. Watch them splash away in this colorful thing. You should not be worried about that backyard shape or size. Inflatable pool sets can be round, oval, or rectangular. You can pick a suitable one for an enjoyable and convenient summer break.

Review of seven above ground inflatable pools

Pool Set Measurements Water capacity (% & gallons) Set Up Frame
Intex 12-Foot by 30-Inch Metal Frame Pool Set 12 ft. by 30 inches   90 %

1718 gallons

Easy to set up Metal
Intex 15ft X 42in Easy Set Pool Set   15 ft. by 42 inches 80 %

3284 gallons

Easy to set up
Intex 18ft X 10ft X 42in Oval Frame Pool Set 18 ft. by 10 ft. by 42 inches 80 %

2885 gallons

Intex 20ft X 12ft X 48in Oval Frame Pool Set 20 ft. by 12 ft. by 48inches 80 %

4393 gallons

Intex 24ft X 52in Prism Frame Pool Set 24ft by 52 inches 90%

12481 gallons

Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set 12 ft by 30 inches 1718 Easy to set up
Steel Pro 15′ x 48″ Frame Pool Set 15 ft. by 48 inches Easy to set up Metal


Intex 12-Foot by 30-Inch Metal Frame Pool Set

Do you remember Bad Boys 1 – the pool Marcus had in his backyard that was coincidentally next to the ocean. Have that image in mind when you think of the Intex 12-Foot by 30-Inch Metal Frame Pool Set.

Measuring 12 feet by 30 inches and weighing sixty-three pounds, this pool set has a water capacity of 90% and can store up to 1718 gallons of water. That should not seem like such a huge amount of water that would take longer to get the pool ready, but this pool set is ready for water in just half an hour.

With its twelve by thirty metal frame, and designed to be durable for quite a number of years. This is all thanks to the super tough liners and the high quality, incredibly strong metal frame. It is easy to assemble as it comes equipped with an instruction DVD, even your children could help you set it up. Extra pins for connection and hooking up the pool set are also packaged.

The Intex 12-Foot by 30-Inch Metal Frame Pool Set is family sized so all your loved ones get to enjoy the pool, especially on those hot summer days. There is enough room for your family. It can comfortably accommodate up to six adults with enough legroom left. This pool set is deep enough to float around in an inner tube or float chair. If these are in use, then the pool is more likely to accommodate up to four people comfortably.

The best part is it comes with its own filter pump. Clean water after a fun day cooling off in the water. You should strive to set the pool up on the level ground with no spiky objects around or underneath it. These are most likely to rip the seam. To keep the water in this pool set clean for long-term usage, it is preferable to use chlorine tablets. It gets rid of the slime.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Cheaper pool
  • Pool cover provided
  • Good size


  • It leaks when placed on a pointy or spiky surface
  • Pump is small
  • Bad customer service

Intex 15ft X 42in Easy Set Pool Set 

It is summer time. The sun is out and the heat is scorching you and your family. You spend your time craving for water. Aside from quenching your thirst, you would want to take a splash in the water, cooling yourself off and probably playing in the water, so make a splash all summer long with the Intex Easy Set.

Super-tough laminated sidewalls make up this pool set. It is easy to assemble this pool, coming with a Set-up and maintenance DVD. Claims show it is the fastest to assemble in the market, taking fifteen minutes to be ready for water. One need only to spread out the pool on level ground, inflate the top ring and finally fill the pool with water.

The inflatable over the top ring keeps the pool balanced. This pool set comes with a ground cloth cover since there is nothing as bad as setting up a pool and then finding out it’s leaking all because of ground debris. The pool also has a water capacity of eighty percent meaning it holds 3,284 gallons. To keep all that water clean and refreshing to splash in, the pool comes with a Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump. There is absolutely nothing more irritating and disgusting than murky slimy pool water. Might as well go swim in the local lake. With this pump, you save yourself from such scenarios.

It pumps 1000 gallons per hour with a 110 to 120 Voltage. Another great feature is the convenient drain plug connecting to a garden hose so water can drain away from your pool or house area so all that mess from the water is no longer an issue.

This pool set is average sized. It can fit three to four adults comfortably. Safety is always a concern with this product since as a parent; your children will most probably use the pool. You might even encourage them in a bid to get them outside and you no longer need to fear about drowning incidents.

Think of the electrical current being exposed to water. The Intexv15ft and 420-inch easy set pool is equipped with the Ground Fault Interrupted. This is, therefore, an added safety feature that shuts off the pump if there is exposure to electrical currents to water.


  • Sturdy framework
  • Dual suction outlet drains water away from house


  • Narrow ladder
  • Pool cover is an optional purchase.

Intex 18ft X 10ft X 42in Oval Frame Pool Set

This particular Intex Pool Set has an oval frame made of metal. This strong metal frame supports the 18ft by 10ft by 42in pool set, while the framework is from strong, durable steel frames that are powder coated for rust resistance and beauty, so you get to enjoy the water without worrying about the frames rusting.

PVC laminates the pool’s sidewalls, making them super tough. Its shape is also quite suitable for certain backyards. Say you have a long or/and narrow backyard. You have probably found it a problem a to get an inflatable pool set that would fit there – you no longer have to struggle with fitting large round pool sets in your backyard or settling for smaller ones that can fit in your backyard.

It has the perfect shape – even for family time activities. Your family can split into its favorite teams and play games in the water. Water volleyball, for example. In addition, this pool holds an eighty percent water capacity of 2885 gallons. For a well-kept and clean pool, the pool set comes with the powerful Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump, which pumps the water at 1000 gallons per hour.

The pool set is also equipped with the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, which is an added safety feature. It shuts off the pump if electrical current exposes to water. It is an Easy pool set, as it is ready for water in 30 minutes. Simply using the instructional DVD, you can easily set the pool up.

Other additional features include a ladder for getting into the pool and a ground cloth. The latter acts as a protector from the debris and objects on the grounds upon which the pool is set. The debris cover prevents any debris from entering the pool, for example, leaves. The instructional DVD as well comes with maintenance instructions, which is convenient for you.

The pool also comes with a drain plug as well, which connects to a garden hose so water can drain away from pool or house area, since no one needs a muddy backyard. This version even has a new dual suction outlet fitting that improves water circulation resulting in better water hygiene and clarity. Nothing better than a swim in a clean pool on a hot summer day.


  • Sturdy framework
  • Great size for family
  • Dual suction outlet drains water away from house


  • Undersized pump
  • Top of pool frame cannot hold air

Intex 20ft X 12ft X 48in Oval Frame Pool Set

This specific pool set is a larger version of its predecessor. Measuring 20ft by 12ft and measuring 48 inches, this pool set has an Oval Frame. With a water capacity of 80% carrying 4,393 gallons, this pool is bigger than its predecessor is.

To maintain and keep a clean pool set, the pool comes with a Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump, which pumps 1,500 gallons per hour with 110-120V. For clean, clear and refreshing water, the powerful Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump works wonders. The pool is also equipped with the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, which is an added safety feature that shuts off the pump if electrical current exposes to water.

The metal frame surrounding the pool supports the 4393 gallons of water. This strong, durable steel frame is for strength and is powder coated for rust resistance. In addition, this particular pool set is an Easy Set Pool – it is quite easy to assemble, especially with the instructional DVD and can be ready for water in 30 minutes. The DVD also gives tips on how to maintain the pool and keep it clean.

Long, oval shape fits long, narrow backyards that cannot accommodate large round pools, so no need to struggle to get a small round pool for your narrow sized backyard. Your backyard will be the place to be all summer. This pool is also large enough for family activities, and additional features of this pool set include a ladder for climbing into the pool, a ground cloth to prevent debris on the ground from poking holes. The debris cover prevents any debris from entering the pool.

The pool is durable with its super tough laminated PVC sidewalls. The convenient drain plug connecting to the garden hose allows water to drain away from the pool or house area. The new dual suction outlet fittings improve water circulation resulting in better water hygiene and clarity.


  • Can stay up through seasons
  • Keeps water cool
  • Dual suction outlet drains water away from house


  • Small filter
  • Narrow ladder rungs

Intex 24ft X 52in Prism Frame Pool Set

This is an improvement and better combination of all the previously mentioned pool sets. This prism frame pool features all the benefits of the usual metal frame pools – however, strong powder coated steel tubing enhances the frame.

It also has a stylish update of Hydro aeration technology, incorporated into the cartridge filter pump. This provides improved circulation and filtration, improves the water clarity and increases negative ions at the water surface.

Let these features not worry you on how you will set it up; the pool is easy to assemble as the set includes an instructional DVD to help you with setting it up and pool maintenance. The pool is further incorporated into a constructed with puncture resistant 3-Ply material. There will be no leaks, especially from small scratches. The instructional DVD also aids in the maintenance of water capacity.

The water capacity is 90% with 12,481 gallons, so it is quite a big pool, suitable for children above the age of six years old. It also includes a 110-120V cartridge filter pump with a pump flow rate of 2,500 gallons per hour. Note that the cartridge is a Type B and it you should replace it every two weeks. The pool has a filter pump that ensures a system flow rate.

Other features are the pool ladder, ground cloth and a debris cover for convenience. A removable ladder with Hi-impact resistant steps prevents one from slipping. The frame is also made of coated corrosion resistant steel frame, and these steps can support up to a maximum of 300 lbs.

Since you do not leaves blown into the water after a windy night, the ground cloth is made of durable material and acts as added protection for the pool. Durable material makes the debris cover, which also comes with a rope tie to prevent it from being blown away.

The set comes with dual suction outlet fittings to improve water circulation, so your water is now clearer and cleaner. This makes the pool a sure bet. In addition, the hydro aeration technology improves water circulation and filtration since during aeration, the fine particles in the water clump together and settle at the bottom of the pool. It makes it easier to remove the sediments at the bottom of the pool during filtration, and this technology results in increasing the pool’s clarity. By mixing air with water, the aeration process induces oxidation of iron and manganese. You get a pool with sparkling water that is fresh – the sparkling effect that draws you to swim.


  • Durable pool material (3 ply)
  • Sturdy frame
  • Sturdy ladder


  • Takes long to fill up
  • Defective filter
  • PVC glue is not in repair kit

Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

The Intex Metal Frame Pool Set is an average sized pool that would be suitable for a smaller backyard, while the strong frame is from durable steel, powder coated for rust resistance and give off a beautiful scenery – no more rusted frames that might ruin your pool material and make it look old.

The steel frames are for extra support – not only are they triple strong, but also an all-around band reinforces the super tough laminated sidewalls. This ensures the frame legs keep in place.

The pool’s sidewalls are made of super tough laminated PVC, and the pool has a water capacity of 90% holding up to 1,718 gallons. This pool will make your backyard the place to be all summer as your family can relax and play.

This particular pool set comes with a Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter pump as well, which pumps 530 gallons per hour, ensuring you enjoy clean, refreshing water. It is equally equipped with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, which is an added safety feature that shuts off the pump if electrical current exposes to water. The pool can up and ready for water in 30 minutes.

The instructional DVD makes it easy to set up and let the fun begin. The convenient drain plug available connects to a garden hose so water can drain away from the pool or house area.


  • Durable material
  • Sturdy frame
  • Decently priced


  • Needs chemicals to clean
  • Shallow

Steel Pro 15′ x 48″ Frame Pool Set

Measuring 15′ by 48”, this Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool is a great family swimming pool. It has a design that withstands the elements. You are going to splash around for quite a while and have fun with your family.

The pool has heavy duty PVC and three-ply polyester wall. This pool set is from rust-resistant, steel frames, locked together using ‘T’ connectors and ‘C’ clips. All the fittings have unique designs to lock together with ease. The frames hold the heavy-duty, PVC and polyester 3-ply wall in place. The PVC flaps hide the ‘T’ connectors and ‘C’ clips to prevent rust and possibly injury. However, this pool does not come with a pump. You would have to buy one of your own.


  • Pretty design on the inside
  • Durable material


  • Undersized filter
  • Pump is unavailable

Advantages of Owning an Inflatable Pool

  • Installation

Inflatable pools are easy to assemble, since most pool sets come with DVD instruction manuals. You can have your pool set up in half an hour and fill it up in three or so hours – in fact; you can actually have a swim the same day you purchase this. It is equally easy to pull this pool down after the season ends and the pool has to be kept away.

  • Cost

Inflatable pool sets go for as low as $100 at either of the big box discount stores in your town. With that little, you get to splash around for the whole summer. Deal with that heat by cooling off in these pool sets.

The most expensive inflatable pools go for about $400, and the more expensive pool sets have those price limits mostly because of additional features. These could include; ground covers, ladders, filter systems, air pumps and over the top pool covers. Yet, during off-seasons, you can buy an inflatable pool for less.

  • Sturdy and Durable

Inflatable pools with metal frames are the most durable and sturdy pool sets. Aside from bringing some style to the pool, the metal frames offer support and strength to the pool. You can lean and rest on the pool sides without fear of falling overall thanks to the sturdy sides.

  • Easy Maintenance

This has to be the one aspect that stresses people out the most. Yet, it is simply a matter of being knowledgeable. This would entail information about filter and pump system, pool cover and other pool set essentials.

It is imperative to know the parts coming with your pool set and the optional purchases. Some pool sets do not come with pool covers, ground covers or a pumping system. If you want to maintain your pool at a cheap price but keep it clean, ensure you buy these materials. If not, they should be part of your pool set already. One extra thing one may consider is to get some pool games.

A filter and pump system that will pump the water at enough speed and turn it over. Buy a vacuum hoover to remove the debris and algae at the bottom of the pool. The most convenient thing would be to buy a bigger filter and pump system that will totally turn your water over. The ones provided with the pool set are usually inadequate to perform their function.

Taking Care of Your Inflatable Pool

Maintenance of inflatable pool sets has proved to be quite difficult for some individuals. In fact, some people have dismissed inflatable pool sets all because they struggled to keep them clean enough to swim. No one wants a mini algae lake in his or her backyard.

The truth is inflatable above ground pools need regular cleaning and maintenance. You have to know this is a pool as much as any other in-ground pool is. It is easy to assemble and set up but you have to care for it as well.

A number of issues would irritate you as per matters of keeping your pool clean are concerned. They include clogging of the filter systems, algae at the bottom or slimy feel of the water. You can keep your pool clean by taking the following precautions in regards to the specific problems.

  • Pump

Most above ground pools come with a pump for the pool. However, most individuals have found these pumps inadequate to fill up the pool in the stipulated time. They are usually undersized. You might want to get a bigger pump that pumps more gallons of water per hour. If not, it would take you a long time to fill up the pool set.

  • Filter System

Inadequate filtration units are the most common cause of dissatisfaction with above ground pool. Most inflatable swimming pools come with undersized filter systems. This makes it almost impossible to keep the water clear and free from algae.

However, you can upgrade your filter system. Better yet, you can buy a sand filter to help you get rid of the debris at the bottom of the pool. Sand filters make up for the undersized filter systems that normally come with inflatable pool sets.

  • Cleaning Supplies

You should also purchase a variety of cleaning supplies alongside the pool set. These supplies include a vacuum, sand filter, brush, and chemicals. You might want to buy chlorine tablets for your pool. A skimmer attachment is also essential unless you would want to skim your pool manually.

  • Patching Up

Any tear on your pool is the end – your pool might not last much longer. Yet, you can always prevent this from happening. Some pools that come with repair kits, while others do not.

These repair kits usually contain a number of patches one can use to repair tear areas. You should repair these tears as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the pool. Patching up your pool ensures no leaks.

Final Remarks

The best recommendation for an above ground pool is the Intex 24ft by 52-inch prism frame pool set.  All its features combined complement each other. Its hydro aeration technology improves the water circulation and filtration. It ensures your pool remains clean. It assures you of clear water that is refreshing when you swim.


Best Inner Tube for River Floating

Best inner tube for river floating

When the weather is warm, floating inner river tubes are a great way to have fun outdoors – especially in summer. You can use them to relax lazily on a river, or you can cruise through a river at high speeds. The adrenaline is addictive, and you will have to try it to believe it.

All of the best Inner tubes for river floating are created with comfort and safety in mind. This is the time to enjoy yourself after hours of work, and you want the best inner tube on the market. An inner tube that tears easily can be disastrous and ruin your trip – you also may get injured. The river when raging devours those who go near it; that is why you need an inner tube that you can maneuver easily.

Selecting the correct tube can be a formidable task with all of the varieties available in the market. This is why we have taken the liberty to research and give you a list of some of the best inner tubes for river tubes.

Summary table for Best Inner Tubes for River Floating

Best Inner Tubes for River Floating
Intex River Run I Sport Lounge

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge

Intex River Run II Sport Lounge

Intex River Run II Sport Lounge

Intex River Run Connect LoungeIntex River Run Connect LoungeTube in a BoxTube in a BoxUnicorn Party Tube Inflatable FloatUnicorn Party Tube Inflatable Float

Intex River Run II

Intex River Run II

Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station

Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station

Rating: 4.3/5Rating: 4.2/5Rating: 3.7/5Rating: 4.0/5Rating: 4.5/5Rating: 3.5/5Rating: 4.0/5
Number of seats: 1Number of seats: 2Number of seats: 1Number of seats: 0Number of seats: 1Number of seats: 2Number of seats: 4
Size (Inches): 53 Inch CircleSize (Inches): 95.5 x 62 x 20Size (Inches): 51 x 49.5 x 15Size (Inches): Will Very on TubeSize (Inches): 45 x 45 x 36Size (Inches): 104 x 56 x 56Size (Inches): 120 x 120 x 26
Extras: Cup holders, mesh floorExtras: Cup holders, mesh floor, large coolerExtras: Cup holders, mesh floorExtras: NoneExtras: Unicorn shapedExtras: Large cooler, cup holdersExtras: Mesh netting
Cost: $Cost: $Cost: $Cost: $$Cost: $Cost: $$Cost: $$

Scroll to the right to view all items in table

Intex River Run 1 Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 53” Diameter

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge

This is an ideal floating tube to use when you plan to go cruising on the river or simply relaxing with a cold drink when the weather is warm. The floater is for singles and comes in an innovative shape.

The inter-sport lounge is created with comfort in mind, and that is why it has a comfy built-in backrest and a mesh bottom that will keep you cool and let you get a feel for the water.

The 53” diameter circle is large enough for you, and it comes with an all-round robe for that you can hold on to when you are cruising. You can also interconnect the tube with other tubes and have some group fun.

The handles are durable and comfortable to hold on to.

Saving the best for last, you get two cup holders for that chilled beverage during your adventure/relaxation time. As you can see, this one of the best inner tubes for river floating.


  • Large 53” diameter circle
  • Durable heavy duty handles
  • 2 cup holders
  • Comfy backrest
  • Mesh bottom that keeps you cool


  • May not fit two people
  • May tear in rivers with very sharp rocks

Intex River II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float

Intex River Run II Sport Lounge

If you are thinking of going river cruising in twos, then this is the ideal river floating tube for you. This floater has two linked lounges with a big built cooler to store those soft drinks. It lets you have fun with a close friend or if you come as a couple.

The sport lounge is built with comfort in mind and comes with backrest for relaxed cruising and mesh bottom that keeps you cool. That’s not all – it has five air chambers that make a valiant effort to ensure you will be safe during your cruise.

With a large built-in cooler that can hold up to 24 cans – you will not run out of refreshments. Besides the sizeable built-in cooler, you get two additional cup holders for extra refreshments. You can have more fun with other friends with easy to use connectors; which you fasten to other floaters.


  • Five air chambers for added security
  • Two interconnected lounges
  • Large built-in cooler with lid
  • Two cup holders
  • Fasteners to other floaters


  • Not suitable for single persons

Intex River Run Connect Lounge Inflatable Water Float

Intex River Run Connect Lounge

This is a comfortable floating tube with a mesh bottom to keep you cool. The extra cup holders are ideal for keeping your refreshments intact as you cruise through the river. You can rest easily on the built-in backrest, or you can fasten the floater to other river runs and have some group fun.

Two air chambers are added for your safety. The floater is made from durable material that does not tear easily. The handy handles are good when cruising down a river.

It has a diameter of 51” which is large enough for any single person.


  • Built-in cup holders
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Cool mesh bottom
  • Can be fastened to other river runs


  • Not suitable for a river with sharp rocks

Tube in a box, Original and Best Swim and Snow Inner Tube

Tube in a Box

Before fancy floaters came – there was “the” tube. In the old days when folks wanted to have some fun during summer in the river, they would get a tire tube. It was the most basic form of invention. Now, you can have one that takes you back in time and performs just as good as these fancy new tubes.

The tube in a box is a 100 percent commercial grade tube that is ideal for swimming, floating and sledding; you can use it in snow, river or a lake. The best part is you get to feel the water while cruising with the open bottom.

This durable tube is UV resistant and does not deflate under intense heat. The tube is also hardy and does not tear easily which makes it ideal for snow fun. The tube in a box is one of the best inner tubes for river floating with its heavy duty material. It will not get punctured that easily.

This is the tube for those thrill-seekers who want to go old school. This dark tube is made just for fun and doesn’t come with extra comfortable features – like cup holders or armrest; just be an adrenaline junkie.


  • Durable rubber tube
  • UV- resistant
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Can handle a lot of pressure


  • Lacks the comforts of newer models
  • The black rubber can become hot at times

GoFloats Unicorn party Tube Inflatable Float

Unicorn Party Tube Inflatable Float

Looking for something fun to show around? If yes, this unicorn shaped floating tube is very ideal for that summer party. The tube is large and can accommodate swimmers of up to 500 pounds. Measuring 45 inches wide and 3 feet tall this unicorn floater ensures that you fully enjoy summer time.

The unicorn is not only beautifully designed, it is durable as well; with premium, UV treated vinyl material that is 25 times thicker than competitors. Additionally, a rapid valve inflation which inflates at ten times competition – 2 minutes versus 20 minutes. You should be having fun in minutes; no delays.

Outdoor activities are times to share memories with family and friends.  The unicorn float tube is not only an excellent floater, but you can snap some really fun photos with it.


  • UV treated raft grade
  • Rapid valve inflation
  • It is huge and rated at over 500 pounds
  • Beautiful design for summer fun


  • Not ideal for fast cruising

Intex River Run II

Intex River Run II

This floater comes with two lounges and is ideal for couples or a pair of friends. You can share the laughter while you cruise on the backrest seats. The mesh bottom ensures you are cool during the ride.

The two-seater is also ideal if you have children.

The river run II comes with a built-in lid for storing your beverages and with extra cup holders for extra storage. The river II is very comfortable with five air chambers which puts your safety first.

In the case you have a group party, you can interconnect your floater with others and share the fun. This is the best inner tube for river floating for those who plan to take a leisurely cruise on the river.


  • Mesh’s bottom keeps you cool
  • Can be interconnected to other runs
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Extra lid for beverages


  • Not suitable for singles

Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station Water Lounge 4-Person River Tube Raft

Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station

If you have a large party and you are seeking something to chill in, then this floater can handle four people in comfort. It comes with four backrests and all grab robe that you can hold on to as you relax in a lake or river.

There are four cup holders to hold your refreshments and you can cool your feet in the mesh netting. This is the ideal floater for summer camps. You can share the joy with all your friends in this floater.

The floater will withstand waves that come its way; it’s made from durable material. The mesh handles well and can withstand the weight of up to six people. Quite attractive for families or a bunch of friends.


  • Can carry four people
  • Have cup holders for refreshments
  • Mesh to cool your feet
  • Easy to inflate


  • The material can get deflated by sharp objects

Factors to Look for When Buying an Inner Tube River Floater

Inner tubes for river floating are a great way to spend your summer with family and friends. They allow you to cruise through the river or just relax and enjoy the sunshine. They come in different designs – some come single while others can carry up to six people.

Whether you are buying new one or you plan on getting one for hire; you need to check out the following factors before getting the best inner tube for river floating.


The last thing anyone wants on a hot sunny day (or any day) is for their floating tube to be compromised. Before you purchase an inner tube, you need to consider the material that it is made from.  Any tiny sharp object in the river can quickly deflate a standard tube.

Most river tubes nowadays come with a canvas poly-bottom. The canvas bottom will protect the tube from sharp objects on the river bed.

You should look for river tubes made of heavier materials. The risk of the tube getting deflated, especially when you are cruising at high speed is very high.

There are commercial inner tubes that are made of heavy-duty polyester covers. These are ideal for those going for cruising in jungle-like rivers; where the water is rushing very fast. They are also UV resistant and do not fade easily.


You will need to ask yourself – how many people are going for the trip? Their river tubes that are suitable for singles, doubles and some that can carry up to six people.

A good river floater should be able to hold your weight without sinking. The handles should be hard enough to hold you when you are cruising down a river; without you falling.

Check how the valves handle the floater pressure. They should reach the maximum pressure without leaking.

Most of the inner tubes come with the recommended carry weight; this can be found in the product leaflet.


There are river tubes that come with extras to increase your comfort. Modern river tubes come with comfortable backrest chairs that enable you to relax while you enjoy the sunshine.

You can get extra cooler lids for refreshments. Depending on whose coming with you, you can have large coolers that can store up to 24 beers.

Mesh floors are great and allow you to rest your feet, as the water cools you. Some have fasteners that you can attach to other river tubes; which enables you to have a group party.

If you plan on just relaxing on the river while having a beer or two, an inner tube with a mesh floor will come in handy. You will love the feeling of the cool water hitting your feet on that hot summer day.

When having a group party then you need to get a tube with fasteners that you can easily connect with other tubes. This will be great when you are relaxing and sunbathing in the warm sunshine.


You should be having fun not spending all your time inflating the river tube. A good river tube should be able to inflate in minutes – the faster, the better.

Ensure that the river tube floater is well inflated before getting into the water. Less inflated floaters are uncomfortable as they absorb less shock.

A great feature on some inner tubes is having easy to access valves to deflate when you are done having fun. It should fold easily for storage.

The purpose for floating inner tube

The type of tube that you buy will largely depend on what you intend to use it in/for. If it’s for relaxing on the lake; then comfort should be your primary consideration. Look for an inner tube that can accommodate the whole party. You can include extras like comfy seats and large coolers to fit all your refreshments. You may also need extra cup holders and pockets for storing phones.

However, if you are looking for some adrenaline action – then you need something with a durable bottom. This is because you will be cruising down a steep river with sharp rocks – a puncture will send you spiraling down the river. One made of canvas will be able to handle all the pressure.

If you are planning on tubing using a speedboat, then you will put into consideration the inner tube floating aerodynamics. I would not recommend any of the above tubes for that purpose as you might find yourself swimming more than floating. Nevertheless, I have created an article on finding a great pull behind tube for boats here.

Some of the heavy duty tubes are made from vinyl with an extra layer of polyester. This double coating makes the heavy duty tubes ideal for river floating.


When you are going river tubing, the tube should have handy handles that you can use to navigate sharp corners. The rapids can be very high, and if you do not have a firm grip on the handle, you will be thrown off the tube. Inner tubes for river floating offer the best maneuverability when navigating rivers.

The handle should also be comfortable enough not to cause blisters. You can wear gloves if you plan to do some extensive floating.

How to Protect Your Inner Tube

When it comes to inner tubes, the thing that will spoil all the fun is a puncture. You can decide to carry an air pump and mending materials but, there are a few things you can do to reduce the chance of your getting a puncture.

  • Do not over-inflate the tube. Use an air pump meter for the right readings – you can check maximum pressure from the manufacture’s leaflet.
  • Fill the tube till you do not see any wrinkles or dead spots.
  • Avoid corners with sharp tree branches
  • Do not store the inner tube floater where there is direct sunlight – this can cause polyvinyl to expand.
  • When sledding with a floating inner tube, sit inside rather than lie on top
  • When you are done with the inner tube, wipe any excess grass and debris as they can cause long-term damage

A Quick Guide to River Tubing

River tubing is thrilling and is a fun way to share memories with family and friends. But, the river can be dangerous and turn against you if you are not prepared. You will need to check the weather for any storms coming your way – otherwise, it might not be that fun in the rain.

You can rent river tubes, or you can purchase your own. How long you plan to use it will determine your decision.

The time of the year will determine how rough the rapids can be. When the river is smoother you can engage in some lazy river tubing but when rapids are high; you can engage in some adrenaline tubing.

River tubing is fun, and you should carry along a waterproof camera to take in those memories with family and friends.

We have come up with a guide to help you along the way.

  1. Select the best inner tube for river floating that suits your specific needs. The tube should have a hardy bottom to resist sharp rocks and thorns. You can choose one with a canvas or polyester covering. Depending on how many people are tucking along, you can get a single or double tube.
  2. Carry a life jacket with you. The rushing water can push you over the tube, and a life jacket may as well save your life – take some swimming lessons as well. There some trendy life jackets available in the market today with extra pockets.
  3. Carry a GPS and learn your river route. It may be wise to talk to locals and find out any dangers in the river. Are there alligators or other wild animals that will interrupt your trip?
  4. Carry your phone for any emergencies. Do not forget to carry a first aid kit. It may be wise to learn same emergency procedures in case someone gets hurt. A dry bag can be very useful for this.
  5. Lift your bottom up when you are going over rapids. These ensure that you do not get stuck.
  6. Plan to get to the river before 12 am. This is when the sun is the hottest and the best time to do some sunbathing. Just don’t forget your sun screen!
  7. It is true that you are going to have fun but do not get there when you are totally drink in moderation because the river – when raging – can be very dangerous. Two, you may miss out on a lot of the fun.
  8. Carry some sunscreen and glasses for your eyes. You can carry some bug repellant if you suspect that the river banks maybe marshy.
  9. Wear light clothing like shorts and saddles.
  10. Pack some snacks and refreshments. You may not find any convenience store where you are going.
  11. Some river counties charge a fee for river tubing so carry some extra cash. You will also need to be acquainted with the rules set out.
  12. If you have younger children then consider getting a snuggle tune – has two seats.
  13. Stay clear off waterfalls, unless you have been there before.

For more, check out my article on 15 tips for river floating.

Advantages of Having a Heavy Duty River Float Tube

River floaters are great when you are having fun outdoors, especially during summer. Rubber floaters come in all sizes and they are made with different materials; selecting one is not easy.

Inner tubes have one problem – they are easily deflated. The river is a jungle with sharp rocks and pointed thorns. When any comes in contact with your tube, then your trip will come to an abrupt stop.

This is the reason heavy duty river tube floaters are preferred. But, what makes them different from the rest?

  1. They have double protection. Some are made with vinyl then a heavy-duty polyester covering is added. This gives it durability and protects the tube from sharp objects. To prevent deflation, some heavy duty tubes come with a 600 denier canvas bottom.
  2. Inner tubes get damaged when exposed to sunlight. Heavy duty floaters and made from strong material that protects the tube from UV light.
  3. Heavy duty floaters have strong handles that are easy to steer across sharp bends in the river.
  4. They do not fade easily, even after continued use and exposure to sunlight.
  5. They are large enough to hold weight, while at the same time maintaining great
  6. You can use heavy duty inner tubes cover a wide range of rugged terrain including snow and rapid rivers.
  7. Because they are made of hard materials they do not tip easily if when going rough terrain on the river. Smaller inner tube boats can cause injuries in dangerous rivers.

Inner tubes come in different shapes and the purpose that you are using the floater will determine which one you choose. While heavy-duty floaters are ideal for river floating because of their durability most of them lack the comfort features of smaller floaters that are used for relaxing.


We have examined the top inner tubes for river floating and we have a clear winner. River floating requires a tube that is made from the most durable material. This is because the tube, while on a river is exposed to very sharp objects that can cause a lot of tear. Materials that are most suitable are polyester, vinyl, and canvas. I hope this article has helped you find the best inner tube for river floating. Let me know in the comments!

The winner for this round is Tube in a box, Original and Best Swim and Snow Inner Tube. We liked it because it is heavy duty and made from 100 percent commercial grade rubber. The tune in a box is also UV resistant and it can handle almost any terrain – from snow to raging rivers. Those looking for some adrenaline-filled day then this is the right choice to go river floating. If you are looking for something great to just relax on the water with here are some great inflatable islands.




One Man Inflatable Fishing Float Reviews

One Man Inflatable Fishing Float

One Man Inflatable Fishing Float Reviews: Float tubes, also known as belly or kick boats are the go-to water vessels for solo fishing, especially if you are going out on still waters. They come in various shapes and sizes as per different manufacturer design specifications but a good float tube should overall have great craftsmanship, be light, easy to propel and comfortable to stay in.

A float tube with a host of features too that help make your day out fishing fun, easy and a success are most preferable and we have reviewed five of the best float tubes out there for your consideration.

Best One Man Inflatable Fishing Float

Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float TubeCumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Classic Accessories Teton Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Teton Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Caddis Sports Premier Plus Float Tube, Yellow

Caddis Sports Premier Plus Float Tube

Classic Accessories Togiak Inflatable Fishing Float Tube With Backpack Straps

Togiak Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Classic Accessories Bighorn Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Bighorn Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Rating: 4.5/5Rating: 4.3/5Rating: 4.3/5Rating: 3.8/5Rating: 3.7/5
Weight Limit: 350 lbsWeight Limit: 250 lbsWeight Limit: 325 lbsWeight Limit: 300 lbsWeight Limit: 300 lbs
Storage compartments: 2Storage compartments: 3Storage compartments: 2Storage compartments: 2Storage compartments: 3
Size: 47″D x 56″WSize: 42.5″D x 40″WSize: 23″D x 24″WSize: 55.25″D x 47″WSize: 54″D x 50″W
Cup (beer) holder: YesCup (beer) holder: NoCup (beer) holder: YesCup (beer) holder: NoCup (beer) holder: No
Cost: $$Cost: $Cost: $$Cost: $$Cost: $$

Scroll to the right to view all items in table

Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

This easy- entry front design backpackable belly boat ensures that you have no need for a trailer or a car when visiting your favorite fishing spot.  It is lightweight, weighing a partly 17 pounds when packed and has thick adjustable backpack straps to help you carry it around. But just in case you are in need of transport, you can fit it easily in the boot of a small sedan. The inflatable fishing boat tube is perfect for those backwater fishing spots, quiet coves or places hard to reach with conventional watercraft.


  • Carrying Capacity: 350 pounds
  • Dimensions:

56 inches (4.5 ft) in length,

47 inches (4 ft) in width

17.5 inches (1.5 ft) in height

  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Material: Heavy duty fabric with a rugged PVC bottom

Whats included in purchase

  • 1 float tube cover and two flotation bladders
  • 3 piece spread bar
  • 1 mesh stripping apron with spreader bar sleeve
  • A bladder repair kit
  • A pair of shoulder straps

What we love most about the Classic Accessories Cumberland inflatable fishing float tube, is its 350lbs carrying capacity. If you are a person of a “healthy” persuasion, then you need no longer sit at the bank. This baby can take you and your accessories comfortably to your favorite spots without breaking a sweat.

You will love the versatility if offers too in terms of storage. How about stashing your snacks or other small gear in the two raised oversized cargo pockets situated quite snuggly on the armrests? And just in case your hands are too busy, the pockets have zippers that have a pull handle, allowing you to pull them both at the same time. This float tube also has two convenient drink holders, mesh storage platform and stuff pocket all for any additional gear or for newly caught fish. The two-rod holders on the sides of the tube are perfect for holding your rods in place when in transit.

Another feature that stands out on this tube is the extra padded, comfortable seat, placed high enough to keep most of your body above water, high, comfy and dry. The seat has a backrest that has adjustable straps, just in case you’d rather sit up straight or lounge back in an armchair fashion. The seat also accords better visibility, and assists you fish for hours on end, without straining your back unnecessarily. Just sit back, lounge and enjoy the serenity.

The float tube has the more popular hydrodynamics hull shape for an easy floating experience. It is very sturdy in construction and made of rugged abrasion –resistant PVC bottom with a soft outer shell that ensures stealth so as not scare away any fish. The sealed interior ensure that your belonging are safe. Another advantage of this float is that it is easy to inflate, and has Boston valves and various adapters for different kinds of pumps.  We love that its designers have included a mesh stripping apron with a fish ruler, so you know immediately how large your game is.


  • Lightweight when packed and high carrying capacity when inflated
  • Backpackable for easy hiking
  • Comfy foam seat with backrest
  • Multiple large storage compartments
  • Tranquil outdoor Apple Green/Olive colors
  • Meets ABYC safety standards
  • One year limited warranty


  • Not easy to assemble
  • Backpack straps not well designed
  • A bit awkward and bulky to carry around


This winning float design concept from Cumberland is a favorite choice for many users because it is stable, comfortable, and can hold a lot of fishing gear. With all the features of a high-end float tube, but at a lower price, it comes highly recommended for your outdoor fishing activities.

Classic Accessories Teton Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Classic Accessories Teton Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

We love this budget float from Classic Accessories that is so affordable yet feature packed. Though an entry model, the Teton is almost identical in size to its big brother the Cumberland, weighing 16 pounds when packed and holding 250 pounds when inflated. Its weight is perfect for that journey to your favorite cove.


  • Carrying Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Dimensions: Assembled size: 42.5″L 40″W 18.5″H
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Material: Heavy duty fabric

Whats included in purchase

  • 1 float tube cover with main flotation bladder and a rear bladder
  • 3 piece spread bar
  • 1 mesh stripping apron with spreader bar sleeve
  • A bladder repair kit

This Blue/Grey float tube has a hydrodynamic hull shape to make your steering easy and give you that perfect floating experience. This shape also helps it track straight, and it has mesh fabric seat, along with an adjustable backrest, which though comfy, is not padded. The seat places you a bit lower than other models, and most people will be submerged from waist done when in this float.

The Teton’s design is streamlined and clutter free and has three convenient storage areas. It has one large one pocket at the back seat and two at the armrest areas. The armrest storage pockets have mini multiple pockets to enable you to organize and store your gear and gadgets conveniently.

You can use the backrest too to store your additional fishing gear. We love that it has a horizontal fishing rod holder and a stripping apron which has an accurate ruler drawn on it. When in use, you can use the velcro patches on it and attach it the tube’s front to measure how good your game is. If you would like to attach additional larger gear to your Teton tube, there are D-rings supplied to help you do so.


  • Can accomodate250 pounds
  • Backpack straps for easier transportation
  • Three storage compartments for all your fishing gear
  • Horizontal fishing rod holder
  • D-rings for larger gear
  • Stripping apron with accurate fish ruler
  • Very affordable
  • Meets ABYC safety standards
  • One year limited warranty


  • No cup or drink holders
  • Very low sitting on the water
  • Stripping apron not very secure


This Classic Accessories Teton Inflatable fishing float tube is surprisingly affordable yet solidly constructed. If you’d like to dip your toes in the waters of float tube fishing, this is your to go to product, due to its great price and functionality.

Caddis Sports Premier Plus Float Tube, Yellow

Caddis Sports Premier Plus Float Tube, Yellow

The design, fit and finish on this Caddis Sports Premier float tube are top notch and is perhaps the most outstanding aspect of this float tube. We love that this baby is built to last, with all its critical seams in a double stitch, and a heavy duty 500 denier tarpaulin bottom and front end. Its pockets are made out of water-resistant ripstop nylon, to ensure that they hold no matter the pressure they are in.


  • Carrying Capacity: 325 pounds
  • Assembled dimensions: Length 58 x Width 43 in x Height 24 in
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Material: Heavy duty fabric with a rugged PVC bottom
  • Colour: Yellow

Whats included in the purchase

  • 1 float tube cover and two flotation bladders
  • Stabilizer bar
  • stripping apron
  • other accessories

This float tube has a teardrop shape for better balance in the water. The heavy tarpaulin on its bottom is made to ensure that you glide in water resistance free.  Another cool feature of this float tube is its removable air chambers. These are tethered to the cover and held stiff with velcro fastenings and avail you much-needed buoyancy. Many users appreciate the presence of a strong stabilizer bar on this float tube.

The Caddis Sports Premier Plus float tube has a 4-inch seat with a 2-inch backrest. You will love that the seat is adjustable and made of foam for extra cushioning and comfort. All you need to do is recline and enjoy the water.

The Premier Plus has custom molded Boston valves to assist you to inflate and deflate the float tube effortlesslessly. For longer hours out, the cargo area is large enough to hold your cooler box, while the float itself has some storage options. These include zippered storage pouches on the armrests and a mesh stripping apron with a cup holder included. There are two velcro rod holder straps included keeping your lines in place while fishing.

We love its bright yellow sunny color too, not just for the energetic ambiance it emits, but its safety value. If you are out on a busy waterway, chances of other vessels missing you are slim. This float tube has no backpackable shoulder straps, but you can attach shoulder straps on the provided D-loops if need be.


  • Sturdy and durable high-quality construction
  • Easy and fast assembly features
  • Easy to maneuver and propel
  • Adjustable and comfy foam seat


  • Heavier than other float tubes
  • Not cheap
  • Drink holder placed awkwardly
  • Has no backstraps


The Caddis Sports Premier Plus float tube gets an A for great construction and design. Its perfect for your regular backwater fishing or fly fishing. It is easy to use and for its horde of cool features making it a great addition to your outdoor water activity.

Classic Accessories Togiak Inflatable Fishing Float Tube With Backpack Straps

Classic Accessories Togiak Inflatable Fishing Float Tube With Backpack Straps

It is the little things that matter the most and we love the Togiak’s extra high, thickly padded stadium style seat, which is comfy and has an adjustable high backrest that keeps you higher, dryer and warmer giving you greater visibility. The seat ensures maximum support for longer angling and is stylish also. The float tube’s design is a hydrodynamic hull shape, which offers great buoyancy, tracking, and stability when out in the water.


  • Carrying Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Assembled dimensions: 2 x 47 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Material: Heavy duty fabric
  • Colour: Gold/grey

Whats included in the purchase

  • 1 float tube cover and two flotation bladders
  • 3 piece spread bar
  • 1 mesh stripping apron with spreader bar sleeve
  • A bladder repair kit
  • A pair of shoulder straps
  • Two pieces of foam for the seat

The Togiak float tube’s full backpackable weight is 15 pounds only when packed. It has two thick backstraps to help you move it around, perfect for those hiking weekends or a relaxing time at your favorite backwater spot. Holding at least 300 pounds in weight when inflated, you can bring along all you need for the perfect day out.

The Togiak also has numerous storage spaces including mesh pockets, flat zip pockets, gear pockets, reel pockets and spacious pockets on the armrest. It has a rear mesh storage area for any extra gear you would need along on your fishing trip.

The horizontal rod holder is an added plus, and it has detachable stripping apron, to help you measure up your catch, as you fish. You will love the availability of two cup holders for your drinks to keep you satiated during your trip. To attach larger gear and creel bags to your Togiak, use the D-ring straps under the seat of your belly boat, to attach safely.


  • Backpackable float tube
  • Light enough for hiking
  • Safety labeling as per ABYC standards
  • Comfy and out of the water seating feature
  • 300-pound carrying capacity
  • Multiple storage facilities
  • High-quality construction
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Hard to inflate as has a very small air valve
  • Large foam blocks under the seat takes up too much space
  • Backrest not rigid enough to offer proper support


this Classic Accessories Togiak inflatable fishing float tube has lots of storage and is of very high-quality construction. It is made to take 300 pounds of weight which is more than enough for your ten beers, food, headlamp and other loads of fishing accessories you might want to bring along.

Classic Accessories Bighorn Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Classic Accessories Bighorn Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

The Bighorn Float Tube from Classic Accessories has lots of leg room and comes laden with lots of cool features to make your fishing weekend extraordinary. The Bighorn is a front –entry float tube with a hydrodynamic hull shape for improved tracking, buoyancy and navigation.


  • Carrying Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Assembled dimensions:  54″L x 50″W x  27″H
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Material: Heavy duty fabric
  • Colour: Copper/Brown

Whats included in the purchase

  • 1 float tube cover with main flotation bladder and a rear bladder
  • 2 piece spread bar
  • 1 mesh stripping apron with spreader bar sleeve
  • A bladder repair kit

We love just how light the BigHorn is. At only 11 pounds you can take this monster with you to any hiking trip or off the road fishing spot without breaking a sweat. It has a 300-pound carrying capacity meaning you can bring along whatever food, snacks, drinks or fishing gear you’d like to bring along, and if you are heavy set, you have no more need to sit this one out; you have a Bighorn by your side.

You will love its comfortable and extra large backrest perfect for those long weekends spent out in the water. The float tube is made of strong high-quality materials, to increase both its maneuverability on water and ensure that it can withstand all the rough and tumble aspects of fishing.

The Classic Accessories Bighorn inflatable fishing float tube has extra roomy storage facilities too. There are two large storage raised oversized zippered pockets situated on the armrests perfect for your snacks and other fishing gear you’d like close to your hands. There are additional reel pockets, flat zip pockets, gear pockets, and other smaller mesh pockets. You can keep additional large fishing gear on the exterior mesh storage pocket or utilize the rear storage pocket. The Bighorn has D-rings to assist you to attach any other gear or creel bags you might want to take along.

This float tube too has a stripping apron with accurate measurements to ensure that you get your big one’s measurements just right. There are a few useful safety features including a safety flag pocket and a rear visibility panel in loud orange colors.


  • Plenty of pockets for organization and storage
  • Fish ruler with apron
  • Hydrodynamic hull shape for perfect tracking and buoyancy
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Lightweight for hiking fishing expeditions
  • Safety labeling as per ABYC standards
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


  • Takes too long to deflate it
  • Slippery nylon if on neoprene clothing
  • Weak 2 piece stabilizer bar


If you are looking for more leg and storage room, the Classic Accessories Bighorn inflatable fishing float tube is just what you need. You will love its size doesn’t make it heavier, and that in fact its lighter than other float tubes we have reviewed.


Float tubes are an affordable option to boats and other water vessels and they allow you to go farther than most vessels will allow you. You can easily ferry them over fences, hills and other obstructions as they are lightweight. A float tube will also increase the accuracy of your fishing as you are nearer the catch than most other vessels and is a great way to venture out if you are starting out. These affordable, high quality and lightweight gods of water are just what you’re great outdoors ventures require. I hope this article has helped pick your one man inflatable fishing float. If you are looking for a little more information about fishing, check out some great fishing articles here.