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Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews: Trolling motors are self contained. They are a mandatory purchase for those who love taking their boats out on the water. They could be gasoline powered or they could use batteries. In the latter’s case, battery powered trolling motors perform just as well as the former. Yet, this depends on the type of battery bought. Can your battery withstand water splashes? Does it use AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) technology? How long does it take to charge? How fast does it lose charge? Featuring a variety of trolling motor batteries, you can get to pick the most suitable one.

What are Trolling Motor Batteries?

Very few people pay any mind to trolling motor batteries. It is the virtual imitation of ordering your usual because that is what you are used to. Or your trolling motor for that matter. So you order the battery brand you bought your trolling motor with. If you were not lucky enough to buy it with your trolling motor, then you seek any opinions or recommendations from your fishing buddies. Even then, you are never sure whether the battery is the most suitable for your trolling motor. The list is quite long when it comes to finding a battery for your trolling motor. A variety of various options and battery configurations must be considered. These include amperage-hour ratings, wet cell or gel boat batteries or reserve capacity .Yet, you just want a review so you can pick the best for your trolling motor. Here is a review of 7 trolling motor batteries. You could find one suitable for your trolling motor. If you would also like to know more about trolling motors, here is an all inclusive guide.

Review of the Top 7 Trolling Motor Batteries

Battery Voltage Brand Price Editor Rating
12V 100AH VMAX $$$ 4.4/5
12V 35AH MAX $ 4.3/5
12V 35AH VMAX $ 4.2/5
12V 100AH NPP $$ 4.4/5
12V 100AH Universal Power Group $$ 4.4/5
12V 55AH MightyMax $ 4.6/5
750 CCA(COLD CRANKING AMPS) Optima Batteries $$$ 4.2/5

VMAX MR127 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle Battery

This is one of the best marine deep cycle batteries in the market.  It is a 12-volt 100Ah Heavy duty marine deep cycle battery. The construction is very good and includes handles that increase its portability. The body is both acid and shock proof. This is all thank to the industrial grade plastic it is made from. It utilizes a suspension system running on electrolytes. This includes Of an AGM that is highly porous and completely contains the electrolyte after absorbing it in the VMAX tanks. As a result, the electrolyte is uniformly distributed. This makes it deliver constant power throughout its operations. No other contaminants or use of silica gels. It has heavyweight grids made with alloyed with lead and tin. These provide extra performance and longer service even after repeatedly over discharging. Its service is expected to last about 8 – 10 years. This is both in applications, float or cyclic.

It easily fits any battery box for group 27. This is mainly the MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center but also Cobra and Sevylor models. The fact that it can repeatedly be discharged and charged makes it a deep cycle battery. This however, has no effect on the maximum power of the battery. So no worrying over that. It has an extremely good result on deep cycle recharge due to the AGM technology used. Its deep cycle trolling battery capability is commendable. This is because it can deliver non-stop, constant power, when used on a motor boat. This battery can charge twice as fast as traditional batteries. Although, this highly depends on the charger, it generally takes less time than other batteries. When it is charged, it is dependable on as it gives constant power.


  • It has a solid and highly durable body.
  • It can be installed in any MinnKota unit as it is a Group 27 battery.
  • It uses AGM technology which is good for power distribution.
  • It has a tin alloy grid for longer service.
  • It gets charged in less time than other units


  • It is expensive because of the tin alloy plates and AGM technology.

Mighty Max 12V 35AH Light Trolling motor battery


If you like taking the weekend off to go fishing on your boat then this is the battery for you. Having power on the go is very essential for your favorite weekend activity. It could be fishing, spending time on your boat at the lake or even kayaking. Mighty Max ML35 is one of the best solar batteries there are in the market. It is both heavy duty and ultramodern. The battery is both lightweight and compact. This makes it ideal for outdoor use such as powering trolling motors. It weighs a forth of regular batteries and is only half the size.

The ML35 uses AGM technology. Meaning the electrolytes extend over the battery’s absorbent fiber glass. This prevents any liquid from leaking. Making it very safe for the user. It is also a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. This is also known as a valve-regulated battery. This means that it comes with a valve that lets gases escape in case of overheating. This reduces the need for ventilation and the damage to the battery. As you drink your favorite beer to cool off, your battery is equally doing the same. Not drinking, cooling off. They are also made corrosion free so there is less maintenance to worry about as you go about your outdoor activities. Enjoy time on your boat and have no worries about battery maintenance.

The battery can be placed in any orientation and it would work just fine. This is all thanks to the use of AMG technology. Its body is specifically made to be strong enough to withstand shocks and vibrations. This is highly expected of portable devices as they are used outdoors and will also will be exposed to variations in temperature. Mighty Max designed this battery with thicker plates that enable you to discharge it deeper without worrying about soon losing power. This is not a drawback to how fast it charges. It can still charge up to five times faster than non-AMG batteries. In addition to this, the AMG technology ensures it discharges much slower than regular batteries when not in use. When it comes to charging, you can use the solar charger prescribed. However, if the skies are not clear enough, it is compatible with other chargers. So do not worry about using it only when it’s bright and sunny.


  • It is durable as it has sturdy construction.
  • It requires minimal maintenance as it is corrosion free and valve regulated.
  • Its rate of discharge when not in use is very minimal.
  • It is charger friendly as well as solar power friendly.


  • It is not powerful as it is a 12volts 35Ah configuration
  • The power connectors need to be bought separately.

VMAX857 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery.

The VMAX857 is a HI functioning battery. It is ideal for trolling motors of battery Group U1. It is small in size and light. This makes it easily transportable. It is mainly designed for deep cycle purposes. It is a good choice for someone who requires a battery of this group for powering marine unit accessories. It’s has a 12volts battery with 35Ah rating with a 75 minutes reserve capacity. It is manufactured with AGM technology that makes it dependable on and maintenance free. It provokes no dangers of flammable fumes or dangerous gas leaking. This is because it is completely spill proof. It has very high utility as it is approved for mobile, maritime and air travel. Its plates are manufactured from special custom built military grade alloys. This gives special physical as well as chemical structures. It is resistant to severe vibration, heat and extreme weather conditions. It can even be used in cold climatic conditions.


This VMAXTANKS battery offers supreme power density and amazing deep cycle capability. It can either be charged by the smart charger of a micro processor controlled charger. It can run for approximately 4 to 5 hours. When used on trolling motors it can go to up to 50% to 60% depth of discharge. It can last you at least 8 to 10 years at most.


  • They are durable and can recover from deep discharges.
  • It uses no silica gel and other contaminants hence it offers higher performance.
  • None of the excessive gas accumulate in the battery as it has automatic release valves.
  • It has low self-discharge rate.
  • It is leak proof
  • It does not have issues of case bulging and plate warping


  • It is only applicable for deep cycle purpose and not for cranking purposes.
  • It only uses an AMG smart charger and incase a wet battery charger is used it will cause permanent damage.
  • It is only suitable for 18 to 35lb trolling motors and not greater weight

NPP 12V 100 Amp 100Ah


This is a 12volt battery with a 100Ah rating. It’s a front access deep cycle battery terminals with buttons. It has numerous applications. On either them is the uninterrupted power supply that makes it a good trolling motor batteries its case is made from a non-conductive ABS plastic. This is strong and resistant to shock, vibration, chemicals, weather and heat. Other additional features of the NPP12V trolling motor battery include an alarm system, emergency lighting system and also firefighting equipment. Aside from these applications, the extra features include, a standby power supply and telephone switching system, an uninterrupted power supply, an electric wheelchairs telecommunication system, computer standby power supply system, a solar system and  DC Power System.  All these are in the form of applications.


  • It is durable because it can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • It has extra applications
  • Great customer service
  • Good value for your money
  • Manufacturer provides a two year warranty

Universal UB121000 12v 100AH Deep Cycle

The universalUB121000 is a 12-volt 100AH rating battery. This guarantees an excellent storage capacity. It has a functional lifespan. This is for use with trolling motors and equipment that requires consistent energy at low current. It uses AGM technology. This ensures better performance, faster recharging and longer usage period.  It has a less than three percent self -discharge rate per month. Its 100AH makes sure it gives ample power and energy capacity for use with trolling motors. However, it needs to be used alongside a starter battery to be able to crank your engines and other electrical equipment. It weighs about 63 pounds and measures more than 12 inches from one end to the other. This makes it very bulky. The Universal UB121000 is sealed and requires no addition of water during the life of the battery. It can be mounted in any position and would still work as efficiently. It can be transported by air or ground without any special handling regulations. It has no hazardous fumes escaping from the case as the gases are processed with the battery itself. It can be used for both float and cycle use and is virtually maintenance free. This battery just answers all your questions and clears up all the doubts you could have. Its charge requirements are like Wet Cell as well as other types of Maintenance free batteries. It has no special battery charger requirements.


  • It uses AGM technology that delivers excellent consistent deep cycling functioning.
  • It does not require maintenance because of its sealed design and use of AMG technology
  • It is good for trolling motors because of its 100AH rating.
  • It is durable and can easily withstand the normal weather conditions
  • Its self-discharge rate is less than three percent per month.


  • It is very bulky

Mighty Max 12V 55Ah Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor Battery


If you plan to spend a lot of time on water and not at low speeds then this is the battery for you. It provides enough power for you to stay at full speeds for up to four hours. At medium speeds you can get about 6 hours of it. You will still be left with just a little over 50% of power. It is a 12volt battery with a 55Ah rating. Compared to the 35Ah battery, this model is more powerful. This may have you thinking that it means a bigger size, but this is not the case. It is just slightly bigger than the 35Ah battery. In addition to that, it can be mounted in any position. It can even be mounted on its side and would still function perfectly. It is spill proof, so any angle is okay for it to function. It is made using AGM technology. This simply means it has better performance, faster recharging and longer usage period.  Its spill-proof quality comes from the fact that it is a Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery. It uses an ultramodern, heavy duty, grid made from calcium- alloy. This provides great performance and exceptional service. This is in two pairs of applications, float and cyclic. In addition to all this, it can function perfectly at both high and low temperatures.


  • It is resistant to shock and vibration
  • It offers more time on the water and you can go faster without draining it.
  • It can last for long even in extreme temperatures.
  • It can be set up at any angle therefore it is not cumbersome in terms of space
  • It does not add too much to boat load capacity as it is not too heavy.


  • If ever fully drained, it can take up to 30 hours to recharge it fully
  • If you have a small boat, the battery weight may be a problem for you.

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop


The optima battery D34M BLUETOP is rated at 750 cold cranking amps. This gives the battery more than enough power for use as a starter battery for boats and even RV’s. It delivers optimal power even in very cool weather. It can even start a motor at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. You do not have to worry about warming your battery up in those cold temperatures. It is a very dependable on backup battery. It is easy to mount in any position on your boat. This is all thanks to its compact design and relative light weight. It is also designed to tolerate vibrations without damaging the battery itself. This is because of its exterior casing that is fifteen times more resistant to vibration than competing brands.

It delivers consistent performance which works excellently well with trolling motors and has a reserve capacity of 120 minutes. This battery can be charged up to three times as many times as similar batteries. This is because of its Spiral Cell Technology (spiral-bound lead cells coated in lead oxide).


  • It can be mounted in any angle as it is spill proof.
  • It can last for as many as a thousand recharging cycles.
  • It is suitable for powerboats with many electrical gadgets
  • It can start a motor at 0 degrees Fahrenheit easily
  • It will not overcharge if the right charger is used
  • It is resistant to vibration
  • It has a strong case that is strongly weather proofed.
  • It is a dual-purpose battery; for deep cycles and starting


  • It may overcharge without the right charger

Choosing a Trolling Motor Battery

Trolling batteries are not just any kind of battery, and there are some things that you will want to consider certain factors, including your budget, the hour rating and the battery type.

Type of battery

12-volt deep cycle batteries come in two types – AGM batteries and Lead Acid Wet cells. Deep cycle batteries are very good for trolling because they discharge lower amounts of current, spread out over longer periods and recharging more frequently.

Lead acid wet cell batteries are more common compared to AGM batteries, since they can handle more frequent drains and recharging that comes with using trolling motors, and in addition they are the most affordable option for most. Their life lasts for about three years and are standard in their structure. The only drawback about them is that they need more occasional maintenance, which involves topping off the water. They are also vulnerable to spillage and vibration issues.

The second option is the AGM batteries, which means Absorbed Glass Mat. These are sealed completely, and are more long lasting compared to wet cells. They last for averages of up to four years, but the drawback is that they cost significantly higher than wet cell batteries. In fact they can even cost twice as much, so they are not an option if you are on a tight budget. In spite of them being expensive, they have no maintenance costs, and are very good for performance and long life.

Power hour ratings

The amperage power ratings of your battery are similar to those of car gas tanks. If you consider all factors to be equal, batteries that have 115 amp hour ratings last for longer periods than 100 amp hour ratings. When you look at the technical aspects, 100 amp power batteries provide 100 amp hours of current in trolling motors. So technically, if your motor runs on a speed of 5 amps, for example, the battery should theoretically last for 20 hours. The higher the speed of your motor, the less time the battery lasts.

When searching for trolling motor batteries, look for those that have at least 100 amp hour rating, 175 minutes of Reserve Capacity (RC), and a Group 27 rating.

Final Remarks and Recommendations

You need a good trolling motor. It is not an issue to be assumed or dismissed as less important. A dependable trolling motor battery ensures smooth and maximum performance of your boat. Anytime you go out fishing or a ride on the lake, the battery plays a bigger part than assumed. Similar to majority of electric devices and motors, trolling motors too require specific batteries. Batteries that will boost the trolling motor’s performance. Batteries that will discharge electricity steadily over the prolonged period of that fishing trip. The optimal battery 8016-103 D34MBlueTop would be a great choice. With all its lasted features, the battery is bound to perform to your expectations. It can recharge up to 1000 times and it is still proof. It is also resistant to vibration. This battery would be a great choice for your trolling motor. And for the love of god… would you please wear your life vest while fishing.

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