Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak: If you are someone who likes fishing but finds it inconvenient to get a large boat, then these inflatable Kayaks are ideal for that trip to the lake. The kayaks are easy to carry, and you can set them up in a matter of minutes. Most have better features than in a hard shell kayak.

There has been a rise in the use of inflatable kayaks. They have moved from being a backyard form of recreation to an important part of everyday fishing. Inflatables are easy to carry and assemble. Most are made from tough materials that can withstand tear; making them ideal for use in rapid rivers.

Kayaks are convenient for fishing trips, camping or river running voyages. It can be difficult finding the right inflatable fishing kayak, especially if you have never used one. That is why we have taken the liberty to review some of the best inflatable fishing kayaks.

Summary Table of the Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

Name of Kayak Editor review Size No of persons weight
Sevylor Rio 1-Person Fishing kayak 4.5 9 ft X 9 in. X 3 ft One 350 lbs
Sevylor Tahiti 3 Person Fishing kayak 3.8 10 ft X 4 in. X 1 in Three 360 lbs
Elton Outdoors 10’ Foot Inflatable Tear Resistant Fishing Kayak with Double Sided Oars 4.0 118 in X 25 in X 16 in two 450 pounds
AIRHEAD AHTK – 2 Montana Performance 2 Person Kayak 4.0 12 ft Two 500 pounds
Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak 4.0 20 in X 15 in X 15 in One 300 lbs
Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-person Fishing Kayak 4.3 10 ft  X 9 in X 3 ft Two 470 lbs
Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport kayak Fishing package 2.5 12 in X 10.8 in X 2.1 in Three 650 lbs

Sevylor Rio 1-Person Fishing kayak

Sevylor Rio 1-Person Fishing Canoe

This one person kayak offers both comfort and stability when paddling. It is suitable for fishing and paddling. When it comes to paddling, you need something that can handle punctures. The Sevylor comes in an 18-gauge PVC construction that is ideal for use in rugged lakes.

Also, it comes with a 1000D tarpaulin bottom that ensures you do not cut your trip short through punctures. In case you do get a puncture then the kayak has multiple air chambers that ensure that you can go on if one is deflated.

The Sevylor has trolling motor fittings which enable you to add a motor for better fishing experience. Paddle holders help you to safely secure your paddles. You also get an adjustable seat for that maximizes your comfort through the trip.

The Sevylor is very long which gives you lots of space for cargo. The Sevylor offers great maneuverability which gives you great tracking capabilities. You can paddle the Kayak or add a motor to it. The Sevloy is good value for money. The patented Sevylor airtight system ensures that you do not experience any leaks.

This is a kayak that is very suitable for use in calm waters like lakes. You can use it for fishing. But, the kayak is not suitable for faster river currents. The Sevylor is very long at 10 feet which offers you great tracking capabilities and has excellent maneuverability. When you purchase the kayak you will need paddles for easy gliding. The Sevylor has additional accessories like the Berkley Quick Set rod holder. When it comes to fishing you will have you hands free due to the adjustable holder.


  • PVC construction for rugged lake use
  • 1000 tarpaulin bottom and 840D nylon provide protection from punctures
  • Multiple air chambers that ensure you go on when one is punctured
  • Patented airtight system prevents leaks
  • Berkley Quick Set rod adjustable holder
  • Extended motor fittings
  • Paddle holders to secure paddles in place


Can only carry one person

Customer review

“This is comfortable, easy to paddle kayak. It is easy to assemble, and I enjoyed fishing with it. The kayak has great maneuverability and the PVC flooring offers great protection against tears. The paddle holders secure the paddles firmly in place when you are fishing. However, you can only use it for solo trips”

Sevylor Tahiti 2 Person Fishing kayak

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

This durable kayak is ideal for fishing and paddling. It comes in a unique green color that blends well with the environment. The Tahiti Sevylor is ideal for one or two paddlers and can be used in small lakes or rushing rivers.

This lightweight kayak is made from 21-gauge PVC that can handle rugged lakes. It has multiple air chambers that ensure you continue fishing even one of them is punctured. The adjustable seats with backrest are quite comfortable through the whole trip. The Seyvlor inflates and deflates easily which ensures you will be enjoying your fishing trip in minutes.

It is very easy to set up courtesy of the double lock valves that use two locking points. You are also able to carry up to 400lbs of loads. You will not have to worry about tipping over due to the tubular I beam flooring; additional spray covers protect you from water and ensure you are dry.

When you buy this kayak, you get a carry bag for free. The Sevylor Tahiti has excellent maneuverability capabilities that ensure that your fishing trip will remain memorable.

The sevylor has good stability and glides easily without tipping over. You can load up your kids and the dog for those camping trips in this kayak. It is lightweight and is easy to carry when you go fishing, camping or hidden spots. The kayak is limited when it comes to storage this may be due to the additional seats.

This is an ideal kayak for beginners and with its design and coloring it easily blends into the environment. It is very affordable and suitable for many families.


  • 21 gauge PVC for rugged lake use
  • Multiple chambers ensure you go on with your trip even after puncture
  • Comfortable, adjustable seats with backrest
  • Spray covers keep you dry
  • NMMA certified to carry 360lbs
  • Double lock valves for easy deflation/inflation


No pump set up

Customer review

It tried this kayak when I was going fishing in low water currents. The kayak handled well, and I was able to paddle my way against the wind. When it comes to family trips this kayak is what we needed. We were able to carry our son and dog in it. I never liked fishing but with this kayak I may be changing my mind.”

Elkton Outdoors 10’ Foot Inflatable Tear Resistant Fishing Kayak with Double Sided Oars

Elkton Outdoors 10' Foot Inflatable Tear Resistant Fishing Kayak

If you are looking for a kayak that gives you excellent maneuverability with additional features, then the Elton Outdoors is the right choice. You can load up this kayak on your next fishing trip. It inflates quickly, and you will be able to set up in minutes.

The Elkton Outdoors is made from durable 18-gauge rip resistant 1000 PVC which relieves you any worries of tear and leakages. But, really captivates us with this kayak is the accessories you get when you purchase it; comes with adjustable seats, two vertical and four trolling rod holders, double-sided oars, foot pump, repair kit and a carry bag. With all this, you are ready for that fishing trip.

The Elkton Outdoors comes with three separate removable air chambers. This ensures that your trip is not interrupted when you experience a puncture. You are also able to diagnose and make repairs easily. It takes less than one minute to fully inflate this kayak. The kayak dimensions are 118” X 35” X 16” which makes this kayak suitable for family fishing trips. You have enough space for your camping gear.

The kayak is very easy to carry and you can fold it up and put it into your vehicle. It has a weight limit of 450 pounds. You get additional rod holders for easy fishing. The kayak however is not suitable for taking on serious rapids or rugged terrains with sharp rocks.


  • Inflates easily
  • Detachable air chambers
  • Comes with several accessories like rod holders, double-sided oars, foot pump and carry bag
  • Durable due to 1000D PVC


May not be suitable for rapids due to tear

Customer review

“The extra accessories come in handy because I was able to save some bucks. The kayak offered great maneuverability even when going against strong river currents. The Elton outdoors comes with a lot of extras that we found to be very suitable when out fishing. The detachable air chambers make it easier to find tears and repair them. We were also able to continue with our trip after one air chamber become deflated.”

AIRHEAD AHTK – 2 Montana Performance 2 Person Kayak

AIRHEAD AHTK – 2 Montana Performance 2 Person Kayak

When it comes to a good kayak; the quality of materials used determines a lot. The Airhead is made from durable semi-rigid heavy gauge PVC material that ensure little tear. The airhead has three air chambers enclosed in a durable 840 nylon that is UV resistant. You also get spray covers that keep you dry.

This 12-foot inflatable kayak has a weight capacity of 500 pounds and carries two people. It is designed for lakes and can handle fishing, camping or for exploring in remote areas.  The two Boston valves ensures fast and easy inflation and deflation.

The kayak is very comfortable because of its removable inflatable seats that also provide you with excellent back support. You also will experience low drags and superior tracking courtesy of its four bottom fins. The neoprene guards offer comfort for your elbows.

The airhead leads in quality with 6 D rings at the bow and stern that helps to secure gear and stretch net in bow. In addition, metal instruments are made from stainless steel that does not rust. The Airhead is portable and lightweight which makes ideal for traveling. The orange color is quite visible when emergency situations arise.

The airhead is ideal for many beginners by providing easy entry and exit. The grab handle makes for easy puts ins and take outs. The cockpit offers lot flexibility even under stressful circumstances. The kayak stands at around 12 feet and performs well in lakes and white water. The light weight design offers great navigation especially for beginners. But, this compromises on tracking. With 4 bottom fins you are assured of the kayak doing great on a straight line.


  • Spacious 12 foot kayak that can handle 500 pounds
  • Easy to carry
  • Threaded drain hole with plug
  • Inflates and deflates easily
  • Neoprene handles for elbow comfort
  • Stainless steel hardware that does not corrode easily
  • Durable semi-rigid heavy gauge PVC
  • Orange color for safety


Can take time to dry

Customer reviews

“I liked the airhead because I could carry lot of stuff in it. The PVC fabric is very durable. Airhead is known for making quality items and this kayak did not disappoint us. I have never used a kayak before but I found the airhead ideal for any beginner. It gave me easy entry and exits.”

Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak

Unlike other kayaks where the shape is defined by the tubing in the outer rims the advanced element uses in built aluminum ribs which help to define the bow and the stern. This goes a long way in improving tracking especially in extreme weather conditions.

The kayak is easy to use because it has been assembled in the factory; all you will need is to inflate it. Comfortable, adjustable padded seats make this kayak stand out. The heavy duty PVC tarpaulin material is durable enough to withstand any punctures and tear.

The advanced element is stable and provides easy entry and exits. It also offers great maneuverability and dries very quickly. It is suited for one paddler and comes with the following accessories; folding seats and a repair kit. The kayak was developed for self-bailing and whitewater paddling.

This one person kayak is suitable for one person. With a weight limit of 300 pounds it is very roomy and comfortable when paddling. The kayak handles well in rugged waters without tear.


  • Aluminum ribs that define bow and stern
  • Heavy duty PVC tarpaulin reduces tear and punctures
  • Offer great maneuverability
  • Padded, adjustable seats for maximum comfort
  • Yellow color for safety
  • Easy to assemble


May not handle very strong river currents

Customer reviews

“This is a very comfortable white paddling kayak. I enjoyed using it when I was going for camping trips. It is very easy to assemble and light enough to carry. As a one man kayak I found this kayak to be very comfortable. The kayak inflates very easily and you are soon enjoying yourself”

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-person Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-person Fishing Kayak

This two person kayak is made to last. It comes with a 1000D tarpaulin bottom with an added 840D nylon cover which keeps the kayak from punctures. The Sevylor has an added 18-gauge PVC suitable for rugged lake use. This is an ideal kayak for both fishing and paddling.

The Airtight system is guaranteed to prevent leaks and with multiple air chambers you can continue with your fishing trip when one of the chambers is deflated. You can expand your kayak capabilities with the added motor fittings or just quickly fasten paddles to the paddle holders.

The kayak is NMMA certified to hold 470 lbs which you can attach to the D-rings. This is an ideal kayak for couples; it’s comfortable enough with adjustable seats. The Sevylor 2 person kayak is easy to carry and store and the Boston valves offer faster inflations and deflation. The Beckley Quick Rod holders offer adjustable pole angles for the ultimate fishing experience. The kayak is made specifically for lake use; this is due to its resistance to sharp rocks and tree branches. Inflatable kayaks produce little noise which makes them ideal for fishing. The coleman was disappointing though because it comes with a pressure gauge instead of a pressure pump; which would have made more sense. Customers have been impressed by the paddle holders and the carry bag that comes with it.


  • Durable PVC thick bottom
  • Adjustable comfortable seats
  • Easy inflation and deflation courtesy of the boston valves
  • D-rings for easy storage
  • Motor fittings and paddle holders
  • Extra carry bag and pressure gauge


The kayak cane easily be blown off during strong winds

Customer reviews

“We really enjoyed the fishing trip with my wife courtesy of the Sevylor 2 person kayak. The kayak was spacious enough to accommodate our gear. We were able to easily inflate and deflate it. This is the perfect kayak for couples. ”

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport kayak Fishing package

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport kayak Fishing package

The sea eagle carries 3 persons and can handle weights of up to 650 lbs. This ensures that you load up all your gear for that camping or fishing trip. The sea eagle has become a favorite with its lightweight design and durable 38 mil PolyKrylar K80 Pvc. It inflates in 8 minutes, which means you don’t waste a lot of time.

You get two molded kegs which reduces paddling effort and increases your speed. The skegs are made from durable material that is able to withstand rocks. Included with the kayak is a multipurpose storage box with two rod holders. The deluxe inflatable sea eagle seats are comfortable enough for long trips. You also get a foot pump, repair kit and a carry bag when you purchase the sea eagle.

The sea eagle really stands out with its customizable abilities. You can even add a sail to it. The dual skegs enable you to glide over surfaces with minimal effort.


  • Comes with multipurpose storage box with two rod holders
  • Molded skegs enable fast gliding
  • It has a lightweight design that is easy to carry
  • The kayak is very durable and stable
  • Comes with foot pump and carry bag


Lack footrests which make it a bit difficult for paddling

Customer reviews

“The sea eagle is very portable and easy to paddle. We were able to go fishing on the lake with ease. The skegs glide easily on water and provide the sea eagle with extra propulsion.”

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak

There are various types of inflatable kayaks and your purpose will determine which one you choose.

  1. Types of Kaykas

Touring Kayaks

These are kayaks that are suitable for flat water due to their long and thin shape. To boost steering the kayaks come with a rudder. They have the added benefit of higher cruising and load capacity with easy straight line paddling. You can have all your supplies of food, water and camping gear. They are also very comfortable when doing very long journeys. Similar to touring kayaks are sea kayaks which operate well in the open seas and come with scupper holes.

White water Kayaks

These are usually wide and short and are suitable for navigating big rocks. They are also easy to steer and have scupper holes that drain water. You can use them in white waters because the water will propel the kayak downstream.

Fishing Kayaks

The distinctive feature in most of this is a round shape in the front and back. They also come with fishing rods and bait buckets.

  1. Portability

When it comes to inflatable kayaks one of the key considerations the flexibility to fold the kayak and put it in your motor vehicle. Unlike hard shell kayaks that need car configurations the inflatable kayaks fold easily. Most can be set up in minutes. There are those that come in heavy duty materials; they are bulky but durable. You will need to weigh all options when you are buying one. The best inflatable kayaks are the ones you can easily carry around during camping trips.

  1. Materials used

Inflatable kayaks are usually made form three distinct materials. The most durable of them is the hypalon. This is material is made from synthetic rubber and offers resistance from UV, tear from rocks and corrosion by water elements. Most of the kayaks tend to use PVC it is not only durable but it is affordable. You will find a combination of PVC and nylon. The last material used for inflatable kayaks is nitrylon; the material offers resistance from corrosion as well as punctures.

  1. Comfort

New inflatable kayak models come with padded adjustable seats for maximum comfort. These kayaks are ideal for long distance trips. You should decide how many people you intend to carry with the kayak; models come in one, two or three person seats.

Longer kayaks offer more legroom and are suitable for those long trips. Comfortable seats enhance your fishing experience.

  1. Accessories

Some kayaks will come with additional accessories like foot pumps, carry bags, and paddles. Look for one that is most affordable with extras. You can also get kayaks with motor fittings for added power.

  1. Maneuverability

You will need to select the right kayak that ensures great maneuverability. This is a kayak that enables you to handle rapids well. The rule is that the shorter a kayak is the quicker it responds. However, longer kayaks are usually faster and paddle easily. When you are looking for a fishing kayak then stability should be your priority.

  1. Air chambers

New kayak models come with separate air chambers. These chambers ensure that you can continue with your trip even when one of them is punctured. You are also able to diagnose problems easily and make repairs. Kayaks are susceptible to tear and may not handle very well in areas with strong rapids.

  1. Inflation/deflation

A good kayak is the one that you can inflate in minutes. There is no need to waste your fishing time inflating it. Most of the newer models will come with their own foot pumps and some will have a pressure gauge. Make sure to maintain the recommended pressure. After you are done fishing you should be able to deflate it in minutes and pack it.

  1. Color

The color of a kayak plays an important role when it comes to rescue operations. Orange is a preferred color as it is easily visible. However, if you are thinking of fishing you can choose a kayak in a jungle green color that camouflages easily with the surroundings.

Our Verdict

When selecting the right kayak you should first consider what purpose you are going to use the kayak in. A kayak should enable smooth paddling while offering maneuverability. The winner for the best inflatable fishing kayak is the Sevylor Rio 1-Person Fishing kayak. This is a one person kayak that is comfortable enough with adjustable, padded seats. It has is made from a durable PVC material that is able to handle tears easily. You can add on a motor for faster kayaking. With lots of cargo space, this is the ideal kayak for fishing expeditions. Another great option for fishing are one man inflatable fishing floats. 

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