Best Inflatable Camping Pillow

Best Inflatable Camping Pillow

Best Inflatable Camping Pillow: When you go camping with friends and family, you will want to look for utmost comfort out in the wild. Often, pillows will be the last thing on your mind as you pack. You, therefore, settle for a makeshift pillow made of stuffed clothing that is not only uncomfortable but may also cause you some neck and back injuries. For this reason, you need inflatable camping pillows. They are convenient and very comfortable. What’s more, since they are inflatable, you can use your preferred size.

I personally think that a good pillow is the difference between a good night’s rest and an overnight disaster. Even while in the wild, I certainly want to be comfortable. Inflatable pillows come in handy in that they are very easy to carry about as the hardly take up backpack space. I’ve had my share of inflatable pillows and I love those that I can use for both camping and travel. Take a look at seven of the best there are out there.

Inflatable Pillow Editor Rating Manufacturers Colors to choose from
Ultralight Inflating Travel/ Camping Pillows 4.3 Trekology Blue, Deep Blue, green, brown, orange, pink
Camping Pillow/ Inflatable Air Pillow 4.2 Onwego Black, blue, camouflage, green, Red, orange
Inflatable Camping Pillow/ Hikenture Ultralight Backpacking Camp Travel Pillow 4.5 Hikenture Blue, green, orange
ChillaX Ultralight Camping Pillow 4.7 The Big Blue Mtn. Blue, orange
‘Soft-top’ Inflatable, Backpacking, Camping, Travel Pillow 4.3 Onwego Blue, black
Aeros Pillow Premium 4.3 Sea to Summit Blue, green
Inflatable Camping Pillow 4.4 TNH Outdoors Blue

Ultralight Inflating Travel/ Camping Pillows

The ultralight inflating traveling/ camping pillow from trekology is small in size and big on comfort. It is ergonomically designed for superior back and neck support. The pillow is constructed from highly durable elastic TPU fabric that also doubles up as water resistance. The pillow has added layers for head support. The ergonomic design of the pillow is perfect for enhanced neck support regardless of your sleeping position.

This pillow is also quite easy to use. With the click of a button, you can inflate the pillow by mouth with approximately 3-5 breaths. The quick deflate feature allows you to deflate the pillow rapidly. You can also adjust the pillow’s firmness to your personal sleep preference. You can also use it as a footrest. For convenient access, you can easily carry this pillow in your backpack or even your pocket. The back of the Dreamer Comfort pillow is made of a slip-resistant material to prevent your head from moving about while sleeping.

Many inflatable pillows are noisy, but I especially love this pillow because the material is light and soft. This makes the pillow very quiet.

It is crucial to note that this pillow cannot be washed and you only need to use a paper towel to wipe clean the surface when it gets dirty.

Trekology also offers a one year warranty on this pillow.


  • It is extremely comfortable and compact
  • It is lightweight and easy to inflate and deflate
  • If well used, it is quite durable
  • The material is really soft to touch therefore comfortable
  • The material is water resistant


  • The pillow starts to leak after several uses
  • The valve is a built difficult to open for deflating
  • The pillow may be smaller than expected

Camping Pillow/ Inflatable Air Pillow

I especially loved this pillow because it is contoured to cradle your head and support your neck. It is quite clear that this pillow was designed with comfort in mind. Its soft and smooth pillow top material and plush foam interior make the pillow extremely comfortable.

This pillow is adjustable and self-inflates when you twist open the safety-lock air valve. You can increase its firmness by gently blowing into the air pillows valve. Deflating it is just as easy. Just open the valve and roll the pillow towards the valve opening. This inflatable camping/ traveling air pillow is made from specialized outdoor-grade moisture-resistant material making it durable yet soft.

Although the vinyl cover works great for absorbing sweat, a pillowcase or fabric would be a great improvement. The pillow’s back is made of a material that is rugged and comfortable at the same time, making the pillow slip resistant.

Just like the ultralight inflatable traveling/camping pillow, this one is also not machine washable.Although not waterproof, it is water resistant. You will have to make sure that it is completely dry before repacking it.


  • Easy to clean. Wipe with a damp cloth with a touch of soap
  • It doesn’t absorb humidity when using it for camping
  • Quick to inflate and deflate
  • You can easily increase and decrease its firmness
  • The self-inflating feature is really convenient


  • It develops leaks after several uses
  • The stuffing on the inside scrunches over to one side making it uncomfortable
  • It has some really rough plastic edges at the trim
  • It may be larger and bulkier than expected

Tip: For maximum comfort, buy a pillowcase for this pillow.

Inflatable Camping Pillow/ Hikenture Ultralight Backpacking Camp Travel

Hikenture camp sleeping pillow folds smaller than a coke can and when inflated it provides a comfortable neck support for stomach, side and back sleepers alike. With just 1-3 puffs, your pillow will be inflated. It also deflates rapidly. The unique valve system allows you to adjust the pillow’s firmness to your level of comfort.

This inflatable camping pillow conforms perfectly to the curve of your neck, head, and spine to keep your head in place. I also used this pillow indoors as a backrest when sitting on a chair. This pillow is really light making it easy to carry for backpackers and campers.

Water will break down the inner coating, therefore, this pillow is not machine washable. Just use wipes to wipe clean the pillow if it gets dirty.

The great thing about this pillow is that it is a risk-free purchase. Hikenture offers a 100% money back guarantee should the pillow not live up to your expectations. They offer excellent customer service and are keen to follow up on customers’ satisfaction. They also offer a free replacement for a defective product. The pillow also comes with a one year warranty.


  • It is versatile- you can use it as a head/lumbar support for your sofa or office chair
  • The arc design on the pillow makes it soft and comfortable
  • It is easy to inflate and deflate
  • It is durable, waterproof and water resistant


  • It leaks air after a couple of uses
  • It may not be as big as expected
  • It is a little hard to squeeze down back into the carry sack

ChillaX Ultralight Camping pillow

Whether you are backpacking, camping with family, hiking the mountains or simply need some lumbar support, Chillax ultralight camping pillow is the best option for you. The pillow has an easy specially designed two-way valve that prevents air leaks. You won’t have to keep inflating your pillow at night, as is with other inflatable pillows.

Inflating and deflating this pillow is quite easy too. The back of the pillow is made of a slip-resistant material that prevents it from unwanted sliding. It also comes with a sleeping mask, a sleep aid and eye relaxer (talk about a relaxing good night’s sleep!)

Chillax aim to make you a happy customer and they promise to refund or replace your purchase in case you do not like the pillow making this a no-risk purchase. Aside from using it when camping, the chillax ultralight pillow can also be used to correct your posture while sitting and working at your desk. Regardless of your sleeping position, the pillow offers ergonomic support for your head, neck, and back. Not only does the improved ergonomic design enhance comfort and efficiency, but also makes the pillow more durable.

For the inflatable pillow newbies, the chillax ultralight camping pillow comes with instructions that are easy to understand.


  • Easy inflation and deflation with the double-decked air valve
  • It is super small and lightweight
  • The pillow is extremely comfortable
  • It is waterproof
  • It is strong and durable


  • It smells heavily of chemicals
  • It is super bouncy
  • The seam around the pillow is cheap
  • It may not be a good fit for bigger people

‘Soft-Top’ Inflatable, Backpacking, Camping, Travel Pillow

This camping pillow from ONWEGO is ultralight and packable. It comes with its own stuff sack. For ultimate comfort, the pillow is made of super soft cotton with polyester batting. You can be sure you will not get the sweaty head like with other camping pillows.

I love this pillow as it inflates super fast. Deflating it is just as easy- just press the inner flap to quickly deflate or adjust the pillow’s firmness. The ‘Soft-Top’ pillow has a removable cover that makes it easier for you to clean up after your travels.

Unlike the other pillows above, you can wash this one with some mild soap and water. With this pillow, you do not have to worry about it losing air. It can remain inflated even up to days!


  • It is durable yet soft
  • It can be inflated to full firmness
  • It holds the air in (does not leak)
  • It is more compact as compared to other inflatable pillows


  • The underside is very slippery making the pillow move about
  • It is quite difficult to pull the plug and put it on the pillow

Aeros Pillow Premium

Of all the pillows here, I prefer this one the most. Sea to summit makes this pillow with brushed polyester knit making it very soft and durable. The synthetic fill between the case and the TPU bladder maximises your comfort and puts away the perspiration leaving you dry and very comfortable.

The pillowcase construction allows the outer shell to retain maximum softness while still being supported by the high strength TPU bladder. The curved internal baffles create contours that cradle your head for extra comfort. Whether you are sleeping on your back, side, or upright in a chair, the scalloped bottom edge centers the pillow over your shoulders. What’s more, inflating the pillow is super easy in a couple of breaths with the multi-functional valve.

Unlike the other inflatable pillows above, this one retails in different sizes, from small, medium, large and extra large.

The aeros pillow premium does a great job of insulating in cold weather. You can confidently bring it out for those chilly nights.


  • It is thick enough so as not to hurt your neck
  • It is really lightweight and compact
  • The side on which you place your face is soft and cozy enough
  • It aligns with the shoulders for maximum comfort


  • It starts leaking after several uses
  • It may rip at the seams
  • The small pillow size may not be suitable for bigger people

Inflatable Camping Pillow by TNH outdoors

This pillow by TNH outdoors is built with the harsh realities of the wild in mind. The ergonomic design ensures your pillow stays flat for your shoulder, neck and head support so you can sleep easily and remain well-rested. It has a two piece waterproof valve, one for inflation and the other for deflation. With the unique design, you can be sure that the valve won’t get stuck in place.

I especially love this pillow for its silk style knitted cotton fabric with a soft contour. What’s great about that is that it does not get sticky and sweaty, so you can enjoy your sleep. The material also helps to keep the pillow in place and stop it from sliding around your mattress, hammock or sleeping pad.

The lifetime warranty on this pillow is certainly a bonus for TNH Outdoors. Like the others above, the pillow comes with a stuffable, compact compression and a mini lightweight travel size.


  • It is comfortable
  • It takes up very little space when traveling
  • It is lightweight
  • It is made of strong, durable and yet thin fabric


  • Opening the valve to inflate the pillow is difficult
  • You can’t release the air slowly to adjust the pillow’s firmness
  • The pillow loses air over time

Why you Should own an Inflatable Pillow

An inflatable pillow is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you are going camping, to the beach, or just for traveling, this pillow could do wonders for your comfort. Bad posture can do damage to your spine and inflatable pillows can help you correct that. If you are constantly working or sitting at your desk, placing an inflatable pillow at your back will provide some lumbar support. Inflatable pillows are not exactly expensive and if you get just the right one, it can serve you for a really long time.

So forget all about stuffing your clothes to make a make-shift pillow and get yourself an inflatable pillow. Traveling and camping will be a very comfortable experience with your new inflatable pillow. The only downside of inflatable pillows is that they are quite prone to popping if not handled well. You may, therefore, have to be extra careful when handling them, especially those made of really light material.

Who said inflatable pillows can only be used for traveling and camping? You can ditch your old pillows and welcome these awesome ones to your bedroom. Most inflatable pillows are extra comfy and unlike regular pillows, you can adjust them to your preferred firmness. I would especially recommend these pillows for people with back and neck problems.

How to Clean an Inflatable Pillow

So, you finally went ahead and got that inflatable camping/traveling pillow. The only question you may have is, “How do I wash it?”

Cleaning your inflatable pillow is not rocket science, you just hand wash and air dry it.

When washing your pillow, you first must ensure the air valve is closed. This is to prevent any water from getting inside it. Immerse the pillow in soapy water and gently scrub using your hands. When you are confident your pillow is clean, repeat the procedure, this time using clean, plain water, to rinse it. You can do this as many times as necessary until you are sure all the soap is off the pillow. Go ahead and hang your pillow, then, to air dry.

To prevent mold and mildew, ensure your pillow is dry before storing it. Store it while flat or loosely rolled up with the valve open.

Alternatively, you can read the label on the pillow to see if it can be machine dried. If it can, put your pillow(while deflated, of course) into the washing machine with a mild detergent. Run it through a washing cycle with cold water. Transfer the pillow into the clothes-dryer and dry it using an air setting or a low heat. In case your pillow is not dryer safe, hang it to dry in the open.

What to Look for When Buying an Inflatable Pillow

When buying an inflatable pillow, just like any other thing, there is a lot to consider. Inflatable pillows are mostly designed to be for camping and traveling. So, if you are going to be using your pillow for those purposes, bear in mind that you will be moving about (a lot) with your pillow.

What should you consider?


The shape of the pillow when inflated.

There are various shapes of pillows out there. U- shaped pillows are the most common types of travel pillows. Inflatable pillows come in various shapes although they do not vary much. When you are choosing an inflatable pillow, bear in mind what kind of shape it is when inflated, A U-shaped inflatable pillow will be a great choice for airplane travel but may not be too comfortable for your camping expedition.



Just like the shape, inflatable pillows vary in size too. For backpackers, the size of your pillow will certainly be a major factor. You will need something that is compressible and does not take up a lot of backpack space. Lightweight inflatable pillows are also ideal as they help keep the weight of the backpack down.


Sleeping habits

Whether you sleep on your back, on your side or on your stomach, your biggest concern should be if your spine is properly aligned. An ideal inflatable pillow should take up the shape of your bof=dy, regardless of your sleeping position, for maximum comfort.



The fabric of your inflatable pillow is really important. While some materials may look and feel great, they may not do a good job of absorbing humidity. Your pillow should be made of a material that does not get sweaty and sticky to ensure your comfort. Also, you will need to aim for material that does well in just about any weather condition, be it the chilly cold ones or the hot humid nights. Inflatable pillows made of light fabric may also not hold up and may be prone to popping.



If you are planning to use your inflatable pillow for a long period of time, consider getting one that is durable. Rather than buy a cheap pillow that will only serve you a short time, you should preferably invest a couple more bucks to get something that will last.



Inflatable pillows range in prices. Before settling for one that may not be quite pocket-friendly, make sure to check the markets for other various options that may be viable.


Inflatable pillows are a must-have. It doesn’t even matter whether you go camping a lot or not. Invest in one or two of these and notice the difference in comfort as compared to regular pillows. The fact that they are so lightweight is amazing and allows you to bring them almost anywhere. Seriously, if you haven’t got yourself an inflatable camping/ traveling pillow, you are missing out on a lot. Last thing – a great combo or even a replacement for a camping pillow can be a dry bag believe it or not! Let me know if you would like to know anything else in the comments.

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