What Is The Best Anchor For An Inflatable Boat?

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Whether you enjoy fishing on sandy, grassy or rocky bottoms, the folding grapnel fishing anchor is just what you need for your inflatable boat. Since fishing takes some time, you need to be comfortable enough to catch some lunch from the sea without interference caused by using an ineffective inflatable boat anchor. If you are embarking on a fishing competition, a good anchor will keep your inflatable boat in check so that you can concentrate on your game.

The best anchor for an inflatable boat should be a self-contained anchor that comes with all the necessary accessories to hold your inflatable boat in place even when the conditions of the sea may not be very friendly. Folding grapnel fishing anchor is a true definition of a good anchor for any inflatable boat. Wondering why? Below are some of the features of this inflatable boat anchor.

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Its compact design

This inflatable boat anchor is made from galvanized iron and 4 fluke grapple design. Choosing grapnel fishing anchor prevents you from the hustle of always looking for lubrication oils to apply on rusty surfaces of your anchor because the finishes of your anchor are well protected. The high quality material used does not rust even when you take your inflatable boat on salty water for a while. Grapnel fishing anchor does not flake off easily even after years of using it. This prevents you from constant replacements that makes you spend when using mushroom anchors.


Buying this inflatable boat anchor gives you a wide range of accessories that come with it. You therefore end up spending less buying an all in one anchor which provides everything that your need for your inflatable boat. Some of the accessories of a folding grapnel fishing anchor include:

  • Polypropylene rope
  • A nylon bag
  • A float
  • A buoy ball
  • Stainless steel hook

Each accessory is well designed to make your sailing comfortable. For instance the rope is made from polypropylene making it strong enough for durability purposes. It is also 40ft long to handle large diameters for you to fish conveniently for further distances. This rope is long enough to sit at an angle of your inflatable boat. You do not need a short rope that does not cover a wide area because such an inflatable boat anchor would make you strain as you try catch fish faster from a good spot.

You are provided with a durable nylon bag that gives you enough room to contain your inflatable boat anchor and its line. This makes it easy for you to transport and store your accessories without wondering where to take all the things that come with it. While going on a long trip, you need lots of space to stretch and carry other useful tools. Your stowage bag also prevents it from rolling around your inflatable boat when you are not using it. The nylon material is strong enough so you never have to worry about it tearing down due to excess weight of your accessories. It is also padded to dampen noise as you store your anchor.

Stainless steel hook and a buoy ball are also featured in a folding grapnel fishing anchor in cases where you need to disconnect for instance when you have spent hours on your boat and need to take a rest.


A folding grapnel fishing anchor is neither too heavy nor too light. You will not strain moving it around during storage. It is not so much light such that you are limited to fishing only small sizes creatures. This inflatable boat anchor does not limit you due to its weight. You can conveniently fish while standing on your inflatable boat knowing that it provide you with the necessary support that you require while fishing. Its weight enables it to hold well in steady currents and strong winds of up to 15 mph.


The fact that the inflatable boat anchor is flexible makes it more efficient than using mushroom anchors. Folding on its own, the fishing anchor does not occupy any space on your kayak. When folded, this inflatable boat anchor is 12in × 3 in making it convenient for you to store it in your inflatable boat.


It is a 3.5lb folding anchor that gives you multi functional use due to its simplicity. So, how do you use a folding grapnel fishing anchor? You can start by raising the sliding collar. The 4 flukes should be open to enable you to slide your collar at the bottom of your anchor and twist. You finally need to lock the flukes that you open so that you set your anchor in position. Use the sliding rings with slots to help you lock the fingers in position. Attach the trap line using the extra eye lines provided to increase stability. Ensure that you utilize as much rope as you can so that as to create a good horizontal drag on the surface of a lake or an ocean. Handle the anchor line with care on oyster beds

Other benefits of using this inflatable boat anchor

  • It retrieves easily and quickly
  • Made to sink easily
  • The storage bag comes with a carrying handle increasing portability
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Contain flukes for easy storage
  • It is an affordable anchor.

Final Thoughts

Going for heavy and big anchors for an inflatable boat will interfere with your fishing activity with every blow of wind that cuts across the sea. You don’t need an anchor that keeps on drifting away in the current blowing you off a good fishing spot.

If you a going for a long distance float trip, a folding grapnel fishing anchor is a good option that you ought to consider. It is compact enough to stay in place as you desire. Embarking on an ocean without a good anchor for your inflatable boat may be risky. Protect your inflatable boat from strong waves by choosing a folding grapnel fishing anchor. Here is how you can anchor your inflatable boat while on the water.

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