Advanced Elements Tandem Kayak Review

Advanced Elements Tandem Kayak Review

Do you have crazy ideas of something going wrong while paddling across a lake? Overcome your fear of water by going on a tour on advanced frame convertible inflatable kayak and enjoy a safe sail on your next camping tour. For thrill lovers who enjoy adventure, you can paddle down a beautiful waterfall without the fear of falling out of your kayak.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Tandem Inflatable Kayak Features

ADVANCED ELEMENTS AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak, 15', Red
215 Reviews
ADVANCED ELEMENTS AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak, 15', Red
  • Built-in aluminum ribs define the bow and stern and improves tracking
  • Three layers of material for extreme puncture resistance.Folded size 35 X 21 X 12 inches. Max Weight-550 pounds. Weight-52 pounds
  • Pre-assembled at the factory; simply unfold, inflate, and attach the seats
  • High support, adjustable padded seats provide comfort for hours of paddling
  • Three seat locations allow for paddling solo or tandem
Below are among the key features of advanced frame convertible inflatable kayak and where you can get it from. The table also shows how this kayak has been rated by the Editor based on customers’ reviews.



Feature 1

(Make and Design)


Feature 2



Feature 3



Editor Rating

Advanced Frame Convertible Inflatable Kayak 


Cutting edge deign 

Open end design

Three outer layers that are puncture resistant namely:

High grade aluminum

Heavy duty PVC

Nylon -w/tarpaulin fabric

Rip stop fabric

Polyurethane –coated polyester inner cover.


Rigid bow and stern 

High end components

Single and double decks

D –rings

Pressure release valves.

Velcro paddle holders

Bungee Deck lacing

Spring valve and twist lock valves

Welded seam


Duffle bag

Repair kit

User manual

Carrying case

Adjustable mesh seats





4.6 out of 5 stars

Advanced Frame Convertible Inflatable Kayak

Whether you are going for a day trip or camping on an ocean or a camp river, an inflatable kayak will make your trip worthwhile. You should pick this model of advanced elements tandem kayak due to its durability, ease of inflation and comfortability. High ratings should clearly tell you that this kayak will give you excellent performance.

Advanced frame convertible inflatable kayak combines both a folding frame and an inflatable kayak. This model belongs to advanced elements brand which is best known for producing high quality products that suit the needs of every kayaker. You can always purchase extra accessories from advanced elements in case you need more tracking to make paddling more fun.

Features of an inflated kayak


This kayak comes in improved designs such as the cutting edge and hull designs that makes it efficient to use by improving tracking. It also comes in either orange or grey designs. You may assume that these colors are just to add aesthetic value to your kayak but there is much more to this than meets the eye.

Let’s say for instance, you experience a major challenge while paddling on a deep area and you are looking for urgent help. These bright colors would make a coastguard sport you easily and come to your rescue. Other than that, when other people are enjoying their sweet time like you, the bright color designs help you avoid colliding with other kayaks that may be nearby. Therefore the colors not only appeal to your sense of beauty but also keep you safe during emergencies.

Conversion decks

Your advanced frame inflatable kayak is convertible in that it allows you either to use an open deck design to enter the boat or convert your boat to a closed deck kayak according to your preference. You can either choose a single, double or standard convertible deck. Such Interchangeable decks in this kayak increases flexibility. What does each deck contain?

  • Double deck conversion

You can bring a friend along to enjoy paddling in an option double deck conversion. This provides room for two passengers. Making a closed deck tandem is an easy process that does not waste your time. Gear stowage is enhanced by d-rings and mesh pockets that are provided in a double deck conversion.

  • Single deck conversion

Do you enjoy unwinding by cool waters just solo, enjoying God’s creation? Connect a single deck conversion to make your closed deck solo kayak. This option features d-rings that come with bungee deck lacing, a rear cargo hatch and arched deck riser aluminum stays.

  • Standard open deck

You can also go for an open deck by removing both optional deck to sail in either solo or tandem mode.

Not enough for you?

If you are a professional boat rider, looking for more options, you can always go for patented back bone accessories that make use of advanced technological systems such as the Drop stitch technology to make you explore more in the ocean.


Spring valves go hand in hand with the pumps to help you set up your kayak easily. You only need to unfold the kayak, inflate and attach the seats in place in order to get going. Some people however complain that the tubes are inaccurately designed which causes one side to be inflated more than the other. Advanced Elements manufacturers should look into this and try to fix the problem by accurately fitting such kayaks with same sized tubes.

Aluminum frame

Your kayak is fitted with three layers of different materials to make it resistant to puncture. For instance, high grade aluminum makes your kayak able to withstand any hard rocks that you may encounter while paddling along a shallow river. It also makes it more durable so you can enjoy sailing for long without worrying about it getting punctured.

You will notice that your kayak has sharp ends coated with aluminum for your boat to cut through water faster as it increases speed. It also makes your kayak more flexible to paddle. Welded seams that guarantee a long life are also featured in an inflatable kayak.

Rigid bow and stern

These two act as a skeg thus enhancing tracking performance. It enables your kayak to have the ability to take in more current allowing you to increase speed as power goes up. It challenges competing hard body kayaks making it stand out among the rest.

Adjustable seats

Set up one or two seats in this kayak according to your preference winch may be solo or tandem. This kayak comes in 3 different seating positions making it versatile. Unlike using other element tandem kayaks, these seats give you maximum support so that you don’t experience back problems even after paddling for long hours. This is because, your seat comes halfway on your back when you lean backwards so you don’t get tired easily.

You can also adjust your seats to give you maximum support so that you are comfortable as you paddle. Adjusting them in a higher position prevents you from getting wet in case water accidentally splashes into your boat.

Rubber handles and holders

Molded rubber handles makes it convenient for you to have a strong grip as you enter and exit your boat. You do not want to slip as you try to get off your boat right?

Paddle holders

Feel comfortable to fish while on this kayak as you make use of the paddle holders that allow stowage of paddles. They also make it convenient for you to take pictures if you are on an adventure tour.

Duffel bag and repair kits

Accessories such as repair kits helps you fix a problem that may occur as you paddle. You can use your duffel bag to move your kayak to a desired spot. These bag is made from strong nylon material to withstand the heavy weight of your kayak. It may not be very fancy but it provides enough room to fit your kayak when deflated so that you can conveniently carry it around. It also makes it easier for your kayak to fit at the back of your track in case you have to travel to a different destination for your vacation.

D-rings and bungee deck lacing

A single deck contains d-rings with bungee deck lacing.  Use the d-rings and a mesh pocket to boost gear stowage.

Storage space

If you are headed for a long trip that might take you days, this kayak provides you with enough storage space to bring along your favorite drinks and snacks. The mesh pockets are provided to hold your drink in place as you paddle with ease.

Cargo hatch

Cargo hatch at the rear end of this kayak makes it more rigid.

Pros and cons table





·         Comfortable padded seats that you can easily adjust

·         Looks good and modern

·         Stability against wind and white caps is achieved on this kayak

·         It is portable and easy to carry around

·         Easy set up where you only inflate the chambers and start paddling.

·         Good tracking

·         Can be converted for both solo and tandem purposes








·         Heavy weight about 56Ibs may be difficult for one person to carry it to the shore of a lake.

·         The price is a bit exaggerated

·         Challenging to control on ocean swells. It performs better on calm water.

·         Takes time to dry up in case water finds it way inside your boat.

Final Thoughts

No matter how much experience you may have with boats, this kayak is just what you need to achieve high performance sailing across the sea. With all the great features that it comes with, you are assured of unforgettable sailing moments. Your advanced convertible inflatable kayak definitely awaits. Buy one today and get a chance to visit that dream island. If you need to learn anything about inflatable kayaks I have put together this comprehensive guide.

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