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Reviews of the Best Wetsuit For Swimming and Water Sports

Looking forward to summer or that family and friends vacation to the sun, sand and waters. Or maybe you live on the beach, enjoying the water and you need a new wetsuit. Whichever it is, if it’s hot, you will want to swim or enjoy a deep dive, surf or snorkel. There is an endless list of what one could do in regards to water sports. In either of these scenarios, you will need a wetsuit. A good one for that matter. You cannot afford to be surfing and letting that chilly ocean water seep into your suit continuously. That sort of defeats the whole purpose of getting a wetsuit… A wetsuit is considered to be swimming attire and It is made from foamed neoprene. Mostly, it is worn by surfers, divers, and windsurfers. Basically anyone involved with water sports. The suit provides thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy for these individuals while they are in the water. There is an array of wetsuits for various uses and water temperatures. When worn, they can be paired with neoprene boots, gloves or a hood. Wetsuits are specially designed for temperatures -2 to 25°C or 28 to 77°F. They are made from neoprene and or rubber materials. These provide thermal protection and can therefore be used in such cold temperatures. Sometimes, they pose a challenge where flexibility and comfort are needed. So here are some reviews of the top 7 Wetsuits. Maybe you will like or find one that suits you here, literally.

Summary Table for Best Wetsuit for Swimming:

Wetsuit Brand Manufacturer Thickness Best Feature Rating
Hyperflex Wetsuits Men’s Access 3/2mm Full Suit Hyperflex 3/2mm Anatomically cut pattern for perfect fit. 4.2
Phantom Aquatics Men’s Marine Shorty Wetsuit Phantom Aquatics 2/5mm High friction rear reduces slipping while sitting on wet surfaces. 4.6
O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Reactor Full Suit O’Neill 3/2mm Durable materials 4.3
Seavenger 3mm Neoprene Full Wetsuit Seavenger 3mm Super stretch panels increase flexibility 4.3
XTERRA Women’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Xterra 3/2mm Suit liner ensures comfortable snug fit 4.4
Triathlon Wetsuit  Women’s Synergy Endorphin    Synergy 5/3mm Hydro dynamic neoprene and silicone coated SyPrene 4.8
Roxy Womens Roxy Syncro Series  Gbs Wetsuit Roxy 3/2mm Thermal smoothie on back and front panels increase insulation. 4.7

Hyperflex Wetsuits Men’s Access 3/2mm Full Suit

The Hyperflex Wetsuits Men’s Access 3/2mm Full Suit is most suited for a beginner surfer. It would be a good choice for your first surfing wetsuit. It is equipped with all of essential features. These include knee pads that are storm forced, mesh skin panels to break the chills and some underarm gussets. This wetsuit is of outstanding value, especially for amateur surfers. With its anatomically cut pattern, this suit, is designed to fit you like a glove. With a variety of sizes and shapes available for both adults and children, you will be spoilt for choice. Its adjustable neck ensures a consistent and comfortable fit. Nothing as irritating as a choking effect by your wetsuit as you surf. It also minimizes any flushing by cold water. You are free to move as you want courtesy outer surface textile that is abrasion-resistant. It does not inhibit your movement. Plus it adds additional protection and comfort to your knee. This is aside from the protection the store force knee pads offer. With all these features, it is highly unlikely for you to feel stuck and trapped in your wetsuit. To crown it all, this suit has seamless underarms gussets. These give you more room to move your arms. There is so much room for movement with this wetsuit. This wetsuit is ideally recommended for surfing or stand-up paddling, spring kayaking or swimming. With its chill breaker mesh panels, you are bound to keep warm on any of these water sports. The FLEX cuff leg openings enable easy wearing and removing of the suit. It comes in 6 colors with a bomb-proof flat lock construction.


  • Additional protection.
  • Adequately tight.
  • Good price for the quality.
  • Provides adequate warmth


  • It rips easily if punctured.
  • Smaller than expected because of incorrect size standards.
  • Unwelded seams.

Phantom Aquatics Men’s Shorty Wetsuit

The Phantom Aquatics Marine Shorty for men is exceptionally warm and comfortable. Assuming the name, one would conclude this wetsuit is specifically for men. Well, you are wrong. This particular wetsuit is specifically cut for ladies. It is made of nylon II neoprene that has a 2.5mm thickness. This is stretchy enough to give room for fairly unrestricted movement. The seams are flat lock seams increase comfort. You do not need a zipper digging into your back as you try riding that wave. It is extremely uncomfortable. The rear end has a high friction seat. It reduces slipping when you are sitting on surfaces that are wet. There will be no slip and slide with this wetsuit. The suit offers extra protection against abrasion courtesy of the reinforced shoulders. The suit has a tab closure on the neck. It has a micro-teeth fastener made of Velcro. This ensures you are for a comfortable neck closure. It also reduces water flushing all thanks to the seal skin around the neck area. You get to keep warm while you are in the water. Yet, this wetsuit is inappropriate for extremely cold temperatures and water. With its double seamed stitches, you will not have to worry about accidental punctures that would lead to major tears. A torn wetsuit is no longer a wetsuit. Case closed. Living up to its name, the Phantom Aquatics Men’s Marine Shorty, is a shorty. It is knee length with elbow length.


  • Good material
  • Affordable
  • Fairly accurate sizes assumption
  • Provides enough warmth
  • Double stitched seams reduce tears


  • A bit snug
  • Tight around the neck to a choking effect.

O’Neill Wetsuits Mens 3/2mm Reactor Full Suit

Want to surf or scuba dive or simply go for a swim in the outdoor pool? Then suit up appropriately and in style with the O’Neill Wetsuits Men’s 3/2mm Reactor Full Suit. It is a full length and long sleeve wetsuit. With a 3/2 mm thickness built specifically for warmer waters, you are bound to keep warm. This wetsuit has a 100 % lining of neoprene, the wetsuit sticks to you like a second skin. It has a 93% accuracy of fitting as expected. Its panels are made from different materials. The outside right collar panel is made from 100% polyester while the other panels are made from 100% nylon. Finally, the knee panels are made from 52% spandex and 48% nylon. All these materials combined in various parts of the wetsuit facilitate easy mobility in the suit. Nice grip material on the chest area makes a nice surface to hold your board underneath you while surfing. With this suit, you can forget all about that scratchy feeling around your neck when you are wearing your wetsuit. The neck closure fully adjust thus provides non-irritating protection. There is no choking feeling with this adjustable single super seal neck. This wetsuit has a flatlock construction and zip closure at the back of the wetsuit. The Krypto Knee Pad reduces abrasion. This will prolong the life of the wetsuit. The manufacturer’s offer a return policy for any unsatisfied purchases. Only as long as it is unworn and unwashed with tags intact and original packaging included. Yet, this is a great suit for fall and spring.


  • More than adequate warmth
  • Easy to get in and out of
  • Great fit
  • Great material


  • Weak seams. Come undone after continuous use.
  • Weak zipper. Rips under too much pressure.
  • Sizing guide is inaccurate

Seavenger 3mm Neoprene Fullsuit

The Seavenger 3mm Neoprene Full Wetsuit with Super Stretch Panels is cozy and comfortable. That is the exact feeling you will have as you get into the water. Confident of your Seavenger wetsuit that enables you to move and is supposed to last, considering all its’ features. Coming in jet black, this Seavenger exclusive is 3mm and made of neoprene. The special cut works with the neoprene grain to prevent binding and provide form-fitting warmth and comfort. This offers you flexibility without sacrificing your warmth. This will be during lasting water activities such as diving, surfing and snorkeling. Practically any water sport is catered for with this suit. These Super-stretch panels eliminate the usual too tight feeling usually found at the knee or armpit. Aside from that, this wetsuit has flexible panels at the knees and shoulder, they are anti-abrasion. These prevent wear through of the wetsuit without limiting movement. Yes. Mobility is quite an important fete when it comes to wetsuits. The textured knee panels prevent the suit from getting a tear and wear while kneeling on the pier or deck or in the sand at depth. The multi-panel construction combined with the neoprene grain hug the natural contours of your body. This wetsuit will wear you in a fit, non-binding, attractive way that conserves your body heat. Just like a glove. With its unique neck, leg and wrist construction, the suit will still keep you warm in cool or cold water. No seams will be digging into your skin with this suit. The flat-lock seems are sown throughout the suit and the beefy YKK zipper. They are quite durable.  The extra-long leash with a double-tap hook and loop tie down ensures the zipper stays closed. That zipper sounds great, right? It is. Extra large, extra long and with a gusseted zip, it is sturdy and slides so smoothly. It is easy to reach because of the extra long leash. Even though it is beefy, it is reliable. This is because of the inner neoprene gusset. It prevents flushing and ensures no pinching or snags. You can be assured that it will not rip or open up when that wave hits you. You do not need water getting inside your suit. That is why it is a wetsuit after all. This wetsuit is available in a wide range of sizes. Yet, it is recommended to choose 1 size down, if you have a slim body frame. If you have a bulkier body frame then choose 1 size up. The suit is available for both men and women. It’s manufacturer’s offer a one year valid warranty. They believe in their product and so should you. It has nice rubber reinforcement in areas of stress. The ultimate combination of style and functionality, results in fit performance and maneuverability when wearing it.


  • Comfortable
  • Fits well
  • Cheap for great value
  • Provides adequate warmth


  • Snug around the armpits and crotch area
  • Inaccurate sizing on sizing charts
  • Difficult to put on and take off without the website instruction

XTERRA Women’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Full Suit 3/2mm

XTERRA are known to set the standard. Most of their products are manufactured by triathletes for triathletes. Hoping they consider all they would like in one while working on this wetsuit. The XTERRA Women’s Volt Wetsuit is comfortable, fast and durable. Its estimated expected fit is 74%. It clings to your body. The wetsuit’s X-FLEX FLEXIBLE suit liner allows for a comfortable snug fit. The suit liner stretches in all four directions and returns to its original structure. It thereby guarantees that the Xterra Volt will retain its shape and fit over time. This wetsuit is specifically cut for women and perfect for both racing and training. Its 3/2mm neoprene core construction gives maximum flexibility. Which means your mobility in the water improves. The neoprene is limestone-based. This means that it is eco-friendly. It provides great overall flexibility and buoyancy while you are in the water. The drag reducing coating enables you glide through the water. The coating is applied to all of Xterra’s wetsuits allowing for the smoothest possible swim. Only a thin layer of water hugs the suit surface to reduce friction. The wetsuit has anatomical arms that allow for natural range of motion in the swim stroke. You swum faster, smoother and with less effort than usual. The ergonomic arm panels help support mobility and flexibility. The panels are held together using double-blind stitching to ensure that it is long-lasting and waterproof. Offering a 30 day no risk return period, this wetsuit guarantees the correct size. One has the time to try on, test it out or go for a swim with their wetsuit. It is currently available in 9 sizes. It offers you a high performing triathlon wetsuit with a one year industry best warranty against manufacturing defects. With all these features combined, your performance is sure to be unmatched.


  • Provides adequate warmth
  • Great customer service
  • Flexibility in the arms
  • Super comfortable for long swims
  • It is waterproof
  • Soft material
  • Easy to put on and get off


  • Damages not covered under warranty
  • Too tight around the shoulders

Triathlon Wetsuit 5/3mm – Women’s Synergy  for Open Water Swimming

During graduation, most schools had a valedictorian. Maybe yours was the same old story told again. The nerd who was obviously going to win that. But there was the academic, social, extracurricular valedictorian in other schools. They won everything in anything. Popular, intelligent, witty and at the top of the social scene ladder. They were not nerds.

This wetsuit is the equivalent of that. It won the triathlete magazine editor’s award for 2016 and the lava magazine 2017 award for best value wetsuit. It is iron man approved and athlete endorsed. It is suitable for any water sport level and comes in an array of sizes. This ensures a suitable fit. With proven technology this wetsuit ensures superior performance. Its hydro dynamic neoprene is a Yamamoto brand. Number 39 and 40 with silicone coated SyPrene to be specific. It has a 5mm thick buoyancy panel at its core. It is also 3mm on the lower legs and back and 2mm at the arms and shoulders. It has nearly double the buoyancy than 3mm suits, which are not recommended for cold waters. You can float higher, move faster and save energy with this wetsuit. Its buoyancy is 5/3mm which is the maximum limit allowed in triathlon wetsuits. This suit has exceptional functionality with full range of motion with its unsurpassed 680% flexibility. Made with the highest grade anti-corrode, the internal wetsuit zipper from YKK reduces drag as you dive into the water. It is also non corrosive. The super soft low neck with smooth skin on both sides, prevents any chaffing. It is so soft, makes you feel like there is hardly anything around your neck. The inner lining is super soft making the suit very comfortable. The power max panel enables faster propulsion when you are in the water. The bio aligned panel offers maximum support as you swim. Its triple stitches are chemically bound at the seams. No ripping with this wetsuit.


  • Accurate estimation on sizing charts
  • Provides adequate warmth
  • Fits super tight
  • Material stretches
  • Easy to zip on and off
  • Decent buoyancy
  • Good value


  • Difficult to put on in the beginning

Roxy Women’s Roxy 3/2Mm Syncro Series Back Zip Gbs Wetsuit Erjw103024

Coming in ash/pistachio and an expected estimated fit of 75% the Back zip GBS wetsuit for women is a unique yet comfortable pick. No more common black wetsuits. It has F’NLite neoprene. This means it is manufactured with air cell-rich limestone. You keep warm while you are in the cold waters yet you still remain light. All thanks to the thermal smoothie found on the panels on the chest and back. They are repellent to wind and water so you stay warm. The warm flight far-infrared on the thermal lining transforms your body’s heat into infrared energy. This generates warmth. The seams are triple glued and blind stitched. This guards against water entry. There will be no water seeping into your wetsuit and defeating the purpose of buying one. The wetsuit has a back zip entry system and YKK #10 back zip. It ensures minimal water entry and maximum ease getting in and out of your wetsuit.


  • Great color options
  • Provides adequate warmth
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable


  • Smaller back Velcro

What to Look for When Buying a Wetsuit?

While shopping for a wetsuit, you will no longer pay attention to minor or meaningless features when deciding which one to buy. Features that matter for the amateur as well as the experienced diver or surfer are basically the same. They only vary in terms of intensity and duration of activities one is going to engage in. Yet, you will still need to find the best wetsuits. The ones matching your needs, for you to enjoy a prolonged period of water activities and pleasures.

  • Types of Wetsuits

Wetsuits are no exception. Different styles and designs are available for one to choose from. The three main ones are shorty, full suit and spring suit. With the shorty the neoprene only covers the body and upper parts of the arms and legs. The neoprene in the full suit covers the body, arms and legs to your wrists and ankles. Sometimes, it also covers the head when the wetsuit has an integrated hood. Lastly, with the spring suit, the neoprene covers the body and usually legs and upper arms. A vice versa combination is also possible with neoprene entirely covering the arms and only upper parts of the legs.

  • Size and fitting

Wetsuits are designed for specific body types in mind. Before buying one, you should consider a wetsuit that matches your body type. Nothing as irritating as the roll of rubber around your midsection. No need straining to stretch the rubber onto your body. It would simply be tight and cause you a shoulder and neck pressure. The suit has to fit right with an accuracy of more than 70% preferably. One has to consider the circumference. This determines whether the wetsuit will fit you properly around your thighs, your chest, your shoulders, your arms and your neck. Length is equally important. You do not want to buy a wetsuit with longer or shorter arms and legs. The most important aspect is the torso length. One-piece suits have a given length between the crotch and the neck. The zipper is found here and it runs along most of this entire stretch. It is not subject to an extreme stretch because zippers do not stretch, and the zipper runs almost the entire longitude of the torso. Although there are other kinds of rubber that are more flexible. Some are laminated with smooth skin surfaces, other wetsuits do not have seams at the shoulders. Instead, the seams are replaced with thinner, more flexible rubber. Since one-piece wetsuits are most famous for fitting problems, an alternative would be to separate the top from the bottom.

  • Thickness

Neoprene is the god of wetsuit. It is not a wetsuit if it is not made with neoprene. Your suit is me at to allow only a bit of water into your suit. This will be heated by your body warmth and form a layer of warmth. The thickness of the suit determines how long you will keep warm in chilly waters. The neoprene panels in wetsuits vary in thickness, ranging from 1 to 6mm. There is always a heavier presence of neoprene panels on the chest and back areas of the suit. Thinner panels are found on the arms and legs. It allows for better flexibility and https improved mobility.

  • Taped and Glued Seams

Stitching neoprene. Sounds like holes will be made. That is true. Yet, wetsuit manufacturers resort to other means of stitching. Ones that will allow for stretching and mobility without the risk of ripping and allowing water seep onto your suit more than necessary. Glue on its own is not durable. It is usually coupled with taping to ensure durability of the seam and wetsuit as a whole. The tape is usually made from a strong nylon cloth strip with waterproof backing. One could also seek Wetsuits with blind stitching. This is done by placing the neoprene pieces edge to edge, a blind stitch sewing machine uses a curved needle. It is designed to penetrate the material just deep enough to secure a good stitch. Yet, there is no breaking though the facing on the opposite side.

How to Put On a Wetsuit

This is simply an art of its own. You cannot risk to jump around and wiggle and pull hoping you will get the wetsuit on. It is a skill. Manufacturers are even offering tutorials on their websites to help buyers put on their suits easily and quickly. Any mistake, you risk causing a tear in the fabric. That is officially the end of a good wetsuit. Do not grab onto the wetsuit with your finger nails. Your nails might puncture the suit. It is advisable to pinch the fabric between your finger tips and gently work it onto your body. Even though the neoprene is durable, it is easily punctured. Wetsuits are snug, take your time.

While wearing a wetsuit, pull it first over your feet and ankles. Then work it up your legs in sections, pulling gently until you reach the hips. Move on to the arms. Insert your arms into the sleeves or arm holes then carefully pull up to your neck. Close the collar then pull up the zipper with your shoulders pushed back. You should ensure the collar flap is flat and the Velcro tab cannot rub your back. When removing the suit work backwards. Remove it slowly and carefully. Do not pull too hard. Try to put on your wetsuit in a clean, dry place. Away from sand, trees and rocks that can snag the fabric. For full wetsuits, wearing a rash guard under the suit will make putting it on and off easier.

How to Clean and Dry A Wetsuit

You got a really good pricing deal while buying your wetsuit. Or you bought it at such an exorbitant price. Either way, it was worth it and proves to be of great value anytime you go out into the cold water. If you want to go on enjoying your wetsuit, you have to take good care of it. Maintenance of wetsuits is equally important. Lest you have to buy another due to negligence. Keep your wetsuit looking clean and you will definitely feel fresh the next time you wear it. Here’s how to maintain your wetsuit.

  • Rinsing with Freshwater

This is the most basic yet crucial step one should always adhere to immediately after using your wetsuit. Rinse both the inside and outside of your wetsuit. Salt is the bane of wetsuits. It will damage your suit faster than the next wave coming along. Salt is known to cause the neoprene to lose its flexibility. Later, one can use wetsuit shampoo to ensure the suit is thoroughly cleaned up. It gets rid of any odors on your wetsuit as well as all the salt and sand in your wetsuit. Let it live longer.

  • Drying

The most suitable drying method should be drip drying. Hang your wetsuit on a hanger and let it drop. Hang it halfway, near the waist area. Hanging it by its neck area damages the elasticity there. Let the inside part dry first. Turn it inside out until both sides are dry. It should be hang indoors preferably. Direct sunlight exposure damages the fabric. The UV rays make the propene harder and this results in it losing flexibility.

Wetsuit Tips and Tricks

You can be misinformed and that always leads to making wrong decisions. Yet, you can never be too informed. We learn something new every waking day. So here are additional tips and tricks about wetsuits that will point you further in the right direction. Go get the right wetsuit, put it on and take it off in the correct manner and take good care of it. Here’s to having a wetsuit for more than a season.

  • Most size charts are inaccurate. They predict very few perfect fits. It is recommended that if you are small, you should opt for a smaller size than the size chart prediction. If you are a bigger, opt for a bigger size than the prediction on the chart.
  • Never wash your wetsuit together with other garments.
  • Never iron Wetsuits. High heat should simply and strictly be avoided.
  • Avoid any chemicals solvents, oils or gasoline. These tend to wear off the wetsuit’s material.
  • Repair your wetsuit if the tear is not big. Use Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant to fix the puncture. You can also use the sealant used to fix bicycles tire inner tube.
  • To keep your zipper working smoothly, use a zipper lubricant often. For example Zip Tech which can be found here on Amazon. Salt and chlorine can corrode the zipper’s teeth.
  • A pair of water shoes can be very helpful for casual swimming
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